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Thanks guys heres the finish product.

also i had no idea what to do for background so.....yeah enjoy Sabi floating....

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Sorry for sounding dumb, but where on earth is the neon effect? I have looked every where on the internet for walkthroughs but I can never find anything on the effect.

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you know the rainbow maze place where you found the cat? there's these rooms stretching only horizontally with the weird black wall.

there's a line of tiles in the wall that doesn't quite match the others. gotta press enter there.

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oh wow. the game is finished now?! :D

time to go download.

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I swear this needs its own imageboard. There's a wiki out there, found it some time ago.

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Maybe one day Uboachan will have a /df/ or /rust/ in the meta boards, .flow is certainly noteworthy enough to have it's own.

As for that wiki, I already contributed a few character articles to it a long time ago, but it desperately needs more content.

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Just a friendly reminder that lol said on twitter that version .10 is not the last!
Seriously, I can't wait for another update...!

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hey hey hey does lol know about the glitch in the body world

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Where you do find the Viscera effect? It's seriously bothering me! D|

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You mean the one where the game crashes?
M'kay, you know that doorway in the body world that has a demon-head portal blocking it? You have to go into the portal, then once you're in the place with the mouths in the background, go around the portal and go through it again from the south, now you can go through the door.

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I know what you're talking about, I've seen it before, but I don't remember how to get there.. thank you, though!

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Excuse-me, how do I get to Smile and little sister's room?

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rave world → hospital → bloody hell → red blob monster thing → sewer → rusted pier → streetlight → north bridge → BOOM

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Please someone, make .flow remixes!
I've heard one but I am now desiring more!

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in v. 0.1 i cant find the cat effect.

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For the nine thousandth time, everybody that can't find the cat, please listen.

The cat effect is in the gigantic looping area in the psychedellic world. Try to get as close to the center of the lake as possible. Follow the paths circling the lake. Eventually you will find a door near the east side of the lake. Go into the door. The white cat will be walking around on the east side of the room you will find.

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Is there any way to get to this girl?

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Try harder srsly, there are like 2 different ways to get her and all she does is take you to the school.

Also guise I just noticed this event
It actually made me very uneasy since he/it... well you guys should go look for him, he is always there... always watching...


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Can you upload that picture?

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Pretty sure this is it:

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Last edited 11/06/19(Sun)00:25.

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from start to school, anyone want it?

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so my shift key doesn't work in the game???
i don't know if it's the game or my computer, but i can't use any effects (ghost, arm, gun...)

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ufff this game. I'm skipping parts of this thread because SPOILERS but damn, you guys, keep it up! I'm finding .flow more terrifying than ever before.

that hospital-esque room with the blood splatters and bloodied-up kids... is it just me or do random kaibutsu noises happen occasionally in that room?

and then > 7041
this fucking event. now there's blood on Sabi's floor 8(

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dear god this game is huge. somebody needs to make a guide or something.

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i would

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do people here frequent Tumblr? there's a nifty new .flow-dedicated Tumblr and the mod is doing walkthroughs to certain areas atm.

image related; it's the walkthrough for how to get to the 8-bit world.

Last edited 11/06/24(Fri)17:29.

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looking through older posts, i see something about a monochrome area?
is this not in the newer version? because i looked through the posts about it and i have no idea what you're talking about on how to get there.

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Please don't kill me for asking this, but the rust menu effect isn't findable in-game without cheating right?

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In the very dark corridors before the decaying art gallery (the place that leads to to hell maze and the prison) if you go left at the at a certain point, near the 'top' of the LEFT corridor there will be a passage that leads you to an elevator.

It be will in a room that looks like the room that the elevator in the apartments takes you too, but you can only go to the MC world by going through the dark path i just talked about.

Last edited 11/06/26(Sun)18:34.

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And it seems to be a random event.

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anyone seen this before?
also i've been wondering how to get across that pit
is there a door somewhere?

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Yeah, we're gonna need to release a "how to find crap" guide for things besides the effects. Next thing you know someone is going to ask how to get to the corrupted school again.

