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So I'm writing a novel. It's kind of in the same vein as Yume Nikki, I guess, but I wouldn't say the game (or really anything) did much for inspiring it. Dreams are kind of a widely overused plot device, anyway.

It's about a girl who reads a book. The book is supposed to help teach her how to go lucid and induce very vivid dreams, but it doesn't work exactly like she intends it to. And then the book goes missing. Yeah. (Of course there's more to it than that, but I don't want to give away too much at once.)

The tentative title is "Dreamcatching"- there's already some sort of children's dream book by the same name, but I actually intended to use that as a story element. The only problem I have with it is that it's too similar to the title of a Stephen King novel... I might post a bit of it here as I write, so maybe you guys can help me come up with something better.

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Even if it's similar in title to 'Dream*catcher*', don't let that impede your creative process. You can use Dreamcatching as a WIP title until something better strikes you.

And if you post your work here or links to it, I'll be sure to take a look and critique it a little. :3

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Think about what you liked about the Stephen King novel on an emotional basis and try to extract a similar if not slightly bitter-sweet take on it through another device.

Maybe she starts to give up on the real world or she feels herself longing to sleep.

Or maybe one day when she thinks everything's normal she sees something out of place and realizes she's still asleep and she's frantically trying to awaken but at some point in her Wizard of Oz quest of weird starts wondering if she really should wake up at all.

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This is a good idea. Though the story itself is pretty different from the Stephen King novel, there are definitely aspects of the book that help me tune my emotions in to write a little bit better.

>Maybe she starts to give up on the real world or she feels herself longing to sleep.

Actually, this is pretty much the basis of how the novel starts. She's trying to leave behind a lot of emotional scars from her old life and start over in a new home, and controlling her dreams helps with that.

Thanks for your input, lots of nice ideas there.

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I told you I would grace /lit/ with my first story ever had it been made. Now I shall let this shit flow. I'm highly interested in any comments whatsoever, so please, insight is very welcomed. It's also going to be released in parts and despite how shitty it is, I will put it on my shit webpage

note: these are written on the go, as in, I do no editing and rough draft is final, I'm not a writefag.

note1: shameless eyerecolor of some random girl who fit almost perfectly my description. sorry if I stole your art

note2: part two is up, I'm planning 3 more parts. they may end up shorter than the others.

note3: part three is finally up, I'm getting bored of writing, and running out of random ideas to throw in, I think I'm going to wrap it up quickly

final note: I drew this out much longer than I wanted. It got boring. I tied up everything and kept it true to my original idea. I don't care anymore.

Last edited 10/07/21(Wed)04:39.

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"Where is she!?"

Rage boiled through Alex as he bumrushed through all the goons, punching so hard that his opponents organs melted.

"What did you do with her!?"

Broken bodys and torn limbs littered his path as he searched for the one he loved the most. "Who the hell do you think I am!?" He ripped someones spine out and beat others with it. Nothing would stop him from finding her.

The smarter goons started running after that stunt. Few got away, some dissintegrated, and others were hit so hard they molecularly fused with various objects. Alex's rage was beyond controllable, and there was no turning back for him.

Finally having reached the roof, Ryan stood waiting. "Is this cliche enough for you Alex?"

"No way in hell you asswipe!" Alex ran torwards Ryan with enough force to rip the space-time continuum. Existance shattered and continuing his force, Alex broke the boundaries of probability and returned the universe to normal, and punched Ryan's arm into the 8th dimension.

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'what did I do'
'you raped her'
'no...I couldn't'
'that's wrong I wouldn't'
'she's precious to me'
'she's disposable, you should rape her again'

Alex stared at the sink. Broken mirror scattered about. Pain.

'I'm... bleeding?'
'you pussy, don't fuck around'

He looked at his hand, "Shit!" he exclaimed, "When did I do this!?" He cleaned up his hand and wrapped it up. Margaret was still asleep. ... '...what DID I do..?'

-knock knock-
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Alex expelled every content of his stomach.

"d.. damn... I need to eat though"

He continued eating. Margaret had been eating without throwing up, so Alex was happy for that.

"you alright there buddy?" Ryan asked about his friend's vomiting
"I'm fine, right now, I'm just happy that Margaret is able to eat."
"My daughter, Margaret. she's over there" pointing over to where Margaret was sitting.
"I'm sorry, there's no one there man."
"Look hey, it's okay for you to stay here, I've got some things to take care of, do you need anything?"

