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The brown haired girl sat in her dark room. She burried her head in her hands. She sat like that for a couple of minutes, before walking over to her desk and writing in her dream diary.
"Entry # 102," she scribbled down as she tried her best to remember what happened in this dream, "I found a flute. It was in the mall. Everyone there looked odd and stared at me coldy. It was in a room with a lone man who looked a lot like an e. He didn't talk to me. Or notice me. He sat on a couch in the back of the room. I could feel that he was lonely, like me. So I played him a song off the top of my head. It sounded like the old lullybye my mother used to sing to me. I then woke up.
Madotsuki place her pencil down and closed her journal. She quietly walked out into her balcony. She stared at the waste land infront of her. The air wasn't safe any more, that was the last thing the news people told her. Then, the power lines for the tv were shut off. She checked her tv almost daily, but she always knew there would be static.
She also tried to contact her family, she never was wrote, emailed, texted, or called back. She thought her parents had given up on her because she had not passed the final college exam to become an archaeologist. So she locked herself up in her bedroom in her small apartment.
But she couldn't help but to hope that her parents would contact her.
She didn't know what to do any more, so she thought it would be pretty neat to try and have lucid dreams. There were a set of triplets in on of her classes, they were foregin exchange students from Japan. The second oldest one, Monoe, had long black hair and pale skin had said "You should try lucid dreaming! It's where you control your dreams." Monoe had went on to explain them and how to do them. She also noted that you should keep a dream diary. The younger twin, Monoko, who wore her black hair in pig tails and also had pale skin nodded throught the whole explaination. Monoko wanted to be a doctor when she was older, while Monoe wanted to be an archaeologist like Madotsuki.
And then there was Masada, he was the oldest one of them. He was really quiet and wished to be an astronuat when he got the chance. He liked to play the piano a lot.
Back then, Madotsuki was blonde. She hated it. She wanted to have dark hair like her friends. Her blonde hair was down to her waist. She wore it in a pony tail, hoping people wouldn't notice. But, she felt like a horrible monster inside. So she dyed her hair a nice brown color. She felt a bit better.
Then, Monoko caught an illness. Madotsuki had never been sick, so she didn't really know what a sick person would look like. She imagined what Monoko looked like. Madotsuki saw her as a 5 armed girl, one arm out of her head, and on her other two arms sprouted arms. She saw her pupil slowly crawling down Monoko's, now white, face. There was a giant whole in Monoko's stomach.
Madotsuki tried to forget those images. But they wouldn't leave. Monoe told her that Monoko had died from the sickness. And that was around the time Madotsuki locker herself up. She had then seen Monoko in her dreams.
Madotsuki remember waking up crying. She felt guilty that Monoko had died. Madotsuki felt that if she had visited, Monoko would've been happy that her good friend came to check on her and would have lived. But because of Madotsuki, Monoko died.
Madotsuki also remembers seeing Monoe in her dreams. Now, Madotsuki was sitting at her bed, curled into a fetal postion. She felt tears in her eyes.
Monoe looked displeased in the dream. And Madotsuki forced herself awake.
Madotsuki also remeber meeting Masada in her dreams. He was alone on a space ship. He stood at a large piano. He looked like an empty shell. Madotsuki tried to talk to him. He just stared at his piano. Then tears began to roll down his cheeks. Madotsuki forced herself awake.
And then there were those girls with the beaks in her dreams. They all looked like the girls in school that were mean to her. They never had her at parties. Like those beasts with beaks. In her dream, the beaked beasts had a party. And whenever Madotsuki met the beasts in her dream, they all tried to hurt her.
She sat up in her bed and rubbed the tears off her cheeks with her sleeves. Madotsuki stood up and opened the balcony door, something was telling her to go out onto her balcony. She stepped out into the cold day. Or was it night? She couldn't tell any more, the sky was red all the time. She saw a step stool on her balcony. She swore she never saw it before.
She slowly walked up the two cement steps before standing on the landing. She jumped, knowing that both her dreams and her real life were both horrible and weren't going to improve.
As she fell, she wondered if Masada and Monoe were going on with their lives. She wondered if they ever tried to contact her. Or if they even remember her.
Just before she hit the ground, she swore she saw Masada and Monoe watching her fall from the black, chemical ridden clouds.
She hit the ground. It didn't hurt that bad. But it hurt. She made sure to smile as she hit the ground.

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My first fanfiction.
I just put a name if I wanted to post more stories.

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♥ ♥♥♥♥ ♥♥

"There was a giant whole in Monoko's stomach."
"There was a giant hole in Monoko's stomach."


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I can't spell.
Pretend I know how to do unicode hearts and that they are all over this message.

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I forgot my name.
I'm so out of it today.

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