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The bathroom is as lonely as usual at this time of the day. Seems as if my presence alone is enough to drive everyone away. I can hear someone opening the door leading to the bathroom, and hastily closing it; almost as if they'd seen something unconceivable, or as if an unforgivable mistake was about to be made. It's not unusual, but I can't help but feel like I'm being mocked, rather than avoided.

I pull down my panties and sit on the toilet; after all, that was the whole reason I came here. It feels as if I couldn't have resisted a minute longer. I stare down at my striped stockings as I wait; black, fuchsia, black, fuchsia... But my eyes are drawn to what seems to be new writing on the edge of the door.

The new topic of conversation these days. Everybody is so into it. I can't even begin to comprehend what guys see in our bodies anyway, we look so unnatural, so voluptuous, and this thing which seems to only serve the purpose of constantly dripping...

I take some of the toilet paper from my bag and thoroughly clean myself with it. It's very soft; it sends little shivers down my spine as I carefully rub to the last spot. Lately, it feels as if no amount of paper could completely dry me. Hormones are annoying.

I feel the glance of those who stay after school as I open the bathroom door. They persist but a mere split second before they return to where they belong: The dates they have to attend, the people they have to meet, the homework assignments they have to fulfill... Yes, they all seem too busy to look at someone like me, but I imagine it is hard to ignore someone that stands out so from the rest: In such a happy environment under a radiant sun which lights the faces of teenagers bustling with life, stands a lonely figure dressed in black.

I pull some of my crimson hair just to let my eyes imprint my surroundings into my memory, even if just for a moment. As soon as release my hair, it goes back to accomplish its only role: sheltering the gloomy, yet fragile look of my eyelids entirely devoid of sleep, and the vague coloration of uncertainty displayed by my irises, which were previously set to the exit of the school.

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I finally find myself outside. The students walking home by themselves seem a little out of place now, everybody has that so called “special someone” these days. As one of my own classmates kisses her boyfriend goodbye, I catch... a glimpse of the back of her panties. They seem unnaturally tight. Actually, now I realize all the girls seem to be wearing really short skirts nowadays. It's so easy to see their parts. Just what are they thinking? I can't stand their sight... Their mere presence makes me sick, and to have to bear with this everyday is not exactly what I call relief. All women are disgusting. I am no exception.

I take a deep breath and finally start walking my way home. Positive thoughts, positive thoughts... I swear I try, but I feel rather anxious today. Actually, I've been feeling anxious all month. At times like this I would think of what positions could I work on in my sketches, or new settings for my yaoi work, but all I can think of right now is my medicine. I started taking medicine years ago. I despised it at first, but as these two years have gone by, I've come to the point where I've reduced the interval between dosages, even when the psychologist clearly said I should only take one a day. Now I can't set out to school without one in the morning, I don't feel at ease until I take my afternoon dosage, and I can't go to sleep without taking one more for the day. I asked Ubuuchan about it, and they said I might be becoming an addict. But that cannot be, can it...?

There is a black van at the corner of the street, all alone. It reminds me a bit of myself. My mother insists there are more colors than just black to dress in but I'm not interested in what she has to say. She started drinking when she divorced dad, and now she drinks herself unconscious every night. Ah, Sundays are the exception though. She always brings back a man in her arms. Always a new one. She thinks I have no idea of what goes on inside her bedroom, but I do. Admittedly, I was ignorant at first, but the more she drank the less attention she paid to me and my life. Without a set of strict rules, my time was mine and only mine to spend... I wasted a lot of my time in video games, and it was most certainly not long before I discovered the internet. There I found out about the things my mother did in her room... And I also found out about many other things. Some of which led me into very pleasing experiences... But it scares me to think of what might happen. Every time my fingers feel the moisture of my own body, I tremble in pleasure at the smallest stimulation, and yet it feels... disturbing. Almost as if something was wrong with either my body or my mind... Anyhow, the internet was not reduced to mere images or videos. It was not long before I stumbled upon certain communities dedicated to some kinds of art that easily blew my mind. There I picked up my passion for yaoi.

