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Recently, lol did an interview on "theinterviews.jp" and answered a question regarding where lol got the idea to start .flow. Here's the original interview (in Japanese, of course) : http://theinterviews.jp/lol_rust/769667

lol basically talks about how the opportunity came about when he found a Yume Nikki fangame thread and wanted to join, so he made a sprite for a character, room and a few effects for self-satisfaction, and the main character of that time was not originally Sabitsuki, but a black-haired girl. (pic related)

I suck at Japanese though, so if someone could make a more in-depth translation of the entire interview, that'd be great.

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If you go to his profile, there are a lot more questions that were asked. I guess the website is kind of like Formspring?

In one of his questions, he answered saying that Sabitsuki was like a daughter to him.

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oh my god

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