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Hey there fellow writers/readers.

Did anyone read this? Or does anyone remember it?http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6193502/1/Stoplight

It was a one-shot involving Madotsuki first meeting Shitai to get the stoplight effect. (No pairings!)

I plan on writing more, just to let everyone/anyone know. I'm replaying the game just to enrich the experience, starting with the Umbrella effect. And I plan on writing a 'chapter' for each effect.

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The bathroom is as lonely as usual at this time of the day. Seems as if my presence alone is enough to drive everyone away. I can hear someone opening the door leading to the bathroom, and hastily closing it; almost as if they'd seen something unconceivable, or as if an unforgivable mistake was about to be made. It's not unusual, but I can't help but feel like I'm being mocked, rather than avoided.

I pull down my panties and sit on the toilet; after all, that was the whole reason I came here. It feels as if I couldn't have resisted a minute longer. I stare down at my striped stockings as I wait; black, fuchsia, black, fuchsia... But my eyes are drawn to what seems to be new writing on the edge of the door.

The new topic of conversation these days. Everybody is so into it. I can't even begin to comprehend what guys see in our bodies anyway, we look so unnatural, so voluptuous, and this thing which seems to only serve the purpose of constantly dripping...

I take some of the toilet paper from my bag and thoroughly clean myself with it. It's very soft; it sends little shivers down my spine as I carefully rub to the last spot. Lately, it feels as if no amount of paper could completely dry me. Hormones are annoying.

I feel the glance of those who stay after school as I open the bathroom door. They persist but a mere split second before they return to where they belong: The dates they have to attend, the people they have to meet, the homework assignments they have to fulfill... Yes, they all seem too busy to look at someone like me, but I imagine it is hard to ignore someone that stands out so from the rest: In such a happy environment under a radiant sun which lights the faces of teenagers bustling with life, stands a lonely figure dressed in black.

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File: 1288921931035.jpg -(499.8 KiB, 992x970) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I loved this story so much, thank you for writing this.

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My pleasure <3

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File: 1291407416199.png -(19.3 KiB, 187x267) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This was a wonderful story, I hope you write more.

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This was amazing. :3

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So in English Class, we had to read a story entitled "The New Dress" by Virginia Woolf. It nearly had no plot, the whole story revolved around the protagonist, Mabel Waring's inferiority and despair, only giving a satisfactory ending that she would escape the monotony of her life and start anew.

It was literally just a large pool of fancy words, and people loved it. To be honest, she really is a good writer, but her vocabulary made my head hurt.

Let us try imitating her writing style.

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Madotsuki, having run outside the dreaded room, the filthy, dingy room, collecting dust, dreaded, deadly, dingy dust, devoid of such dimly desirable entertainment. Yes, the other room! It was to die for! It was magnificent! It was absolutely positively splendid! Yes, the starting line of a new day! Alas, the doors greet her generously, the creak-creakery of the multiple doors, made of dreamy substance, dreamy indeed, she was to choose one, and continue onwards the dream, ah, the magical dream, her own, the disturbing and exciting adventure!

Ah, so cold, so shivering, so chilly, twas the empty christmas town, snowy and white and blue and ice, and the cold winds didn't exist for her, she did not need such horribly tacky garments or such direly despicable dayjacket or sizably silly scarf! It was her world, alas, the world of snow, it was christmas, yes, the cold winds kissed her like a blushing brandishing boy would kiss his first love for the first time to the finale. Time to walk, she said to her self, have said silly songs to self inside, venturing through the verdure and meeting the mysterious icy, chilly, shy woman that she knew only by the name of the Yuki Onna. She, so shy, so shiveringly shy, walked away in willing ways to the final part of snowy land. On did the girl walk, the woman not found again in this vast treacherous christmas land.