Yes, we have seen that thing before. You get to the other side of that "lake" from a random event in the mirror apartment. There is a drooling yellow mouth (over a pool of blood) on the wall that you hit with the pipe (someone show him a picture, I'm on an android). If you have the whistle, you can get through the next room without killing any of the girls, but that isn't going to change what happens in the room after that.

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better yet, video guide.

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File: 1309462600453.jpg -(95.4 KiB, 450x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

guys, guys, seriously
Is there a way to get the Rust Menu Type without cheating on the RPGmaker?
If yes, where? >:

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Hory shet, I just realized that Smile speaks amidst all the laughter when you try to pipe him. Guess I was too busy shitting my pants to notice the first time.

All my English-speaking brain hears is "Kyu sin kerun potassium again. Ahaha!" Which I'm certain I've horrendously misinterpreted and misspelled.

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Guess the clawhammer is made of vegetables.

But seriously, somebody find out what he is saying before my head explodes. Two audio files ("wwww" and "wwww2") play simultaneously when you try to pipe him, one of them is the group laughing, the other is his voice. I know we've mentioned this audio before, but now that we know where it's actually used, I think this adds a bit more significance.

Last edited 11/07/06(Wed)00:37.

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Maybe you could try this version, the one i used in my brother's computer:

If not, try reinstalling all. I am using the same version you downloaded.


Sorry for the caps.

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File: 1310132979587.png -(1.2 MiB, 969x860) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I listened to that clip over and over, and after a good 3-5 minutes of listening to the clip over and over, I think I have the first part. It sounds like it's saying, "You'll see, girl..." Make of that what you will; I think it sounds rather promising.

As for the second part, I don't have a single fucking clue. I hear "bedaseyu again", and I want to say that it's Japanese, but "bedaseyu" doesn't seem to be a Japanese phrase.

Man, It really doesn't help that this guy has a really unenthusiastic tone to his voice, slurs his words, and has an accent. Don't know what sort of accent he has; it's really hard to tell.

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Sabitsuki is destined to be a better voice actor than Smile.
"You'll see girl, be the seiyū again, ahaha!"

Seriously though, it sounds like he's threatening her. Pretty creepy, bro.

Last edited 11/07/08(Fri)07:19.

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>implying what he's saying is in English

Nope, I'm guessing that it's actually lol's voice. Or a friend of his. It's probably all in Japanese...

Well, if it IS Engrish, it sounds something like "You see girl, I'll see you again..." in a kind of "You haven't seen the last of me!" sort of way. Couldn't really make out the first part on my own so I'm just going by what >>1424 said.

But still, HNNNNNNNNNNNGH HIS VOICE I love love love it. It's gentle... What if he's actually saying something to comfort his sister?

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lol seems to like using gratuitous [s]Engrish[/s]English, Sabi. The title of the game, his username, not to mention the Stert-Pushing sequence.

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I opened wwww in audacity and amplified the whole clip, even trying to listen for 'you'll see girl' I didn't hear it. I don't think any of it is in English, and have no clue what the first part even is. The second part, before the laugh, is more intelligible though, but nothing I can easily decipher.
But still this is cool, makes Smile even more interesting.

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I'm having trouble finding the files for Smile's voice? I've looked in the Sound and Music files, but I haven't found anything named 'wwww', but I know the file must be there because in game, I can hear the voice. Am I just being stupid and looking in the wrong place? Also, half of the files are written in English characters, the other half are in Japanese.

>> No.1436   [Delete]   [Edit]

they are .wav files so they could be in some other folder, so i just cut the guesswork out and searched the main game folder for wwww and found it. :)

>> No.1437   [Delete]   [Edit]

I just can't seem to find it! I searched the main folder and all the other folders. If someone could, would it be too much trouble to upload a short video to YouTube, or something like that, with the sound?

>> No.1440   [Delete]   [Edit]

For those looking for the file, here you go

Sounds to me like he's saying "You'll see girl, bet I'll see you again". Very relevant to my theories, I might add

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so has anyone actually figured out where to find the rust menu type?

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