I also found acceptance on internet. The acceptance I lost when the police took away my dad. It was shortly after my mother told him she wanted a divorce. I can't remember it too well, it was about the time when I started taking meds... they said they would help me forget all my troubles. I guess they didn't expect them to be so effective at it.

Ah, I'm only some blocks away from my house now. There is another black van, sitting around the corner, just like the previous one. However, I could swear it's... Yes, it is the very same van I saw earlier, and the engine seems to be running this time. It’s nothing important anyway but... Ah... What is this sensation...? Something stung m-my neck p-pretty hard and... it is all... all going... black.

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I can feel a tingling sensation.
Somewhere between my hips.

I'm slowly coming to my senses. I can hear a vague sound echo as if it was very far away... I can't discern its nature like this.
The tingling sensation grows more intense. I clumsily try to organize my most recent memories, until all I can remember is silence and darkness, like a dark wall right in front of me. But is it just a memory? I can't really tell whether my eyes are open or not so I instinctively try and reach out for my eyes with my hands, only to find out that they aren't responding to my orders. In fact, no part of my body is responding to my commands. A little more of my senses have come back to me; I can feel my limbs but I can't move them; it is almost as if I was paralyzed. I also begin to notice how I've been making a considerable effort just to breathe: It isn't long before I panic and hyperventilate, making breathing an even more tiresome task.

I hear a sudden gasp coming from the direction my legs are in, and I can detect small hints of both delight and surprise in it. There is someone else in the... room with me. The tingling sensation stops for a moment, before it intensifies. Whoever is doing this is pressing really firmly against my panties. I can't conjure a single word from my lips: They are as unwilling to move as the rest of my body is.

Against my own will, a moan with a slight tone of complaint and pain comes out instead of my regular voice. As if some primal instinct had been awakened inside my companion, I feel the hands of this person hurry to the sides of my hips and divest me of the only piece of clothing that prevented me from feeling fully vulnerable. I feel the same hands navigating my legs as if they were theirs to explore, and reaching their destinations. One went as far as between my hips, and the other one caressed its way up to the back of my head, where its fingers started playing with my hair. The other set of fingers wasted no time and began to explore my insides. I can't help but let out a cry; it's really painful, and my body can do nothing but complain through giggles and moans, but this time something more similar to a scream comes out of my vocal chords. As if listening to my plea, the hand quickly moves towards my head, feeling my waist and chest, until it reaches my mouth, where it decides to lay down its fingers and drench them in my saliva. Shortly after, it goes back to its starting point. This time my body trembles in reaction to an awkward sensation that is very familiar to it. I let out an exclamation of pleasure as I feel the fingers move in the same fashion as before, except for the fact that they feel softer and tighter this time. My hyperventilation subsides, and it isn't long before my breathing synchronizes with the rhythm of the fingers playing around inside me.

I giggle in complaint when I feel the hand withdraw from its position, but I keep silent as its fingers slide into my mouth, where I welcome them with strokes of my tongue. I notice they taste different this time; they are coated in my own fluids. The fingers quickly reassume their previous position, but this time they push their way further in. The sensation is really pleasurable.
Soon they stumble upon a part of my body I had no knowledge of. My throat lets out an exclamation, and in response, the fingers move away from the spot. No. This isn't what I want. I want them to play more inside of me... I want them to toy with that spot they found! I let out many cries, begging them to continue, until they finally understand the message. They reach closer and push their way in, and out slowly at first, and quickly accelerating... faster... faster... I can no longer control the sounds coming out of my throat. My thoughts can't keep up with this intense sensation, it feels as if I'm going... going to... Aaaaahhh... Aaaahhh... I can tell from here that I'm soaking wet in my own juices... it's so embarrassing... and yet the pleasure is immeasurable... I can't help it...

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The wavering fingers make their way out and weakly grip my legs, hesitant. Did they not expect so much from me? I can't help reacting this way. Or is the waver resonating with my own arousal?

