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/flow/ is fine, but wouldn't it be cooler and more symbolic if the board was called /rust/? Rust is the overlying theme of the game, and your name even becomes Rust after a certain point.

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we do not discuss rust here
we discuss .flow

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We discuss a game about decay and creepiness. Rust is decay.

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And EXCUUUSE me for trying to be interesting.

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what honest man worth the hair on his balls gives a fuck what this board is called

if there is anything arguable in deciding a title then it's the accuracy, in which case /flow/ would be more accurate/direct than /rust/.

this is not deviantart, take your symbolism and go back to /t/.

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her name practically means rust, but i don't think that's reason enough to change the name. it's like calling yn general "window general". :|

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But if that were the case, /yn/ would be /window/ and /tkki/ would be /foreverindevelopment/.

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