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Hello there Uboachan. Long time lurker here. I finally got around to writing some Yume Nikki fanfics, in particular ones set pre-game. And thus, I present you with the first in a series of ten drabbles that will all involve Madotsuki, piano teacher!big bro!Masada and food. English isn't my first language, but I hope you'll be able to enjoy this at least a little.

Masada-sensei really can't cook. Everything he ever makes just tastes odd. Of course, since he pretty much seems to live on air, water and the occasional cup of instant ramen, Madotsuki knows that expecting a mind-blowing meal is completely out of the question. The food he's made for her to have for lunch today is certainly no exception.

Still, Madotsuki thinks to herself as she chews on a mouthful of noodles that could've used being boiled for a few more minutes, this is more than her parents ever did for her. And that thought is enough to make it taste at least ten times better. In fact, just picturing yesterday evening when he went hunting for cooking utensils in the cupboards and sent her down to the convenience store to get whatever ingredients they could afford with only 1600 yen is enough to make her smile just a little.

Suddenly, she bites down on something that makes her whole mouth burn. Madotsuki coughs, turns her head to the side and spits several times. It's some kind of pepper. Or at least, that's what she thinks it is. Sure, she might have mentioned that she likes spicy food… But did he seriously feel the need to add pepper to this mess that can't even be called a 'dish'?

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Thanks for the input!

Here's another one. Just a little something I wrote pretty quickly today.

It seemed that winter had decided to arrive early in Tokyo this year. It was so cold outside that Masada partly just wished he could stay inside all day and not bother with anything. He’d never been a fan of cold weather or even of the winter season in general. It was too expensive. Christmas celebrations, New Years celebrations, clothes that could prevent him from being frozen to the core by the cold winds… And of course, the cost of keeping his apartment warm. All those were things that he simply couldn’t afford. Of course, he only truly had himself to blame for that.

However, this year would be different. This year he had something important that needed to be done. Something to focus on.


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Wow, I never thought that I'd find your literate on Uboachan! I found it on Fanfiction today and was awestruck. Your writing is so cute it makes me giggle!

You might recognize my username, or you may not. I believe I actually sent you a message on there earlier, actually.

I hope to see more writing soon!

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He hasn’t played a lot of games before, but after a few minutes, Masada can conclude that NASU isn’t a very good or very fun game. The graphics are pretty ugly with an unappealing color scheme, the music sounds awful and it’s oh so subtly off beat by merely a fraction of a second or two. He can easily tell. He hasn’t spent so much time and energy on music for nothing. But despite all that, the thing Masada dislikes the most about NASU is how incredibly stiff the controls feel. It’s almost ridiculous. There are two things one does in this game; jump and move in two directions. Nothing more, nothing less. So how is it possible for the controls to feel so incredibly stiff and unresponsive when the general concept is that simple?

Masada might not have played many games before, but he’s pretty sure that none of them had controls as bad as these.

Lost in his thoughts, he misjudges the distance between the player controlled character and the falling eggplant on the screen, just barely misses it and before he knows it, that agonizing game over music plays again.

A sigh accompanied by the subtle flexing of long pianist fingers.

He exhales, focusing on the screen and the Famicom controller in his hands. He forces himself to not get distracted by the sound of Madotsuki shuffling around somewhere, probably in the kitchen.

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Ah, thank you very much, dear! I'm happy to hear that people enjoy these silly little things.

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Why she hadn'™t come to him, he didn'™t know. He'™d heard from the mouth that she'™d been in the hanger, and had only talked to it then left. All that mouth did was shit on people'™s hair. He certainly hoped it was hair, but not on her.

Black fabric fingers made light, contrasting work on the electric piano. Scales, he thought, I must do the scales to warm up. It had been so long since he exiled himself from the world --“ maybe she'™d come out of her shell?

Unwillingly, he began a tune; he knew he'™d heard it from somewhere, but where? Fur Elise, he suddenly realised. That was the song he had taught to her, so she could begin to play. All ten fingers slammed on the keys, spread out over fifteen.

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His breath caught in his throat – he stared out the vast window into the milky way as best he could. One night, one cold, horrible, lonely night, he took her here once, without even leaving Earth. Was it the right thing for him to have done?

