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HELLO THERE. It's your friendly neighborhood Writer, just here to leave a pile of rules to help wring out whatever good we may have here in this board and establish a level of standards around here.

  • Division of shit from lit: If you're going to write something, write something. Unless you're posting a short outline for a story and asking for critiques/advice from fellow writers, a flimsy, barebones post with barely any content claiming to be a 'story' is subject to getting tossed. This rule is very subjective, though and may apply different in different places. Rule of thumb is to not half-ass your work or post shit.
  • Content: What is/isn't allowed? The works posted do not have to be related directly to Yume Nikki, although a majority tends to me. I believe as far as writing/literature goes, anything can find its way here, within reason. That means you can talk about books too, if you'd like.
  • Labeling of NSFW material: Not everyone likes this type of writing and not everyone wants to read it. If its of the pornographic variety, label it as [NSFW] in the subject so people can promptly hide/read the thread quicker.
  • Level of maturity: Sure, some writers may not have the technical finesse or prowess of people who have been writing for a while. Still, as long as the fledgling writer is trying their best, don't insult others and instead offer advice. Otherwise, posts will be deleted. Repeated offenses will incur increasing penalties.


That's basically it. I'll be cleaning up the board a bit and enforcing these rules as we go. Have fun. :D

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fix'd your image brosef

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Hey guys I came back, expect me to go buttmad and delete a bunch of stuff soon :3

Or not, who knows.

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