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yeah. translation please.

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Google translate says:

. The game flow is not scary, it brings you fear, you feel horrible. It is to dream, Nikki, but like Yume 2kki can be found in the file:] Nothing in the screenshots. And the hero is Sabitsuki.

Is this lol?

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I'm not seeing it on lol's twitter.

Edit: http://uboachan.net/tkki/res/1988.xhtml This same thread is on /tkki/ as well.

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.flow is not scary; it brings you just feelings of fear/creepiness.
It is only a Yume Nikki game, but it can be found in Yume 2kki. :]
Sabitsuki is in the screenshots.
The main character is Sabitsuki.

wow, does google like mess up everything:
like go to vietnamese.
type in
Will you ever hit puberty?
and translate it back to English.
see what I mean?

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google translate isn't the best thing to use. Yes, it can translate simple sentences, but you shouldn't use it to translate an entire conversation from English > Japanese (or vice verca) because google translate usually won't print it as you mean it.

tl;dr don't use google translate if you're trying to make an (at least) almost fluent sounding Japanese post.

(not to mention most of us here on Uboachan are English speakers)

Edit: Just to be clear, I'm not saying Google translate is COMPLETELY useless, it's useful for understanding some things, but just not for trying to, say, communicate with someone, be it a native speaker or just someone else.

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>if OP is one of lol's fans/followers/affiliates:

Just so you know, we already have a .flow thread in /fg/, we've had it there for a long time and it's still pretty active.

>if OP is lol:


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So, who in the world was this guy?

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