Small, perfect steps roused him. Was it- A pair of arms were around his waist, and a slight head against his middle back. He knew that body, that way those arms just barely reached his stomach all the way around.

She’d come back from the never-dead. No words were ever spoken between the two of them, had ever been spoken. His black hand stroked her pink arm, and he could feel her skin beneath the jumper. Eyelids slid shut while lips became a smile.

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The arms released his body, but not before he held her hands – just for that second. He felt so happy he could weep. As he let go, he spun around and knelt down to her height in the same fluid motion. His right eye glanced all around her lower body.

Her eyes bored into his left, the one eye he could keep still. They began to breath the same air with an identical rhythm. His hands held her head in place as his mouth moved, from her jugular, to behind her ear, and finally to her lips.

Soft, they were so soft, as if they were a precious creature, vulnerable to the slightest change. Forehead rested against forehead; thoughts mingled together in a strange dance. A hand pulled an elbow while he struggled with his sight.

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Hands, hands slid down his body and up under his skivvy. Other hands – his own hands – were freeing brown hair from its plaited prison. She held onto his neck in a death grip. He picked her up around the waist.

Bedroom. Sheets. Jumper, skivvy, hair ties, pants, skirt, briefs, bra, undies. Ivory skin on peach. Pink lips on white. Agony then ecstasy. Snowflakes falling around a rose bud. Tongues, not of fire, but of humans desperate for love.

Finally, after so very long, they were one once more. Her head was nestled against his neck as she slept peacefully. He couldn’t help but smile, and his fingers stroked along that brown hair he so loved. Everything was at peace, but he had a ship to fly.

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And I'm done! Being a massive art nerd myself, I didn't want the sex scene to arouse, but to show it as a precious moment between lovers.
Masada's a music nerd, and music nerds are my brethren.
Please tell me if the entire thing sounds pretentious. D:

edit: Just fixing up character glitches. Ergh...

Last edited 10/09/24(Fri)02:48.

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While this is mainly a place to post creations, I would like to act as a catalyst for creation by aiding those who cannot find something (or someone) to stimulate them well enough to write.

I have taken many English courses that focused heavily on writing and I have taken a creative writing course; I saved all of my handouts and creations from these and I would like to share some of them with you, dear reader, in hopes that you will benefit.

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Thank you.

It is the 1 year anniversary of my writing journal and I just filled the last page. They last a while!
They are also great conversation starters. wink wink nudge nudge

If you go out and get one, I really do stress putting some effort in choosing what you want wisely. my writing journal was originally a book of shadows, 15$ black hardcover with a gold ankh on the front. I do not regret using it for this purpose at all. My next writing journal will probably be leather-bound or hardcover again. I will take a while to shop for it (but not too long! can't wait on writing down the ideas).

If you use any of the tips for ideas and post them here, please post links to them in this thread also. I would like to see what I helped start... (:

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where do you guys search for buying your journals?

I know a friend that got hers handmade, wood covering, leather spine. beautiful handiwork - it was simple yet held sincerity and sentimentality.

if I find some good places on the 'net, I will post them here also.

Last edited 10/09/07(Tue)16:36.

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I might do a writing journal. But I'd probably do a personal private blog type or something since computers are closer to me that a book or something. I wouldn't take the time to write something out.

>> No.186   [Delete]   [Edit]

That's perfectly fine, as long as you're writing somewhere.

You could get a private Lj, or something, yeah.

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Howdy, /lit/. I plan to write a full-length story on Yume Nikki some time in the near future; problem is, I'm not very experienced with writing. Thus, I figured it would be prudent to hone my skills here first. Any critique would be very much appreciated.

These are the only sounds that permeate the maddening silence of my chamber. I suppose I shouldn't complain, considering that there are, undoubtedly, far worse places to be in this twisted world; places of torment and despair, places where minds are twisted and hopes shattered.

But why? Why would anyone create such a place?