Wasting no time, the fingers make their way into my mouth once more, where my weak tongue tries in vain to meet them with sluggish strokes, as if trying to rid them of the burden of being coated in my own fluids. Barely being able to move them, both my lips and my tongue try and close into the soaked fingers, but they retreat and place themselves right on top of my lips, where they leave yet more traces of my own juices. At this rate my entire body will be wet in no time. Soon I feel the fingers being replaced by a couple of soft, yet hasty cushions that press against my mouth to make way for an agile tongue that quickly strokes and intertwines with mine.
Nobody had ever kissed me before, and despite my young age I'd already given up on experiencing it. So of all things, this feels... Shockingly amazing. Our lips enter a seemingly endless state of frenzy, in which they adopt postures I can only imagine. If not for this blindfold... I feel our lips separate, leaving a humid and cold sensation on mine.

Without wasting time, the two hands slide under my blouse and play with my body for a short moment, before deciding it would be more comfortable for both of us to simply remove it. What is left of my dignity, my soaked skirt and my striped stockings. The hands start exploring every part of my body, softly and quickly caressing my chest and back. These hands are slender and soft... I daresay whoever is doing this to me is... A woman.

Soon I feel a warm and humid stroke that ascends from my waist to my neck; her tongue is also exploring my whole body. Soon her mouth stops right where my neck is, and starts to feed on it like she did with my mouth. The constant twisting of lips and flickering of the tongue weakens and relaxes all of my muscles, and at the same time it makes me involuntarily jiggle without any control. Even if I could move freely, my legs would not be able to support the weight of my body. It feels as if I am melting, slowly melting.

I feel that soft and humid texture slide once more from my neck to my chest. Her hands try in vain to play with my breasts, but they are too small... And even then, I feel her mouth attach to the tip of my breast and her tongue coil at an incredible speed around it. She is sucking a little too hard... And her hand is playing with my other breast. This doesn't really feel good, it makes me really sensitive. I feel another hand slide in between my legs, where it begins to play once more. There are just too many intense sensations at a single time; it feels as if my mind is going to break from pleasure.

To my disappointment all of these sensations come to a sudden halt, followed by the whisper of a body placing itself in front of me. She took on another position. Her hands reached out for my legs and held them tightly, when an unfamiliar sensation made my whole body tremble in ecstasy; her tongue, it... It is twisting a-and... I can't help but shake my legs in rejection with the little mobility I have, this is too much for me to take in this moment... I shake faster, as if I was violently complaining, but it just seems to make her speed up. Every flick of her tongue just makes me more and more wet... It... No, I cannot hold it back a-any longer I..! Aaaahhh...! I-It feels as if... Oh... It does not stop flowing... It feels almost as if I peed over myself, but it feels different... I can only imagine the mess that dwells between my legs...

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And it all goes blank after that. My paralyzed body is as irresponsive as ever, and I suspect that even if I was able to move, there would be nowhere to gather the strength from. Everything just seems so... distant now. The places I visit, the people I know, my daily routine... all so very far away. As if everything that was part of me was being drained along with the juices that flow from between my legs. And inside all of this blissful emptiness, something new awakes inside of me. It feels similar to happiness, but it also feels like dissatisfaction, as if I had too much of something, and I still want to have more.

I can move my fingers a little now. In the midst of this silence, I notice for the first time, that I have been lying on a bed all along. My fingers weakly grip the bed sheets, as if following an order I issued long ago.

Suddenly, something makes its way into me, but unlike the other times this has happened just now, whatever made its way inside of me is not slight or soft. But the fact is, I am so wet, that it doesn't even matter. Then it starts to move forwards and backwards, and I feel a pair of hips constantly make contact with mine. Whatever is moving inside of me is too big and ithurts, despite of all the lubrication... it's unmistakable, this is... this has to be a penis. But how, or why? I thought whoever was here with me was a woman, not a man, how is this possible?

Soon my thoughts are completely overridden; whatever this awkward sensation is, it feels strangely familiar. Her lips crawl closer, closing the distance to my own lips, and once they reach their destination, they let the tongue be the first one to taste my lips again, just moments before they drain every ounce of strength and sanity left within me. It's like every inch in my body has given in to the pleasure. This fills me with infinite warmth... Or rather, her body is really close to mine. Although I cannot see, I can tell one of her arms is next to my shoulder, supporting her body, the hand on her other arm caresses my head as it plays with my hair. Her head, slowly draining all the breath away from me. The sweat drops that fall on top of my body mix with my own sweat. Her hips keep on pushing my legs open... But is she really a woman? What is going on? Either way, I have no business thinking about this. All of my body desires for more, this is no moment to think about something like that. However familiar this whole situation is, I can't remember anything similar to this in my life. Or do I? No, no, I should just lie in bed and be a good doll. Doll... a doll... Someone used to call me like that long ago. I am sure of it. But who was it?




