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Oh yeah, you're right mate. That sprite is used in the credits as well. Completely forgot about it

No reason for it to mess up your theory though. We see Sabitsuki's Kaibutsu face in other places too (Uniform effect for example), so I checked the only other place we could determine the skin color: her arms

I've made a comparison between the regular Sabitsuki, Kaibutsu Sabitsuki and Rust chapter-Sabitsuki. and the finds are quite clear. Even though she does get a greyer shade in her face, it's most likely just to put emphasis on the darker side she's showing at that moment.

I would also like to point out that Kaibutsu Sabitsuki has 2 greyer pixels on her arm, in the 2nd frame of her animation. But since the other frames are colored like the regular one I'm assuming this is simply something lol started to color then forgot to revert


Sure mate. I wouldn't mind even if you judged, just wanted to make that point clearer

It could be, but then it wouldn't make much sense for us to interact with the last "seed" to access the Rust chapter


Personally I don't believe Smile's tattoos to be a metaphor of any kind. We see them plastered throughout the school almost as much as the smiles that named the guy. Do you think they're a metaphor?

>>1847 >>1848

So basically Smile is a manifestation of Sabitsuki's guilt over having attacked Peaches. This is groundbreaking guys!

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something's been bugging me

in the v0.10 corrupted school chase, smile chases you around the basement until you let him kill you. in v0.15 he stands there until you try to kill him. this seems like a big difference to me since it makes you the aggressor

but i wonder if this is a bug. the rust school chase, where you are the definitive aggressor being a kaibutsu and all, was also added in v0.15. so i wonder if the rust school chase messed with the scripting of the normal school chase where smile is supposed to come after you

guy i don't know how to look into the programming so i wonder if you could find an answer for me

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File: 1313127868716.png -(10.8 KiB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Of course mate, it's no problem at all

Both the original and the Rust chapter Corrupted School events happen throughout the same maps. All that differs between one and another are the flags

Having said that, it's most likely not a bug at all, because the setting that made Smile chase Sabitsuki isn't next to the rest of the event scripting, and as such had to be changed separately. In fact that's just about all that was changed on the original Corrupted School, as even the death event scripting is basically the same

Hope that's enough info to clear your doubts on this matter. If you want more detailed info or want to know about other events you can feel free to tell me, it's extremely easy to find these things and it doesn't take long, either

On a different subject, the way I see it, the new version doesn't make Sabitsuki look like the aggressor at all. If you remember the Killer Kaibutsu event, the one in Sugar Hole, you'll know that Sabitsuki starts swinging her pipe before getting killed, the way she does whenever we use the pipe (Pic related, it's Sabitsuki about to get her ass handed to her). This is something we don't see in the Corrupted School event. In fact, all we see is Sabitsuki trying to interact with Smile and getting killed, without so much as a motion on her part

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File: 1313129886128.jpg -(39.5 KiB, 600x395) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I just think there is a lot of symbolism throughout the game. The crosses are just medical crosses you see on hospitals, the red cross, etc. (Picture of a random hospital.)

The seed/dandelion (or whatever flower), and lots of tiny people dressed in while is another huge theme. It's represented on the desktop. It doesn't make sense when you take it literally. Think more like, spreading copies (for your cloning theory), or spreading infection, spreading population. It's just a symbol of some themes and imagery throughout the game.

Although, after typing this I did just think of one scenario. Maybe some sort of disaster happened that mutated, or infected thousands of people. The Red Cross was called in to help with the initial disaster of cleanup and whatnot. Just wild speculation, someone can think about it more or toss it out if they want. :P

I need to think more about both of this more for it to make sense...Why do I keep posting on flow without sleeping...