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Monoko slept like the dead. Not like other little girls that age. She never knew, really, I probably could have gone through with my fantasy and she wouldn't have realized it. Of course, she never would have woken up again. She'd sleep on her back, pale face up to the white moon. That's how I always saw her when I crept into her room. Precious little Monoko, mother's favourite. The baby. Oh, I love you too, Monoko.
My hand hurt. I was white knuckling the knife. My fingers crushed the sheet over the steady rise and fall of her chest. Sliding it away left her vulnerable in her white nightgown. I sat down at the edge of her bed, facing her, the knife poised in my left hand. It went first to her belly, hovering there a few inches from the too-permeable flesh. I drew the knife back, and dropped it mechanically. It ended up where it began, resting on the invisible barrier that was my increasingly insubstantial willpower. I pantomimed gutting her a few more times, exhaling in a kind of cathartic relief.
I shifted the knife to my right hand, climbing over her. This part was more intricate, but I could see it in my head. A split here, a graft there. Stitches here. The knife slid across the invisible barrier, surgical pantomime. Monoko, I'm making you so pretty. You'll be more useful this way, won't you, baby sister? My hand got haphazard, I nearly cut her twice. God, I wanted to. The blade swerved as if on ice. I heard my breath grow shallow, then stop all together as the knife rested against her soft cheekbone.
I climbed off of her quickly, staggering towards the door just to breathe. Vertigo made a noose around my balance and I had to catch myself on the doorframe. I would be back again tomorrow. I came back every night to do the same damn thing. Oh, I love you, Monoko. One day, I'll love you to death.

Last edited 10/08/24(Tue)14:22.

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I had felt more like it was Monoe narrating it. I felt a hint of jealousy as if everyone loved Monoko more.

But I guess it's up the the reader to decide? (Unless 13 wants to point it out.) Regardless very good work.

Aa. I want to read your new work now..

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Well, it could've been either Monoe or Madotsuki. I leaned towards Madotsuki because the knife seems to be more her attribute than Monoe's. Although like the game, this story is also up to the reader's interpretation because the exact truth is never quite said. :3

I'll edit this with a critique/opinion later once I read, I need to get back to my own writing that I'm procrastinating on, lol

Last edited 10/08/26(Thu)10:46.

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The thought of Monoe with the knife is an interesting one. Maybe I'll do something with that at a later point in time.

>> No.145   [Delete]   [Edit]

Part two on the way guise. I got loaded with work hours and have 4 other projects I'm doing.


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I thought of you while bored today, /lit/. Have my absentminded writings.
A harsh scream was ripped from her throat as the other girl plunged her knife into her chest; No matter how many times she was stabbed, Poniko never became accustomed to the pain. Madotsuki stood over the blond as she cringed, now laying ion the floor in a slowly growing puddle of sticky gore; It was part of their nightly rituals. Shaking her head, Madotsuki kneeled and pulled Poniko onto her back, pushing her eyelids down; She couldn't stand to watch the eyes glaze over. Stepping away, the dreamer started leaving the room; She couldn't stand to see the deadened, crumpled heap that passed as a corpse in her mind, either. Bracing herself, she followed through with the visit's main purpose; Poniko wouldn't dare to try it, even though she needed a peaceful sleep as much as anyone else in the dream world. Madotsuki slid through the door and flick the lights off as it slammed, barely catching the inverse of light as it streamed under the door.
The screaming echoed from within the house, just as much within her mind as it did in the tangible stuff of dream behind her. A few ripples surrounded Madotsuki as she thought, stressing the lucidity of her dream; To the outside viewer, triangles of dim violet surrounded her, her body shifting in a flash of light. She stood uneasily for a moment, her eyes having morphed to one and her her head taking the shape of Medamaude's hand; Not wanting to waste any time, she closed her eyes and the fingers wrapped over it. Her perspective shifted to a third-person view, the mind looking in on itself; It zoomed forward until she could feel her own gaze like another person's, stressing her sanity to the very limit as it obscured all but the faded decal on her pink sweater; As the world came back into view as quick as it zoomed in, Madotsuki opened her eye and let the light wash over her form. She plopped onto her bottom, sitting for a moment and trying to catch her breath from the shifting, sitting down amidst the twelve doors.

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Have a continuation, because I lost the page it was on and had to rewrite it. Suddenly, melodrama.
EDIT: Herp derp, forgot the tripcode. Literally.