"Aha!" she had said in her silky and softspoken voice as she fell through the imaginary pool of puzzling enigma, flying down to more water below the pastelly chalk road. The swish-swash of the liquid satin flowed through her legs, heavily making her slowly pace, and she thought "I am the frog! The fightinh fidgeting frog! I shall pass this water!" and by some mysterious mindboggling chance, she swept through the water, and climbed onto the Chalky shore, to be greeted by the velvet teepee tent she had seen a few times in her dreamy adventures.

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and then mado was the zombie

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>Open the door
>Get on the floor
>Everybody walk the Bulbasaur

The end.

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So, apparently, /Seccom/ likes my smut. I'll be reposting the Masada smut below (comments welcome), and I'll start posting some smut requests I got on the OT.
Added Shitai/Mado smut
Added Kamakurako smut

Added MonokoxMonoe Smut

Shitai/Seccom smut added

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That's awesome! Now that you mention it, a Musclesada would be pretty hot :)

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She offed herself, didn't she.

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most likely

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This... is so beautiful. <3
More yuri please~

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I think you guys might get a kick out of this short story I wrote. I submitted to the ZWG magazine. Issue 8, first story: http://zwg.wildwestwaffles.com/

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I was going to actually post my original story here but while re-reading it I realized how horrible, rushed and messed up my writing was in most of its chapters
So I'll just post random shortfics I feel like writing until I fix that original one.
I wrote this at midnight so if there's any grammar error I'll fix it tomorrow...
And it also makes no sense.

I always lived in the shadows, followed by the darkness. Neither sunlight nor moonlight reach my empty shell. How I wish they did!
A souless body. A mindless heart. A worthless existance. What value is given to one who can't even face its own fears?
My head feels heavy. My body feels dead. Silver hair colored red.
Driving to the monster's lair. I can't ignore my own mind. Keep going, I said to myself.
Entering hell, down the rabbit hole. It's my own mind. It inhabits this empty shell. I can have control over it.
Acting like nothing would happen. I have no reason to be afraid. Nothing bad would happen. Silver pipe colored rust.
Don't cry. It's alright. It's just my mind. Right?

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If anyone's interested, I set up a writing journal for myself. Here's the link: http://fullmoonhour.livejournal.com/
I'm putting up everything I write here, and I'm working on some Yume Nikki stuff to post. I've been greatly inspired by >>171, and most of my exercises come from there. (I'm actually very glad I read that thread, I never wrote so much in two weeks.) It's not very interesing stuff to read though.

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Hi, good people of /lit/. After lurking for a few months, I became interested in typing out a fanfic regarding things before the events of Yume Nikki. Please provide constructive critique for this first chapter I have brewed up.

Edit: also, new chapters are going to be posted here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6373824/1/Yume_Nikki_Before_the_Storm
Chapter 1: A Strange Encounter

"I can't believe it's finally over. This first day of teaching students and putting up with those guys in the lounge was daunting enough, but now I have all these forms and bills to deal with as well." A frustrated Masada thinks as he gets out of his small white car with a black case. He steps toward the apartment building tiredly while looking at the sunset to the west. "After all this is done, though, I might be able to play a few numbers on the old piano before the day is gone." He thinks.As he enters the building and walks down a hall of doors, he notices a single 100 yen coin on the ground. "Finders keepers." He thinks as he leans over to pick it up. When he attempts to fiddle with the lock on his apartment door that was simply labeled "116", he mutters to himself loudly and attracts the attention of a young girl nearby. He opens the door quickly and, after hearing the sound of something being hit by the door, stops in his tracks. He looks on the other side of the door and sees a girl covering her nose in pain, with a few rivulets of blood coming down her hands and face. "Oh no! What have I done?" He thinks to himself, with beads of sweat dribbling down his neck. "Miss, I am so sorry and I- Madotsuki?" He curiously asks after remembering who she was. Her eyes are welling up with tears and she is now sobbing quietly. "Madotsuki, what were you doing?" He asks with concern. Masada remembered Madotsuki from a morning music class when she was having trouble playing certain parts of a song with her flute. After carefully showing her the right way to play certain notes and building up some momentum, she looked to be on the right track. Masada quickly snaps out of his memories and says, "We'll need to get that bloody nose taken care of immediately." He beckons her to follow him into his apartment.