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>>feel free to tell me

thanks man

>>the change is not a bug

it's just weird that lol would go through the trouble of making a walking animation for smile only to take it out one update later. it makes me think that it was important to have sabitsuki be the one to approach him

>>sabitsuki doesn't raise her pipe to smile like in the bar fight

yeah but she enters the room with the pipe out. interacting with an npc with the pipe out pretty much always ends the same way. granted smile also has his hammer out. still the difference is noted. interesting side note the bar kaibutsu stops drinking while you have the pipe out because it's WATCHING YOU (having the sprite begin the counterattack in mid chug isn't an issue because you can't hit it while it's drinking)

i ask about this because these subtle differences affect the way i think events in the real world went down
but it's not a big deal because the minor differences in interpretation don't have an impact on my theory as a whole they just make the scene a little different

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Oh definitely. It's ripe with symbolism. And to be completely honest with you I'm not that happy about how vague the whole thing is

For example, as you might know, I'm trying to find a theory people can think of as likely, and overall a good description of .flow's events. So when I put forward the "vines = transplanted organs" part of my theory a few posts ago, I only did so because, after truly thinking it through and doing my research, things fit together quite perfectly. Kids have plants grafted to them, the Gardener, being a person who "takes care of plants", has ECG panels next to him the same way a surgeon in an operating room would, the Japanese word for "transplant" is actually composed by two characters which mean "move" and "plant"... I could go on for a few more lines, but you get the point

The thing is, if tomorrow someone comes along and goes "GUYS I THINK THE VINES REPRESENT LEX LUTHOR'S HATE FOR SUPERMAN" there's nothing that would stop the next version of .flow from having a fucking new event where Superman is caught mid-flight by vines and torn to pieces while the laughing monochrome face of Lex Luthor is plastered in the background

Well, this was a fine rant. Yes sir

About the seed thing, I know it can't be taken literally (would be pretty darned weird if it could), but I'm having trouble finding a link between the effects and the concept of spreading. Unless it's the spreading of her memories, of course. But I don't know if you also think her mind is in a state of disarray at the point where the game starts

Do you believe in that hypothesis? If so, why don't you look further into the game's events and try to form that theory further? I mean, it's not a bad conclusion to arrive at for sure, what with the aggressive Kaibutsus having that zombie vibe to them and everything


It's nothing, really

It takes nearly 0 effort, though. He had to make a sprite of him facing all four directions anyway, so all he had to do was copypaste it twice per direction, then move one foot on the first one and the other on the second one. Probably wouldn't take more than 2 minutes to make

On it being important for Sabitsuki to be the one who approached, my thoughts exactly. And to be honest, I felt quite happy with that since it went along perfectly with the way I envisioned those events in the theory I posted before

I just meant he took that detail into consideration when he made the Killer Kaibutsu event. As such, personally, if Sabitsuki was attacking, I'm quite certain he'd do the same in an event as important as the Corrupted School. And do note, while she arrives at the basement with a pipe in her hand, she didn't go down the stairs with one

Yeah, I noticed that during my first times interacting with him. He stays quietly in wait until we attack. I went as far as to try changing effects while he was drinking so as to strike him in the middle of his sip, but, just like you already stated, nothing happens

So do I mate, so do I. Case in point, noticing how Sabitsuki didn't swing the pipe

Since you're mentioning it, how's your theory coming along

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I find the beauty of .flow to be its vagueness. Every person can take something out of it.

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File: 1313177171469.png -(24.8 KiB, 259x214) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>there's nothing that would stop the next version of .flow from having a fucking new event where Superman is caught mid-flight by vines and torn to pieces while the laughing monochrome face of Lex Luthor is plastered in the background

You have my full attention

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YN is much vaguer though. All we do is see a bunch of stuff in her dreams, and then she jumps off. Nothing to really go by


Just a retarded metaphor, if I'm ranting might as well make it somewhat funny. Just how many of those images do you have anyway?

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>>Just how many of those images do you have anyway?

yeah what movie is that i want to know

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Just a random thought while showing my amazing ability to ignore entire threads: Sabitsuki's sprite during the Rust chapter isn't intended to show her "darkness" or "augmented vision" or anything like that. She's just... pale. As pale as someone who's just thrown out everything she liked and found throughout her "journeys" away, having nothing left but herself, would be. Because she doesn't have to care about anything, she can now confront her deepest... whatevers that were blocked away during her earlier experiences.

tl;dr Sabitsuki's body gets weaker during the Rust chapter, possibly because of throwing all effects away, and she gets a paler skin tone because of that. It could also be because DISEEEEEAAAAAASEEEEEEE.

