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TehDemonWolf's gonna love this...

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i can't wait to put up my poorly made smut.

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So we just write stories here?

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5 get.

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OP's pic made me came.

Well since this is in the Meta Board, I'm guessing the stories dont all have to be YN related?
inb4yaoi/yuri fanfics

Also how wil this work? Should we have threads for different stories or different catagories? All YN stories in one thread, all lets say Touhou stories in one thread...? Asking this now before board gets all messy and cluttered. We definitely need a oneshot thread for stories to help the board from getting to big too fast...? Or we could just let people do what they see fit, whether its to make a thread for their story or to make one for general catagories.

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Well, odds are the board will just be general anarchy. I imagine we could try to have threads for each kind of fiction, but it's possible it'd be overlooked and people may post outside of them anyways. Could always just let people do their thing and then make a list thread pointing to various works.

I do think oneshots should have a thread of their own, though.

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Really though, aren't there enough places to put down Touhou fic.?

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Verily much so.

Go there for touhou stories, It shouldn't be outlawed here, but the general idea is to get read as much as possible. Anything goes, but there's a wider audience for that over there.

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also I would indeed love a good story mixing touhou with YN. I'm not sure how it'd work, but I bet it'd be a good time.

Post that one here, if any writefags want to do so.

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Why, what an interesting board we have.

I may just end up using it, oh yes. I may just end up writing some Yume 2kki stories... based off my theories, teehee.

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I should probably play more of 2kki, but the fact that all the menus are in japanese is slightly offputting. I dislike having to memorize menus and buttons. :<

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I was actually just using Tohhou as an example of what people would write about...
Lets hust see how this works out but definitely have a one shot thread since am million separate post about random stuff would get annoying dont you think?
also I havent forgotten that story I said I was going to be writting....

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Do want OP's full pic.

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