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I thought of you while bored today, /lit/. Have my absentminded writings.
A harsh scream was ripped from her throat as the other girl plunged her knife into her chest; No matter how many times she was stabbed, Poniko never became accustomed to the pain. Madotsuki stood over the blond as she cringed, now laying ion the floor in a slowly growing puddle of sticky gore; It was part of their nightly rituals. Shaking her head, Madotsuki kneeled and pulled Poniko onto her back, pushing her eyelids down; She couldn't stand to watch the eyes glaze over. Stepping away, the dreamer started leaving the room; She couldn't stand to see the deadened, crumpled heap that passed as a corpse in her mind, either. Bracing herself, she followed through with the visit's main purpose; Poniko wouldn't dare to try it, even though she needed a peaceful sleep as much as anyone else in the dream world. Madotsuki slid through the door and flick the lights off as it slammed, barely catching the inverse of light as it streamed under the door.
The screaming echoed from within the house, just as much within her mind as it did in the tangible stuff of dream behind her. A few ripples surrounded Madotsuki as she thought, stressing the lucidity of her dream; To the outside viewer, triangles of dim violet surrounded her, her body shifting in a flash of light. She stood uneasily for a moment, her eyes having morphed to one and her her head taking the shape of Medamaude's hand; Not wanting to waste any time, she closed her eyes and the fingers wrapped over it. Her perspective shifted to a third-person view, the mind looking in on itself; It zoomed forward until she could feel her own gaze like another person's, stressing her sanity to the very limit as it obscured all but the faded decal on her pink sweater; As the world came back into view as quick as it zoomed in, Madotsuki opened her eye and let the light wash over her form. She plopped onto her bottom, sitting for a moment and trying to catch her breath from the shifting, sitting down amidst the twelve doors.
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Have a continuation, because I lost the page it was on and had to rewrite it. Suddenly, melodrama.
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Inky blackness pooled around Poniko's feet, the blond letting out a heavy groan; There were no bloodstains on the girl's carpet, nor her clothing. She dusted away her body, stretching out her slender frame with an arch of the back; Dying was always an uncomfortable experience. A warm smile managed to cross Poniko's features as her senses started to awaken; She wrapped her arms around her slight frame, waiting to be able to feel again as the taste of fatigue and gore that filled filled her mouth, the smell of dust filling her nostrils. Her next sense to come was sight, and as her eyes cracked open she immediately noticed the complete wrongness of the environment around her; Her walls were soaked in black, trimmed in the white of odd, inversed light. Poniko's heart started thudding against her chest as her touch came back, a thick inky blackness having crawled through her clothing, now teasing it's way along her stomach. A few tears managed to slip past her normally stoic defenses, her piercing crystal eyes quickly covered along with the rest of her body, the torpid screaming finally piercing through her lingering hearing as the beast dragged her into it's shifting mass.
Darkness. Darkness and wet. Poniko gasped, sucking in a sudden breath as the black around her shifted from her mouth, allowing her a quick breath; It didn't want her dead, atleast not yet. The overwhelming dread of her capture mingled with something fully alien with her existence at the moment; Silence. Not a fine, intimate silence, but instead a cloying, strangling entropy that made it impossible to grunt, much less to speak; She wasn't sure if she was simply dead, taken away, or completely snuffed from existence, sent to a graveyard for unthought thought, undone ideals and rotted dreams. The pondering was ended as a stifling burst of air rushed from her lungs, nearly catching her off guard as much as the heavy probe slamming into her stomach and winding her. Madotsuki's dreams were unlike others; In a way, each creature had a life of it's own. The fact asserted itself with a sudden, almost strangling tug on Poniko's throat, facing her upwards. A sickening spaciousness slid from her shoulder, and a terrifying lurch made her look over; The view of her sweatshirt was blocked by a familiar pair of brown, twinned braids, the profile nuzzling it's chin against her body.
"Dame, Muri."
Another scream, much more frail, and lady-like, lifted up to join the Uboa's horrific chorus.

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