Inky blackness pooled around Poniko's feet, the blond letting out a heavy groan; There were no bloodstains on the girl's carpet, nor her clothing. She dusted away her body, stretching out her slender frame with an arch of the back; Dying was always an uncomfortable experience. A warm smile managed to cross Poniko's features as her senses started to awaken; She wrapped her arms around her slight frame, waiting to be able to feel again as the taste of fatigue and gore that filled filled her mouth, the smell of dust filling her nostrils. Her next sense to come was sight, and as her eyes cracked open she immediately noticed the complete wrongness of the environment around her; Her walls were soaked in black, trimmed in the white of odd, inversed light. Poniko's heart started thudding against her chest as her touch came back, a thick inky blackness having crawled through her clothing, now teasing it's way along her stomach. A few tears managed to slip past her normally stoic defenses, her piercing crystal eyes quickly covered along with the rest of her body, the torpid screaming finally piercing through her lingering hearing as the beast dragged her into it's shifting mass.
Darkness. Darkness and wet. Poniko gasped, sucking in a sudden breath as the black around her shifted from her mouth, allowing her a quick breath; It didn't want her dead, atleast not yet. The overwhelming dread of her capture mingled with something fully alien with her existence at the moment; Silence. Not a fine, intimate silence, but instead a cloying, strangling entropy that made it impossible to grunt, much less to speak; She wasn't sure if she was simply dead, taken away, or completely snuffed from existence, sent to a graveyard for unthought thought, undone ideals and rotted dreams. The pondering was ended as a stifling burst of air rushed from her lungs, nearly catching her off guard as much as the heavy probe slamming into her stomach and winding her. Madotsuki's dreams were unlike others; In a way, each creature had a life of it's own. The fact asserted itself with a sudden, almost strangling tug on Poniko's throat, facing her upwards. A sickening spaciousness slid from her shoulder, and a terrifying lurch made her look over; The view of her sweatshirt was blocked by a familiar pair of brown, twinned braids, the profile nuzzling it's chin against her body.

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Let the arnachy begin!
Smut thread a-go-go!

Last edited by moderator 10/09/01(Wed)20:41.

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...Why haven't you posted them yet? D:

>> No.117   [Delete]   [Edit]

well then, via request. i'll put up the sequel to it, the first time i ever tried to write tentical rape.

oh god.

What ever it was in a blink of an eye Poniko had turned into this blob of black…of black…I don’t know what that thing was all I could tell is that it had a terrifying face and it was coming towards me. Adeline rushed though me scrambling to the other side of the room, that thing blocking my exit as it moved with a slow painful scream. Trying to avoid that thing tried darting around it. I tried. Something already had me in its grasp the darkness of the room pinning me down and working its inky tendrils against me. All I could focus on what that thing coming towards me face so indescribably petrifying. I didn’t realise how my binds where eating away at my clothes. I shuddered as it engulfed my legs struggling as hard as I could though gritted teeth, my arousal not gone but replaced with fear. It stopped maybe an inch or two away from my crotch, and it seemed to look down at me waiting, I looked up at that thing for an eternity panting and tearing up before regretfully saying

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File: 1281790675612.jpg -(220.1 KiB, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

same for my crotch. God knows three, four maybe in each of my holes. I was completely numb. I orgasmed every few minuets, I had passed over the edge and couldn’t even make a sound, I was barely aware of what was happening.

The only thing what made me snap back into reality was when it stopped, and shuddered. It came into me, it spurted out my mouth as I tried to swallow in hope that I wouldn’t choke on it. White, burningly hot cum covered every inch of me, it filled my insides to the brim. It with drew from be but the tentacles in my crotch and it waited.

Within the blink of an eye the lights where back on and Poniko was covering my entrance. She had scotch tape in the other hand, fuck.

i don't whant to clog everything up so here's your porn on FF.

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Hey, I found your story on ff.n
Just to tell you...I was so happy when I saw that you linked it from here as well :)

