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/flow/, what am I missing?

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A brain.

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You're missing Viscera

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Why. Why would you help the lazy bastard that started a whole new thread to find one effect?

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The correct response was this

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be nice ladies.

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There is a video I spent minutes on at the top of the board for the 'I AM TO DERPY TO EFFECT" people
Seriously, if you don't know what you are missing and are willing to go out of your way to get someone else to spoil it for you, just check the game files and spoil it yourself.

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Looks like some people need to be reminded this IS a .flow board. As such, believe it or not, .flow-related questions are expected to end up here

If you find yourselves "too derpy" to handle it, then try taking a few deep breaths. I'm sure everything will be ok again afterwards

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There's a difference between asking a question about the game and asking a question regarding the completion of said game to which the answer is posted right in front of your derp-assed face.

"Well let's see, I don't know which effect I'm missing. I guess I could just compare my effects to the list on the wiki... NAH I'll just go to /flow/ and make a brand new thread, get everyone else to do this ridiculously simple task for me."

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Indeed there is, though what relevance that has to the matter at hand I cannot see

This is the .flow board, and as long as there isn't a "No basic questions allowed" rule they're free to make threads like this whenever they want

Of course, you can keep complaining about it every single time a thread like this pops up. I'm sure something will be done about it in due time if you do. Not really

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So you are saying instead of scolding people for not using the resources we provided for them so they wouldn't ask, we should let them have the right to refuse the resource and let them ask for it?
The thread at the top was meant to PREVENT threads like THIS!

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What I'm saying is no one is under any obligation to use whatever resources anyone posted, and that neither of you has any right to scold someone for making a .flow related thread in a .flow board

Likewise, no one is under any obligation to actually answer to any of these threads

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not everyone wants to watch videos. i for one would like to prefer it desribed as text and experience it myself instead of seeing it on youtube.

Last edited 11/07/06(Wed)06:40.

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Oh okay, here, let me go on over to /yn/ and start a thread describing how I don't know how to find the knife effect.

Somebody start a fucking "where do I find stuff"/"find out what I'm missing for me" thread, please. That way we don't have stupid shit like this popping up anymore.

Let me show you how easily this thread could have been avoided anyway.
GASP what's this? A list of all of the effects? Holy SHIT! It's a fucking miracle! No, it's the fucking wiki that's been posted all over this board. All OP had to do was glance at this list, then glance at his list of effects and his problem would be solved, but instead he took the lazy as fuck route of getting everyone else to do exactly the same thing.

Last edited 11/07/06(Wed)12:18.

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Its beyond the video, there are plenty of text walkthroughs out there too and about several other places one could check for this kind of thing.
They abused the fact this is a .flow board.
And of course people are going to respond to this, and of course people are going to scold, just because YOU LIKE your information given in a certain form, doesn't mean you should be a brat and refuse other forms or not even try and expect someone to give you your information just the way you like it.

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You're misunderstanding my words. I never said or even hinted at the possibility that there wasn't an easier, less time-consuming, or more considerate way for the OP to find the missing effect

All I said, and I DO stand by what I said, is that even when considering all this, the thread he opened is in compliance with this board's guidelines. The OP was very much entitled to open this thread, regardless of how annoying or repetitive it it might be for some people


What the hell is wrong with you? Seriously, I want to know

"we should let them have the right to refuse the resource and let them ask for it?"
"They abused the fact this is a .flow board"

I mean, what the bloody fuck? Are you under the impression you're the one who sets posters' rights in this board, or otherwise determines what this board's purpose is?

