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Quickest way to get there?

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I only managed to obtain all the empty boxes in 1 flow session once. I forgot the order asdf but go for the school first since it has the most Demons and Oreko's lab has the least

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one session
how do you even

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Did anything different happen when you did?

GASP New theory. What we see throughout the game is what is going on inside Sabitsuki's head when she's masturbating in front of her computer. Sometimes she shlicks so hard that blood spurts out of her vagina and across her bedroom.

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I play .flow more than you even know, and no, nothing different happened, or at least I didn't notice anything...

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is there a trick to these stairs??

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Oh my god what is wrong with you.
You go down till you see a little orange thing then you go straight back up then you pass it be a little, but it only matters when you are getting the end anyway

ALSO I have completed a 1CC run of all the empty get boxes for you OP, less than 30 mins but it could have been quicker if I wasn't so derpy...

Last edited 11/07/02(Sat)23:25.

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What is this I don't even

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what's the use of these black boxes?

my Eng. ver doesn't have anything much

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Nexus>Whatever that world is called when you go left>Go straight up until you reach a couple poles that look like this |/ >Go Right>

Get to the top of the building you're in, I forgot how to do that>

Whatever you wanna call the world that comes when you enter the box on the roof>Go up+Right, avoid the Kaibutsu and enter that box>Keep going until you're in the back of the Sugar Hole>Exit>Abortion Hospital

I forgot if that's the right path but I'm pretty sure it leads to something.
Also you'll have to excuse that poor description, I haven't actually bothered going there in a few days.

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The black boxes are what trigger the final ending. You need to go back to 3 previously unaccessable areas and interact with something to get them. You need all three to complete the game 100%.

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i've tried that but the ending is just the same as while i just become Rust without getting those boxes
or maybe i shouldn't wake up after getting one, or Eng.ver is just still uncompleted

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Go back to sleep. Look closely at your room before choosing to go to the Nexus- I mean REALLY look closely at it. Eyes literally touching the monitor, I had to go so far as to stick my entire head inside it when I first did it.

There's something different in the room if you got all three boxes.

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