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and her clothes get dirty

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I think it fits with the theme of spreading, because it appears Sabitsuki is the dandelion, and the seeds are the effects being scattered. Like as in they are being spread. Infecetion, the medical themes in the game have that sort of vibe to them. Things are being spread or infected. It also helps your theory, as the seeds could represent clones.

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Those reaction images were from a movie, The Iron Giant. It showed for a full day every year in the 90s on Cartoon Network. Really great movie, I loved it when I was a kid. Devastated when they stopped airing it.

And yes I realize it was a metaphor

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Mate how's your theory coming along? Making progress?


Sure, I also believe the change in sprites is meant to show us she got weaker, albeit in a slightly different way, as I said in my theory. But do note her actual body doesn't seem to visibly get any weaker, since when you're in the real world you'll still see the regular sprite


Yes, certainly. What I meant to say was that, while I see how to connect the effects to the dandelion seeds theme (I mean, that's the very assumption we're making when we say the crosses in the countdown screen are seeds), I can't see how to do the opposite (connecting the dandelion seeds theme to the effects). In plainer words, why would she be spreading effects? What tells us that those effects are meant to be seeds, "dispersed" by Sabitsuki? Why would they be dispersed in the first place?

Mostly, I have these doubts because this is an assumption which is already based on an assumption. The flower might not be a dandelion at all, and to be perfectly honest I never saw it as an overly meaningful symbol. There's very little about the game that focuses on those flowers, and that "Sabitsuki flower" model doesn't get highlighted all that much; all I can think of is the plant effect object, other than that I can't really remember anything else that would show how that flower had any particular meaning. And I say all this even though I do believe that flower is meant to represent Sabitsuki, so I'm not trying to discredit that hypothesis at all

And yes, this hypothesis would definitely be a welcome addition to the cloning theory, but at the moment it just doesn't have that much going for it, you know?


I'm sorry then, my bad

I remember seeing the junkyard guy somewhere, but didn't know where it was. Thanks for telling us

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File: 1313349043651.png -(121.3 KiB, 272x499) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>Mate how's your theory coming along? Making progress?

sorry man didn't mean to ignore you i just didn't really have an answer
mostly i've been drawing some visual aids like <-- because it's more fun than writing

on a somewhat related note i wish i'd chosen a more interesting name to post with

>>junkyard guy

he is darned attractive for a junkyard guy

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Yeah bro, I know it doesn't have much weight. I just like pointing out symbolism at face value. I never really thought there was much behind it, otherthan thematically and visually, it matched.

Also that guy's reaction images are from the Iron Giant. Fantastic movie.

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It's ok mate, just thought you hadn't seen it

My humongous masculinity is being put through a serious test. That's a really cute Sabitsuki you drew there

It's never too late to change your name, either. Like Broccoli. Broccoli sounds good. Your name is Broccoli from now on


Oh, I'm sorry then. And yes, I completely agree with you, they match quite well

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File: 1313525057194.png -(8518 B, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

well i'm still working on some stuff so here are some side notes and questions

i found v0.06 on my old computer and had a thorough look at it (i didn't feel like playing an incomplete game when i downloaded it)


ok i see now that they were more obviously cubbies back in v0.06 because you can see something on one of the shelves. but that makes me wonder why lol changed it to look how it does now. then there's that knife. sister much