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File: 1287096017258.jpg -(23.8 KiB, 186x190) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Chapter 11: Masada; you didn't, did you?

When the whisking stops, Madotsuki finds herself in her apartment room,
once again without the famicom in sight.
She walks towards the door when she sees a coin labeled, "509, 10-30-08, 15:23"
Assuming it to be another hint for a room she could visit during the specified time, she puts it into her pocket and opens the door.
The nexus of doors looked just as strange as it did the first time she ever saw it.
As she takes her first few steps, she hears a voice call out, "Hi Mado!"
She turns to her left to see a completely normal Monoko.
"Monoko! What happened this morning?! You turned into a zombie thing and tried to eat me!" Madotsuki says in a tense tone.
Monoko gives her a strange look and replies, "I don't recall something like that happening...
but I do recall blacking out as soon as you used that stoplight flashlight thingy."
Madotsuki asks, "Did anything hurt during your 'black out'?"
Monoko nods and replies, "Yeah, all the sudden my head and arms hurt, my eye felt like it was burning up,
and there was even this feeling like I was just stabbed in the chest with a knife..." Madotsuki eyes around, trying to stay quiet.

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File: 1287096835181.png -(57 KiB, 514x685) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Madotsuki nods as she and Masada continue eating their waffles.
After a few minutes, Madotsuki pats her stomach softly and says, “That was amazing, Sensei.”
Masada, wiping his mouth clean, says, “Glad to see you happy.”
Madotsuki asks, “Masada, can we try doing something together?”
Masada says, “Sure, but what do you have in mind?”
Madotsuki looks into his eyes with a sultry look and says, “A little showering…”
Masada immediately shoots blood out of his nose and stares at her with a look of extreme disbelief.
“Buh… fuh… wuh…” He stammers as Madotsuki looks at him with concern.
“Sure, I g-guess?” He says as Madotsuki smiles. He walks to the bedroom with his eyes wide open as Madotsuki follows him.
He grabs his boxers and bathrobe and Madotsuki grabs her pajamas.
The two enter the bathroom and begin the rather awkward process of undressing.
Masada watches Madotsuki take off her shirt, skirt, bra, and panties quickly.
He stares at her smooth, featureless body.
He takes his shirt off along with, as Madotsuki starts to blush, his pants.
He slowly takes off his briefs to reveal his penis. Madotsuki, blushing a lot, looks at it and asks, “Is that a boy’s pee-pee, Sensei?”

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First review on FF.net...

...and my evening ended on a low note. Criticism has been noted... but damn what a rough first review.

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and then masada was knifed and his dick cut off

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This was written on the spot while listening to the Super Mario Bros. 3 soundtrack. I thought I'd save it here.

<Tamamin> Grass Land
<Tamamin> you are now remembering
<Tamamin> that awesome song
<Tamamin> that you heard
<Tamamin> when you put that game
<Tamamin> in that hunk of plastic
<Tamamin> and turned it on
<Tamamin> and you saw that map
<Tamamin> for the first time
<Tamamin> And then

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a winner is you bro, that was just awesome
i wish i had the skills to wrint cool things like that

Last edited 10/10/06(Wed)17:29.

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well, the best way to do something is to do it.

I was just fooling around while listening to the soundtrack. If I can do it you can too! Just go for it, whatever, whenever.

Of course, I could have made this look more professional. Maybe I will when I have more time.

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learning writers~ theres a little technique to inspire yourself and get your writing alittle more fliud:
you write for a solid 10 mins about anything.
thats it.

here's my shitty little one, expect B'AWW.

What does it matter if my perception of it isn’t true, my eyes cast upon it are helpless to think that we are damned to a breakdown as we develop more and more looking at ourselves in superiority as seclusion gains, I the hypocritical look onto the world with desperation and without help to change writhing and leaking fluid over my sheets.

