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Your body ain't ready.
Post stuff you find here

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Flow you continue to be my favorite fangame.

Seriously 0.15? That's like 5 updates worth of content and/or bugfixes.

Damn, lol, just damn.

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this made me happy.

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This made me happier

HOW TO GET: Little Sabitsuki goes through 3 stages. She may look healthy, sick, or terminally ill (as seen in the picture. Like the sick one, but she can't sit straight anymore and her bed is full of bloodstains)

After checking the game files I saw that only during this last phase will she give you the Rust menu type

To increase the "illness counter", you only need to experience harmful events. Only the first time you see one counts, though. These events are:

  • The bloody white room event
  • The dying girls event
  • Sugar Hole's Killer Kaibutsu event
  • Getting caught by a Kaibutsu may or may not increase the counter, depending on the location
  • If you're in the Rust dream world already, being corrupted by a demon also increases the counter by a tiny amount

You'll know your illness counter is high enough when the largest pool of blood is visible on Sabitsuki's bedroom

Last edited 11/07/20(Wed)19:46.

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That happened before. I don't know why the one in the throne doesn't burst, though.

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Ah, should have checked the new version as well. I went through 0.10's events and didn't find this so I thought it was new. It was built into their route definitions for some reason. It's been deleted, thank you for letting me know

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good god we can finally get thew rust menu effect. it's like christmas all over again

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new Ver.0.15!!? i want the new event since i don't know the difference between the old ver.
Plz someone translate it already !!

Last edited 11/07/25(Mon)22:10.

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I believe that there's a new track of music in the bloody prison area where you find the Corpse effect.

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lol: making Kikiyama look lazy since 2011

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Is there a list of any changes? 0.15 looks disappointing from this thread because onle 1 or 2 changes, lol

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As far as i know:

  1. You can get menu types from smile and the sabitsuki in the hospital
  2. there is now a corrupted school chase in the rust chapter
  3. a few minor changes, (noticed in the rust chapter, the kaibutsu in the industrial maze are now rust monsters, more hooks in the doctor hallway ect.)
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I've noticed that Oreko was outside her house and frolicking in some rocks nearby when I first saw her. I'm not entirely sure if I happened upon that by chance or if that's Oreko's new starting location before you get the Helmet effect. Just another minor observation.

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yeah, sometimes you see oreko in her house, working on her machine, or out by the rocks near her house.

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where is the download? :(

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Haven't played flow yet. Should I start with this version, or wait for a translation, or play .10 ?

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Play the translated 0.10. When you're done you can just put your save in the 0.15 folder and it'll read it fine. All you'll miss out on is one event

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