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Okay so here's my theory /flow/ it's long but bear with me, put a bit of thought into it.

Sabi was a blonde haired girl who enjoyed video games and the average things a teenager would but she hung around the wrong kind of crowd, as in the kind of punks that like to do nothing but trouble. All she really wanted was to be a part of a group. She felt the need to stick around. But she had someone in the group that she could actually talk to, someone who was nicer. He was a little older than her and had to watch over his litte sister since they were all they had for each other. So the day came where the gang decide to start some trouble... They planned an attack on their school.
Sabi was very reluctant to to do anything, but she would do anything to just fit into the crowd. The Boy who watched over his sister wanted no part in the operation that was to take place. But the gang needed as many people as they could to pull this off. They knew he had a younger sibling to look after, and they planned to use that fact to their advantage. He knew what they would do to her If continued in trying to back out or stop them. So he was forced into being involved.
Sabi understood what he had to go through for all this but did nothing, He felt disappointed in her for not stepping up to stop them but deep down he expected the reaction she would give.
Bleaching their hair white and putting red symbols over their eyes for a sort of disguise and stopping by a scrap yard for supplies to use as weapons, such as Hooks, Hammers, and Pipes...
The operation begins.
Some of the children take hold of the staff at the front desk others split to the class rooms, barricading the entry ways with desks and bookshelves while holding the students captive. Some students are still able to wander the halls but really have nowhere to go. Some even resort to hiding in uninhabited classrooms for refuse.
The punks tell the staff and children that if any sort of outside contact was even attempted to be made they would kill off one hostage. A few attempts were made and all attempts were caught... Sabi and The boy were the ones forced to be in charge of executing hostages. The two were very reluctant to do such a thing, but they were reminded of what would happen if they did not participate. The boys only sister, his only family member was to be killed if he disobeyed. They told Sabi that if she did not participate either the fate would be the same. The death of The boys sister. They killed who they were told to kill, one after another. They did them all in. The entire gang was able to escape from the school, they were told to bring something that would disguise them as they all fled. Things that would cover their white hair and faces. Different colored hats and hoods so they would blend in with crowds along their way escaping. One of the kids escaping dressed in a Black Hood was hit by a car while running away from the scene of the crime and was taken to the hospital after his accident. Paramedics were shocked to see the boys hair and face. As Sabi and The boy with only a sister escaped, The boy said he never wanted to be see anything or anyone from that day ever again. Including Sabi. Not having anyplace to ditch the hammer he had with him that was not obvious enough for investigation, he was forced to hide it and take it along with him. Sabi was sad to hear everything he said, mainly about not ever wanting to see her again. The boy had no place to flee to, where could he go? Home? and have his little sister see the way looked? No he couldn't face that... he fled to a bar and stuck around there, the place was dimly lit to the point you couldn't even see the expression on anyone's face. He knew he'd be safe here until he could think about what he was to do to clear this mess up...
Sabi, having no one to help her. No one to go to about what she had just witnessed, What crimes she had just committed. She fled home. She finds her way without being seen, making it into her deserted home who's parents most likely had work or some kind of errand to be done. She ran to her room. Locked the door behind her and refused to face the world she just left behind. She sat at her desk and cried. Thinking about all of the horror she had just caused. She cried and cried, until she realized being in this room she had nothing to do but nod off.
Nothing to do, but dream.

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<< /t/ is that way

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Well I thought that... well...


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The .flow theory thread was moved here.

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It shouldn't have, though. Yume 2kki theories go in /t/ too

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>>Sabi was a blonde haired girl who enjoyed video games and the average things a teenager would but she hung around the wrong kind of crowd, as in the kind of punks that like to do nothing but trouble. All she really wanted was to be a part of a group.

This reads like a drug PSA.

When was the last time you went outside?

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Or Smile is an interpretation of Sabi when she was younger. Something warped, twisted, to make it easier to reject her actions in the past.

Simply put, a reoccurring antagonist.

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Given the gore imagery, hospital areas, areas that look like the inside of a human body, and school gives many aspects for theories.
in one event Sabitsuki kills herself, it's hard to see what she's doing but i guess she slits her wrists ( looks like she's eating her hand, probably did it with her teeth ). She wakes up and the computer got bloody. My guess is that she coughed up blood.

So she may have a cardiac disease.
The " Rust " things in the game may present a virus that's killing her, the little fellas that run into you can be interpreted as blood cells trying to protect the body. Some gore and viscera is probably just for the atmosphere, or the producer wanted to be edgy.

Another point to start at is the school. Sabitsuki probably went there, something like a suicide happened and now she skips every lesson.
Maybe she now hides because she committed a crime, like OP said.

The tattoo effect perhaps means that she was part of a gang in school, yes.

The whistle maybe to alarm her group members.
Hood and pipe are obvious.

Most of who look like a school boy/girl are aggressive towards you.

Maybe you overdid something, or you bear a disease and therefore you have to live in isolation. Going around the school again will cause everyone to become aggressive towards you.

Then there's the robot maid, my guess is that she became Kaibutsu's girlfriend and kills you because he ordered so. Like the blood cells trying to fend you off, she is eliminating you. Robots can't have diseases, but they can rust.
Don't quote that, it doesn't make sense.
But quote as much as you can, i'd like some opinions on a few points.

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