Having no answer as the faceless calls out questions, instructions without no follow though as this place sinks, in pale retrospect of what was and what will never be again, I the hypocritical gouge my eye’s and tare at my hair out of nervousness and bleak oversight at the clawing masses of flesh. I’m just another insignificant speck useless to the world, quivering in fear at it, a small façade of happiness to charm mislead.

Strangling words and choking on bile from my throat as a wail alone eye’s red seeking solace in my own damnation, constantly pawing and tearing into my gut as my head spins heart beating inside of it. Throat closed tightly I thrash aimlessly about, mind only filled with pitying thoughts encouraging desperation. Out of human contact an into my metaphorical cage filled with my fear and my love, confined to nothingness as I sit and my body grows as my head only dulls.

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File: 1283494918635.jpg -(30.1 KiB, 520x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I was sitting alone in my dark room, enjoying the quiet atmosphere. I didn’t bother looking at the tiny digital clock on the bottom right-hand corner of my computer screen, but I guessed it was somewhere around three in the morning. Could be around four, my sense of time was never very good. But judging from the lack of bird chirping, I doubted it was.

It was sitting in that late summer air. It was strangely rather humid tonight, and it was a bit unsettling. I fanned myself with my left hand as my right operated the laptop mouse. I was trying to add a friend I had met online into my messenger program, but as soon as I had added him, he appeared as a block contact. 
I raised a dark eyebrow and right clicked to see the option menu. Though the contact already seemed blocked maybe blocking them again would help. I did as I thought and it seemed to work. My friend was offline, but then again he was probably sleeping. My sleeping schedule has been so out of whack lately…
I paused for a second to rub my eyes. I wasn’t quite sure if I was getting tired or not. My eyes hurt, but that was probably because I forget to blink sometimes. I’ve kind of forgotten what it feels like to feel sleepy.
My IMing program made a small sound like I had received a message, but when I looked down, all 33 of my contacts had been blocked simultaneously. “What…?” I involuntarily let out, scrolling down to see what was up. My brows furrowed with confusion as I peered again at my friends’ screen named had changed. Their screen names were now unidentifiable static. I mean, there were letters, but nothing that created a real word or name.
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Like jumpstarting a car, the thing snapped back into action, and was soon crawling out of my laptop again. Its hips were out, and then soon it toppled out of the screen and writhed a bit before me. I didn’t dare let it touch me. It started making more weird hissing sounds that were distorted from the static.

Despite it being so close to me, any noise it made came from my laptop speakers. Soon only my own loud breathing was all I heard. Time seemed completely irrelevant, and the thing started to make its way toward me. With its wide open eyes exactly the same color as the rest of its fabricated skin. We both exhaled at the same moment, myself too terrified to move much less flee my room. 
Its spidery fingers reached out towards my bare calf, and I saw it reach out to its full compacity.
“What the hell’re you doing?” My little brother came into the room, and flicked on the light switch. That weird creature that birthed itself from my laptop screen was completely gone. My desktop was normal with all of the familiar shortcuts sitting in their places. I was still squatting down with my back against the edge of my bed, looking as though I were about to shit myself from terror.
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“W—what?” I panted, completely out of breath. I held my head in my hands, feeling a massive headache coming on.

“God, you woke me up, you asshole. Go to bed already.” My brother spat angrily, obviously very tired and cranky. 
Still nervy, I took a deep breath and crawled into my bed after shutting down my laptop. God, it must be this heat, I told myself. I rolled over on my side and closed my eyes, finally feeling calm again. More breathing in the silence, but everything was okay.
But when after maybe about ten minutes I rolled onto my back, the static hissing started again and my eyes opened like a reflex. The gritty-looking human-shaped figure had pinned me down and screamed, the computerized sound reverberated in my ears like cymbals.
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This is the next thing I plan to read when I get the time. I skimmed over it and it looks promising. Will edit a critique at a later point. :V

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you need to finish this, it was being a good read ^^

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