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Okay. At the bar. No Kaibutsu drinking. Wat do?

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Aww, shit. Now I have to find another bar to get wasted at.

Seriously though. Wake up, flow, go back to (place of desired event).

Use this to answer all future "why isn't this here I don't even" questions that don't involve Oreko's ghost or the green heart monitor portal.

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how get Oreko ghost
I check the place every time i flow but... asdf I am a failure

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Took this from >>642

"I looked through the game code and seem to have successfully tested the following concerning the Orange menu type:Oreko has a friendship measurement variable. The ghostly Oreko in the Machine effect map will appear if your friendship is 30 or higher. You gain 5 friendship by interacting with Oreko anywhere when it's standing upright (and thus not sitting behind that big device thing). When done correctly, Oreko will turn to face you. You only seem to gain friendship once per flow entry. You lose 10 friendship by killing Oreko and it seems you can even go negative to some extent. Fucking up the Oreko in the tube in the maze doesn't affect friendship.Don't forget there's a shortcut to the underwater world in the south Nexus exit (ghost/flower area).Hope you've been kind... "

I've been visiting Oreko for a week, and i got the Orange menu Type finding the Ghost Oreko in the Machine Area. <3


Wake up and come back there. BUT if you trigered the bar fight event already, probably you won't see the Kaibutsu there anymore.

So, ITT: general halp.

Also See

>question that don't involve Oreko's ghost or the green heart monitor portal.


>how get Oreko ghost


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I completely misunderstood the context of >>1365 's post as "Dont post questions unless they involve Oreko's ghost"

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i was wondering where you can find sabitsuki with an orange scarf???

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If you mean child Sabi w/ orange scarf: She's somewhere (or at least used to be) in the snow world. She's FUCKING INVISIBLE though, so all you can see are her footprints... until you smack her with a steel pipe that is, then you get a quick glimpse of her (too bad you have to kill her to do it...)
If you mean adult Sabi wearing scarf: No fucking clue. Might not even be in the game yet

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You can use the whistle instead. It'll make her visible. She'll only hide again if you bring out the pipe

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Oh, thanks. I didn't have the whistle at the time I found her and didn't think to go back to check if it did anything..

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You're very welcome

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