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Has this happened to anybody else here?
I get in the bed, and the game has a collective spaz with these error messeges. It also fucks up when I go into certain areas but not others.

I've tried reinstalling the RPG Maker 2000 RTP but it still does this...

Anyone got any clues on what the fucks going on?

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That happened to my in Yume2kki as well, in one of the game maps.
I have absolutely no idea of what causes it - especially because one day I decided to mess around with Windows 7, and that map worked flawlessly on it. What the hell?

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Has anyone else had this? I really want to play .flow without the game spazzing out on my like this :<

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I am another one with the same problem, and I only want a solution to this problem, I want play this game without those stupid errors.

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We have a help desk thread, people usually help those that post their problems there

The RTP you installed, was it the japanese version? Please provide a link to it

The RPG_RT.exe file you're using may, for some reason, be outdated. Did it come together with the .flow zip you downloaded, or did you copy it from somewhere else?

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