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How do you see the characters in .flow in your mind?

I see Smile as a very lonely and pitiful person, I kind of want to hug him. Mainly because of this comic.

This fucking comic.

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I see him as a guy who has been through a lot of shit, but is a protective older brother (To that little girl you see hide behind him.)

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That picture always makes me cry

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Le Goatse

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Wait your headcanon is that smile is goatse?

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This is my headcanon voice/personality for Sabitsuki.

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Go back to Reddit faggot

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i think smile is actually really the type that doesn't know shit and it's just him and his sister and they lived in the slums or whatever. even so he acts pretty tough when he really isn't, and Sabitsuki might have been the only person that he ever opened up to (and she betrayed him THIS SHIT IS GETTING SO /t/)

Sabitsuki is like one of those "I SEE YOU WALKING AROUND WITH THE BOY I LOVE AND I'M LIKE FUCK YOUUUU AND FUCK HIM TOOOOO" people. aka she may be hurt but she doesn't really react to it/fucks the police and carries on in her police fucking ways.

kaibutsu are cute to each other, but total bitches and whores to sabitsuki and apparently smile.

cleaners are those types with emotions you cant read, think mona lisa. they're just doing their job jesus christ

oreko is a pretty happy character but really quiet, childish. i would joke and say that oreko is really smile's sister but then someone would take that seriously and the theories thread would explode fucking everywhere and this board will be CAKED WITH GUTS AND SPERM WITH BLOODY HOLES IN IT

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i kind of see smile's little sister as actually being sabitsuki, dunno why. i hear that severe trauma to the head can cause colour deformities in the scalp, so..
thats all I have so far, i haven't really thought too much into it yet.

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