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This wiki needs some love, anyone want to give some?

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First off, the guy that made the wiki needs to change "The NPC List" to "The Character List"

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I've been gathering up a shit ton of pictures I was going to use for a map but they'll be of great use in the Wiki

I'm not really great at this kind of stuff, but I'll see what I can add because I agree that it needs more love

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I cannot find a single fucking link for the game..!
anyone care to help a fellow anon?

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Original Japanese release (download v0.10 and the patch):

English version ( >>613 ):

I was kind of expecting this information would be stickied by now.

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Is that the English version or the English locale version? Make absolutely certain that you post the English locale version.

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Hey, Soulless here admin of the site

Love would be greatly appreciated, I recently added an 'events' page, and I'm working on a map of the whole thing.

I should also add download options on the first page, thanks for reminding me!

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If some people could put more theories about the areas and well, everything else that would be awesome.

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trying to compile as many of the releases as I can for the wiki, can anyone give me links or downloads of the Japanese V.9 and and backwards?
I figure it will be useful for the curious and any completionists or something

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File: 1311206377430.png -(12.5 KiB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hey guys, I made a list of all the menu types currently in the game with directions on how to get them for the wiki:
for everyone
and there are some extra things as you'd expect as well

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great job! i wsn't even aware oreko had a spceial friendship meter. although i don't see how to access flow's extra section on the site normally

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File: 1311257432874.png -(108.4 KiB, 883x239) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I;m waiting for souless to stick it on the nav bar, for now I guess I can just stick it on the page.
And I'm trying to make a theme for the wiki to make it look better (if anyone else wants to take a crack at it or help put please do)
this is a really quick banner thing, I used the orange system image from the game to make it.

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File: 1311257508708.jpg -(30.7 KiB, 302x392) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

and this simple graphic too, tell me what you think.

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this one is nice because it reuses the in-game title. makes it distinct

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Oh hey guys, I added some theories to the wiki (we were obviously in need of them). I'd been meaning to add these for a few days and now I'm back to check up on the theory thread (augh so behind)

I encourage everybody (especially those who regularly post in the theory topic) to go check out the theories I've added to the wiki, I'm human and haven't been here as long as everybody else has. The theories were compiled up after reading the theory thread over the course of a few days and choosing ones that made sense to me and most everybody here.

I still have to browse what theories we have on TVtropes to compare and contrast but for now it's a start! There are still a ton of effects and maps with no theories even in the thread here

Also Blue I added your Extras List to the Nav bar. Thanks a ton for compiling this!

Last edited 11/07/21(Thu)14:54.

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also regarding the wiki, several effects don't have routes/directions listed. we also need to decide if we want to say route or directions lol. another idea, but maybe each effect page can have a youtube link that >>1488 made. here are the pages that need directions:
broom/diving helmet/headphones/psychedelic/slime/tattoo/tumbling doll/uniform/viscera.

also the 3 empty boxes don't have directions either. soon as we add all that, we can direct everyone to the wiki for perfect help. :>

>> No.1624   [Delete]   [Edit]

Oh hey I really like that idea of including a video link. However should we go with the video set you've posted or what? Because I don't want people to feel like I've got some kind of favoritism going on but the individual links are very handy

also I'm throwing working on theories out for a while because it takes me too long. I want to work on areas regarding effects first (because of how crucial they are) so thanks for the list of stuff that needs directions I'll get to work on if somebody doesn't beat me to it. Also I think Route was in the old page template and has now been changed to Directions (why we're seeing both), I think route sounded better but I don't care for one over the other, I'll use Directions though seeing as it's on the current template from now on

Last edited 11/07/22(Fri)13:47.

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i've got no favoritism in vids, but those have no effects used to get them and have no detours so it's very helpful. we can use any set really

>> No.1641   [Delete]   [Edit]

I can make multiple videos showing different routes for the effects if you want, just tell me which route should I take since covering every single way would be pretty long and boring.

>> No.1683   [Delete]   [Edit]

I think I'll just map work the Directions in the wiki around the route you take.

I've started adding the videos in the wiki. I guess it goes without saying but if you move or delete them for whatever reason contact somebody so we can get them fixed or replaced.

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Kaibutsu chase, just corrected a typo.

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