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The brown haired girl sat in her dark room. She burried her head in her hands. She sat like that for a couple of minutes, before walking over to her desk and writing in her dream diary.
"Entry # 102," she scribbled down as she tried her best to remember what happened in this dream, "I found a flute. It was in the mall. Everyone there looked odd and stared at me coldy. It was in a room with a lone man who looked a lot like an e. He didn't talk to me. Or notice me. He sat on a couch in the back of the room. I could feel that he was lonely, like me. So I played him a song off the top of my head. It sounded like the old lullybye my mother used to sing to me. I then woke up.
Madotsuki place her pencil down and closed her journal. She quietly walked out into her balcony. She stared at the waste land infront of her. The air wasn't safe any more, that was the last thing the news people told her. Then, the power lines for the tv were shut off. She checked her tv almost daily, but she always knew there would be static.
She also tried to contact her family, she never was wrote, emailed, texted, or called back. She thought her parents had given up on her because she had not passed the final college exam to become an archaeologist. So she locked herself up in her bedroom in her small apartment.
But she couldn't help but to hope that her parents would contact her.
She didn't know what to do any more, so she thought it would be pretty neat to try and have lucid dreams. There were a set of triplets in on of her classes, they were foregin exchange students from Japan. The second oldest one, Monoe, had long black hair and pale skin had said "You should try lucid dreaming! It's where you control your dreams." Monoe had went on to explain them and how to do them. She also noted that you should keep a dream diary. The younger twin, Monoko, who wore her black hair in pig tails and also had pale skin nodded throught the whole explaination. Monoko wanted to be a doctor when she was older, while Monoe wanted to be an archaeologist like Madotsuki.

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My first fanfiction.
I just put a name if I wanted to post more stories.

>> No.111   [Delete]   [Edit]

♥ ♥♥♥♥ ♥♥

"There was a giant whole in Monoko's stomach."
"There was a giant hole in Monoko's stomach."


Last edited 10/08/09(Mon)19:29.

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I can't spell.
Pretend I know how to do unicode hearts and that they are all over this message.

>> No.113   [Delete]   [Edit]

I forgot my name.
I'm so out of it today.

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I see a lot of YN fiction turn out very similar, so here's something to try and break cliches. Hopefully we can have some fun with it, yeah /lit/?

Write a story about YN, whatever length you want. EXCEPT, there's a couple of catches.

1) Choose one effect for Madotsuki to use during the fic and try not to have it be the typical in-game use. I mean, it'd have what it does in the game but think of it in terms of an actual dream.

2) Pick an effect for Madotsuki to Acquire and interpret how she got it. It can't be as simple as a "get," right?

3) if you'd rather, pick any NPC to interact with. Everyone seems to like doing Masada/Monoko/Monoe/Poniko/Uboa because they're the most well known and humanoid/easy to relate with.

I'll be writing one myself and will post it and maybe a companion picture when I am done. I look forward to seeing what other people might write c:

Last edited 10/07/27(Tue)11:54.

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>> No.101   [Delete]   [Edit]

I put a slash there. "easy to relate with" going with well known because he's a scare archetype 8T

Also, yes, bring writers that would be great!

>> No.102   [Delete]   [Edit]

well, i'll try it. don't know what it's going to be like.

>> No.103   [Delete]   [Edit]

I wrote one about Mado getting the stoplight effect from Shitai. Does that count?


>> No.106   [Delete]   [Edit]

I shalt partake in this. Prepare for my horrible fanfic/interpretation of Mado.

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Hi all,

I find it easy to write but making my ideas clear and concise is probably the hardest part for me.

Any resources out there for helping people organize their ideas and particularly, anything that might help someone act as their own editor?

Image unrelated.

>> No.105   [Delete]   [Edit]

What I do is just write an outline for the story's chapters so that each chapter connects clearly. This also helps to see where the plotline is going and where to throw the twists. Then after that, I lightly outline each of the chapters and the contents. Not too in-depth, but just enough so that once you start the writing, you know where to go. From there, you can flesh out the chapters as you write them and decide where to hide plot devices and twists. As you add them, make sure to append your outlines to remember where the devices/twists end up revealing themselves if you have a lot of them.

Too much outlining I've found is detrimental to the writing process, because writing the exact same thing twice kills motivation.

If clarity is an issue, grab a friend and force them to read your writing. Simple feedback such as "This is too vague" or "I don't understand" can be crucial, because as the author, everything makes sense to you. If someone pinpoints something and helps explain why they're confused, you start to learn how to avoid making things too contrived. There is a difference between contrived and veiled, the dividing line is thin though. Takes a bit of practice to grasp that.

As for editing, you are your best editor. You know where your mistakes are and how to fix them in the best way that compliments your writing. Just don't edit directly after you finish writing. In my opinion, I've found that you lose motivation because reading the same thing twice is tedious. Give your eyes a break, come back to it after a couple hours, watch a movie, play a video game. As you edit more, you get better at spotting your errors and sometimes catch your errors as you write them.

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