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Share cool/interesting/creepy places you've found in .flow? I'm sorry if there's already a thread like this, but I haven't seen one.
I've got 23 effects, but before I become Rust I want to explore Sabitsuki's inner world a bit more as it is now!
No detailed walkthroughs necessary, just point me in the direction of some cool things I should find?

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also no spoilers plz :c I'm a .flow noob

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You've got 23 effects you've seen a lot of things already you should try and re explore some areas you aren't familiar with and you might find some cool shit

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Good idea, I'll make a list :)
I thought others might enjoy a thread like this too though, since I'm sure there are a few well hidden secrets in .flow!

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There is only a handful of really hard to find places but they're so infamous that you've probably already heard of them. .flow really is a MUCH easier game than Yume Nikki

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OP, you don't need to wait to get all of the effects, find whatever you please, you don't become Rust until you've flowed within flow.

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