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Alex realized at that moment, he had been spending time alone with his imagination creating a young girl to be his only friend, lover, and everything that meant anything to him. Nothing mattered anymore now that she was gone.

'it was that bastard ryan's fault'
'she wouldn't have dissapeared if he didn't point it out'

Suddenly, a man shows up behind Alex.

"I am Tyler Durden, you killed my family. Prepare to die."

Alex put up no fight at all. He was too lost in thought to care, it was all over.


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This time I better see people contribute...
I call this YUKI-GOPPA!

I wander in this wasteland thinking of you,
and of the delicious fluid that you spew.
Your tougn a pillow of meat,
as i crawl inside your mouth for heat.

As you release your glorious puss,
I make it snow for both of us.
Your colors come in wide array,
and nothing will ever keep me away.
My feet walk the path so small,
when I reach you my dress will fall.

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I scream
You scream
We fall together

Your white caress
Black hair a mess
Writhe forever

Deafen me
Let me see
Under your dress

Rolling eyes
Move up your thighs

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If I could post pictures right now, I'd be using that 'THIS PLEASES GAGA.' macro. Please assume you see it. THANK YOU~

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File: 1278513364138.jpg -(107.2 KiB, 434x1100) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Holy shit look what I found in /seccom/

Also I'm writing a poem about MasadaxMonoe

I need me some straight


Last edited 10/07/07(Wed)07:36.

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You worshipped me
Until I grew wings
Now in heaven,
East of eden
I will find my

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I should probably play more of 2kki, but the fact that all the menus are in japanese is slightly offputting. I dislike having to memorize menus and buttons. :<

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I was actually just using Tohhou as an example of what people would write about...
Lets hust see how this works out but definitely have a one shot thread since am million separate post about random stuff would get annoying dont you think?
also I havent forgotten that story I said I was going to be writting....

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Do want OP's full pic.

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IDK I was bored one day so I decided to write what I think happened to Sabitsuki from .flow, in my opinion the BEST Yume Nikki fan game there is.
Well, here it goes....

Sabitsuki was walking down the cold street when a stranger approached her.
"Hey, you there, with the funky hair. I got something you might be interested in..."
The young girl turned around. Her hair was white, scragly, and untamed. Her eyes were a hazel that almost looked gray, which nicely complimented her white hair and monochrome outfit. She wore a gray,
sleevless shirt with a white skirt. The girl, around her early 20's, faced the unknown man. She gave him a hard stare.
"...What do you want?" The girl's tone was sharp like a needle. Her face was like stone, embeded in it was a cold, hard expression of hate. Her cool, mono eyes narrowed.
"Would you... be willing to help us out?..."
"...who's "us"?" Sabitsuki's hand tightened.
"Me and... a few frieneds.
The man looked up, revealing a mustachoue

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I knew it! Sabi really is a 4chan troll!!

>where you would expect murders to happen

...Don't give them any ideas. They might be reading this <_<

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Stories based off all the fangames you care about. You know what they are because derp derp you care about them.

do it, fgts.

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Oh alright but stop pointing that gun at me
Here it is. It's actually part of a larger fanfic I was writing about all fangames and stuff but since I'll never finish it I'll just post this here.
Oh, and I wrote that before 2kki had 'enemies' (like the ladies in black dresses it has now).

Date: / /

I met him again today.
There he was... And he greeted me.
But I couldn't say anything.
Why is it always like that? I'm never able to talk. To him, and to everyone else. I can't talk, not even in my dreams.
I can not repay a "good day", a "thank you" ...
Or lack of capacity?
I want to be able to smile back at him, and to all others.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Last edited 10/06/29(Tue)06:59.

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Someone's pushy. :L

Nothing from me until I finish the YN fiction I'm already doing. Haven't played much of the fangames yet, to be honest.

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I have my own short story that I will share. It's kind of bad and wip though.

There was a geisha house, a bus stop, the postman's house, and a creepy alleyway that my mother told me to stay away from. But I always suspected that perhaps my father lived there. When I went to look, I only found a policeman with a broken arm and leg. I hated it there... it scared me. I didn't really know alot about my father. He was a policeman, I only knew that. Sometimes I would dress up in the work clothes he left here, and pretend to be a hero or something... I was young, but my mother thought it was cute.

...Where is my father now?

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