My eyes were wide open back then. I was in my room. The breath of someone was softly whispering to my ears. These eyes... yes, I am staring into the eyes of my dad. He came to my room today to teach me about things I had never seen or felt before. My legs were wide open and my dad was pounding them. Mom said that dad could no longer stay with us, but he came home while mom wasn't around, to spend some hours with his doll for the last time. That is what he used to call me all the time; I was his doll and his only. I would not let anyone else call me the same, for only he was my beloved one. Instinctively, my hips rejected the sensation that forced itself in without restraints, hurting them in the process. But what kind of doll was I to reject the desires of the only person in this world that ever listened to me? The only person who always had answers to my questions, suggestions to my problems, the right words for the most despairing moments? He would always come to me and hug me so tightly, as if he never wanted to let go of me. And I never wanted to let go of him. Accepting him for the last time was the least I could have done for him back then. And he seemed pleased by my submission, pleased to see such an obedient doll at his disposal, and I was happy to be of use to him. The constant cries that escaped my throat because of the pain made me feel guilty, and as if punishing me for moaning, my dad started to push stronger and deeper. And even then, a completely new feeling arose from inside of me... Something that was growing little by little, until it became noticeable enough, completely overriding the feeling of pain. Dad was moving faster, and as he moved faster, I felt as if I was going to break at the same time I felt something unstoppable and indescribable coming from my lower body. Not before long, it became evident that our bodies had reached their limit... My entire body was trembling in passion and pleasure, and so was the body of my dad. In that short moment, he stared down into the eyes of his doll, with a wide smile on his face, which was quickly fading out and turning blurry, before it all goes completely black... I passed out from exhaustion.

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When I woke up, I was in the hospital, and my mom said I was never going to get to see my dad again. Up until now, I thought someone took my dad away from me that day, and for that reason I despised every person I stumbled upon. My mother would complain about my dad every day as she drowned her self-pity in alcohol, and I despised her because of it. The people would point their fingers at me on the street, and the children would make fun of me and avoid me, and I despised all of them as well. Until this very moment, I believed they were the ones at fault. They took my dad away. I have been hiding inside my own loath for so long... But thinking back, it was not their fault. It was mine. Maybe... maybe dad got tired of me. Maybe dad ran away from me. Maybe not even dad could stand me; maybe the people on the street were right. Maybe I was different from everyone else. Maybe my mother was complaining about me and not about dad. Maybe my mom started drinking because of me. Maybe... maybe I was just a useless doll for my dad.




I remember all of it now. The part of my life I had long forgotten... Making a tremendous effort, I move my weak arms towards my blindfold, and move it just enough for my eyes to see. Unaccustomed to the light, they hurt and can't discern anything clearly, but they can see a person standing in front of me, glaring back with cold blue eyes. I raise my arms and place them behind his neck to let them rest. I gather all of my willpower and energy just to say...
- D... Dad-dy? I-Is that y-you?
Dad was back. There was no mistaking; this person had to be dad... This person is dad.
- I-I missed you s-so much dad... Please s-stay this time... I prom-ise to be a g-good doll, so please... please stay, and love your doll forever.
As blurry as my vision is, I feel those blue eyes stare back into mine, wide open, as if really surprised. Dad must be surprised because he wasn't expecting his doll to have this determination. I never want to let go of dad again. I will become a perfect doll just for him. I see his eyes close just slightly, as a blurry smile is reflected on my eyes. Then he proceeds to thrust all of his feelings inside of me faster and stronger than ever, and every muscle inside my hips welcomes these feelings. The creature that awoke inside of me during that moment of emptiness longs for more, the doll that dad left behind years ago also longs for me. I have been born anew.