Worse yet,
"just because YOU LIKE your information given in a certain form, doesn't mean you should be a brat and refuse other forms"

Are you even READING what you're posting? You did a video walkthrough, great fucking job. Contrary to what you seem to believe, it's not God's gift to .flow players. But somehow you think you're in a position to call others brats simply because they aren't kissing your almighty feet when you oh-so-kindly took the time to make a walkthrough video to aid their simple, misguided minds

I think it's time to get down to Earth for a moment. You made a walkthrough, good. I'm sure a good number of people in this community appreciate it. However, it doesn't look like you understand people aren't required to follow your guide, just because you were "kind" enough to make it

And baffling as it may be, this isn't the worst thing about your actions. For whatever reason, you seem to think having your walkthrough thread stickied gives you administrative rights over this board, and entitles you to everyone's unquestioning adulation. I'm sorry to break it to you, but this isn't the case

You don't get to tell people what rights they have, you don't get to decide what is or isn't an abuse of /flow/, you don't get to rule over what type of information people are or are not allowed to ask for, and, seeing as you're actively trying to use your walkthrough as a way of gaining special standing within the community, you might as well not have made it at all

Last edited 11/07/06(Wed)23:01.

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All of this.

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If every new thread on this board was started by some dumbass who can't lurk around for 30 seconds looking for the location of one of the effects, this board would be a pile of shit, regardless of whether or not it complies with the rules. But hey, if you just want to let people keep this bullshit up, be my fucking guest.

Hey, at least you got one thing right, TehDemonWolf needs to cool his/her ego the fuck down.

Oh, go shove a steel pipe up your ass, you're not helping a damned thing.

Last edited 11/07/06(Wed)17:22.

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All of this.

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That's just it. I'm not supporting it at all, and if it was up to me I'd make it a point to lock them in the first place, if only to avoid cluttering the board. But there are 2 facts we have to deal with here. Firstly, there are no rules regarding this kind of thread, and as such we have no say in the existence of these threads, as much as it may bother some of you

Then secondly, consider the case this community chose a less-than-fair course of action and promptly began to reduce the OP to a steaming pile of tears for having opened this thread. Leaving aside the fact that we had no right to do that, a battle would be won, so to speak. However, it would be meaningless in the grand scheme of things. In doing so we end up looking like borderline autistic people who can't let the slightest thing upset them

Now, I'm not saying this because of what would happen to this thread in particular. I'm saying it because, choosing said course of action, we'll still be seeing a similar thread every other week, and again would the community engulf it in a tidal wave of "omg stfu fag" that would only make this board look bad in a long-term (if not short-term as well) point of view

It also won't matter in the least how much you destroyed the one that came before because most of these OPs probably don't even look at the other threads at all. Even if they did, nothing's stopping them from opening one anyway

To sum it up, no, I'd be very much happy if people stopped making these threads. But I also realize it's not my place to say whether or not they can or should make them, as it's not within my power to "let" them or otherwise forbid them from opening them

Last edited 11/07/06(Wed)22:54.

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really, guys. can we at least sage when we're arguing like this? it's kind of sad because /flow/ is still a relatively new board, and I as well as pretty much everyone else would like to keep it clear of random arguments sprouting up.
before you reply with "OH SHUT UP UR STUPID TROLOLOLOL FUCK U", I'm just trying to help calm shit down.

OP, you do realize that you have to be especially careful about starting new threads for a single question, right? if it's about a topic that can be expanded on, then go on ahead. otherwise, ubuuchin will eat you alive. 3:

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File: 1310020553463.jpg -(112.4 KiB, 700x990) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>Then secondly, consider the case this community chose a less-than-fair course of action and promptly began to reduce the OP to a steaming pile of tears for having opened this thread. Leaving aside the fact that we had no right to do that, a battle would be won, so to speak.

Welcome to an anonymous imageboard, my friend. Shit happens.
(deleted this post by accident earlier, lol)

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You are right


That argument works both ways. Also taking a phrase out of context works better when the source isn't right above

Last edited 11/07/07(Thu)03:02.

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My goodness geez

Personally the way I see it, after he posted the thread it wasn't much else that could be done about it. Sure he should have checked the video link and actually the wiki on the effects was still pretty new when he posted (it had been left abandoned for a while till I started edit it a week ago) and it tends to get buried in the other threads. However, the fact remains that he did post a new thread and what's done is done.

Regardless if it's a stupid question or not common curtsy still applies to me on the internet and it's in my nature to help people out.

Last edited 11/07/07(Thu)11:33.

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But yes, I agree.

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haha wow this thread is kinda hilarious
he made a dumb thread, that's it
no reason to have a giant shitstorm over it

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