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.flow, to me, resembles Yume Nikki a lot more than Yume 2kki resembles Yume Nikki. One thing I noticed lately was how accessible areas change randomly.

you know, how whenever you tried to show Kyukyu-kun to somebody, the sad zipperface in the wall would never show up. You'd have to wake up and sleep several more times before you could get there.

but the way that the flow is black, white, or black with a lighter spot in .flow whenever you log on-- whoa. it's so much more drastic. and in the world with the bleeding mouths and eyes; the portal-mouths in the northeast direction are always arranged different ways.

it's not consistent, and I love it.

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i agree with you
even then, i feel like the theme fits a lot more, it has that eerie feeling, like your actually in a dream. (yume 2kki i feel more like a neon wonderland than a dream..)

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2kki, to me, just feels like a random cluster (which is understandable, being made by multiple people) while .flow maintains a consistent, ominous atmosphere, and has a very isolated, lonely feeling to it-the same feeling that Yume Nikki had, tenfold.

As of 0.1, I have enjoyed .flow moreso than Yume Nikki itself, it's so much more fulfilling to me, it even manages to have a long endgame, not only without breaking the mood, but actually enhancing it, the game felt WAY more disturbing and lonely once Rust came into the picture and the majority of the friendly NPCs either started dying or disappeared completely. lol even toys with you and makes you believe that the ending was just like the original Yume Nikki if you don't go through with the Rust chapter, but it's only after you show effort that the true ending reveals itself, and it's quite a shocker, before AND during the portion with the balcony. Confusing as it may be, it's a satisfying and fulfilling conclusion to the bittersweet madness that is this game. .flow is truly the greatest Yume Nikki-related thing I have ever seen.

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I love all the cameos, too-- like those rooms where numbers and kyukyu-kun are drawn on the walls, or the arms effect.

something that weirded me out a little about 2kki was the huge presence of text. you know? that library room that was full of diaries which had all been written in. I know very basic Japanese but not enough to decipher them completely; it was a different kind of creepy, with a more staged feel to it...

>7643 I haven't gotten to the rust stages yet (/have yet to find a guide to the game) but it sounds really interesting. the endgame of Yume Nikki was just so sudden...
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You don't need much of a guide, just find all of the effects, wake up, (go through the door when awake here if you want ending no.1) go back into flow, use the computer again, welcome to the Rust chapter (go through the door when awake here if you want ending no. 2). If you want the big endgame, you have three things to find. I will not spoil this part for you, you have three things to search for that will seemingly do nothing at first when you find them, but once you get all three...

Also, stay the hell away from Uboachan until you finish the game, too many spoiler-filled discussions here.

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