It's all chaotic from that point on. My recovered voice still reduces itself to a simple, yet intense moaning in synchronization to the waves of pleasure and shivers coming from every single place in my body, specially my parts. Everything starts speeding up, and my body starts to arch and move towards my dad, everything about me desires him now.
- Do it dad... Inside of me... Hurry... Do it...
Both of us start speeding up, until the inevitable comes for me at last. I violently shake my body and literally scream in passion to the waves of pleasure that came forth from my hips.

They were starting to fade, and I felt really light headed... I took one last glance at my dad, who seemed to have taken off some sort of weird underwear, and was placing his fingers right between his legs... But as strange as it looks and sounds, I am sure that is dad, because no one else in this world ever dared to love me so. That is why, this is dad... I am sure...

Unable to think or move clearly anymore, I decided it was a good time to act like the good doll I promised dad I would be, and remained unconscious, lying down on bed with my eyes closed.

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A little more to the right... yes, almost, almost... just a little more...

Many days went by after meeting my dad once more. Not only was my mind reborn anew, but a new life was also granted to me. And that life consisted of this room, filled with pleasing memories and soaked in my essences. I spend most of my time alone thinking of the things I do when dad is around, and I can't help but wet myself every time, so... well, I have not left this room ever since. I do everything here. Everything.

Dad visits me once a week, but sometimes he decides to visit me more frequently. Although I see him every day, as feeds me just as much food as I need, I only consider “visits” those times where he stays to love his doll.

Sometimes he does't come alone. Sometimes he brings children. Sometimes girls, sometimes boys, so I can play with them as he watches. He inserts his fingers between his legs and pushes really hard most of the time, and once he is done watching us play, he wears that strange underwear and joins us. This is the part I anticipate the most, because my body can't react the same way as when I am with him. Most of the kids he brings around feel really scared, but I got used to it, because only I can be his perfect doll; they need not be perfect themselves. None of the kids stay for more than one night, however. Every night he brings one over, I can hear suffocated screams and splattering during the night. Sometimes dad walks into my room, with his clothes covered in shades of scarlet, just to make sure everything is fine in my room. Then he disappears into the night. I have not had any reason to follow him, because I know he always returns. That is all I need to know. That's why I will be a good doll and never leave this room, because as long as I stay here, I know he will come back to me.

He also brings me the medication I need. As time went by, he started talking to me. His voice was really different from what I remembered. He told me he recognized the medication because of the smell, because he also took the same medication. He told me about his childhood, about how his own father, my grandfather, was really close to him when he was a child, and how he suddenly left him living only with his mother, who forced him to visit doctors which forced the medicine into him. That's how he recognized the meds I was taking myself, for they were the same. He despised his situation very much. He says he got rid of his mother, but he never goes into details.

The more I think of it, dad looks really different from what I remember. His hair is long and blond, his eyes are blue, and his skin really white. His voice is also really different. But I couldn't care less about such trifling matters: I am sure this is my dad and all the proof I need is the love he so frequently comes to insert into his doll. He nurtures me so, and as long as he does, there is no reason for me to think, no reason for me to worry. All I have to do is wait eagerly for the next time he visits me.

The door suddenly opens, and I see a boy being thrown abruptly into my room, shortly followed by the unmistakable sound of footsteps so specific to my dad. He walks into the room, and I notice some of his clothes are still stained in red from the last time he came around. But again, I need not worry about such things. I am a doll, and as such, all I need to worry about is being of use to my master.

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And... There we go. Admiteddly, this is not the first time I write. It is, however, the first time I write anything of this nature. Thanks to rozen for unconsciously giving me some good ideas, and tsuki of course, which is the one this was written for in the first place.

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Revised and edited, thanks to rozen :3

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Admittedly the best NSFW writing I've read here so far. Virtually no errors, grammatical or spelling wise. What I especially liked about this was the fact that believable emotion and story were attributed to this, instead of being just a sexual romp with little reason or explanation. Bravo, excellent job.

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I loved this story so much, thank you for writing this.

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My pleasure <3

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This was a wonderful story, I hope you write more.

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This was amazing. :3

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