>>other stuff

among things i remembered being different, i knew the cardboard maze scrawlings were not originally blurred out so i checked. words that are currently illegible used to be what seems like "melt" and "hi!!" but could be anything i guess. the drawings of sabitsuki were also unmolested and you could see one mashed the eye drawing into her face to make her look cyclopsey

the apartment person had clothes more like the gardener and hair more like the ghost girl

the stairs in telephone pole world got rusty but that's probably just an aesthetic choice


while i'm here i noticed that the music in snow world and ghost garden also got more static-y between v0.10 and v0.15


did someone understand what he was possibly saying in this

>>ending 1

what is the general consensus on what exactly happened in this

if i think of any more questions i'll edit this post

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I can't say for sure. Don't know if there's a particular significance in a shoe locker without any shoes or slippers in them. If there isn't, then my bet is on the cage-like appearance

As far as the drawings go, mind posting them when you have a chance? The apartments person and the Gardener seem to be two separate people. You can still see her/him in the debug room, and they look a good bit different

No need to go check on that. You've said the same about the underwater BGM, so maybe lol is trying to add an overall feeling of decay to the sound, to match the graphics

"You'll see girl, bet I'll see you again". Make of it what you will, but it's exactly what it sounds like to me

I'm not sure this is general consensus, and I sure can't speak for other people, but I believe she killed herself during the first ending

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but then that would mean that there are all those kids in the school with their outdoor shoes on. the horror!

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File: 1313641657818.png -(7874 B, 100x195) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>I believe she killed herself during the first ending

BREAKTHROUGH: this is far from what i had written up a minute ago but uh. the two blood puddles from ending 1 match the blood puddle we see under legless sabitsuki in the true ending. it's looking like the first two endings are foreshadowing parts of the true ending while keeping the big picture hidden. what this suggests though is that sabitsuki is either having visions of the future in her sleep, or just has a startlingly accurate idea of what will happen when she wakes up and leaves her room

>>Don't know if there's a particular significance in a shoe locker without any shoes or slippers in them

wouldn't they ordinarily have one pair of shoes/slippers in them at all times, except perhaps during holidays

>>v0.06 stuff

i'll grab some images as soon as i regain access to that computer

>>static-y music

i know i just thought i'd mention it since it bolsters the significance of the digital/decayed element
you get static when connectors erode yeah

>>"You'll see girl, bet I'll see you again"

i slowed it down and tried to make sense of it but really there's no way to tell whether it's lol trying to speak english or just talking gibberish (what's the difference eh ehh)


i just noticed lol's v0.15 drawing of sabitsuki shows her with exposed red undies

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File: 1313709439805.jpg -(47.3 KiB, 533x420) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Pic related

It's been a while since you last visited this thread Canta. How's it going?


Yeah, I believed the true ending was little more than an extension of the second one, and even though I thought about the possibility of the 1st one being the same, I never saw much that connected it true ending. Guess you found the missing link

Yes, that's what I think as well. Even so, there might be some sort of symbolism/urban legend/obscure story regarding a school with empty shoe-lockers. I essentially meant to say making any assumptions regarding this was beyond my capabilities

Sure mate, not like we're in a hurry

I know that was your intention mate, and I agree, too

Regardless, it doesn't seem like japanese at all. Not that I can vouch for that, but damn, if it is I'll be fuckign surprised

On a related note, poor lol will accused of engrish for the rest of his life because of his "PUSH STERT". I can't believe people think that wasn't intentional

Red Undies... Guess Kaibutsus are always at that time of the month

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File: 1313808848151.png -(43.1 KiB, 1280x959) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

here are the cardboard scrawlings from v0.06 and these rooms are pretty much in sequence

i'm noticing blood splatter (or whatever) by sabitsuki's face but aside from that everything is the same save for the smudging

it's hard to know what drawings like these mean in an area so heavily associated with oreko (orange lanterns, portholes, same general look as her house, being underwater). i used to think of them as hurtful graffiti but maybe it's more like friendly paintchat or something. whatever the case, the chipset is called "kaitei" which google translates to "revision" and if those smudges are eraser marks then that makes some sense

>> No.1915   [Delete]   [Edit]


Thanks for posting those mate

The chipset for that particular bit is actually Kaitei Heya. Google translated it to "Revision/Reform" and "Room". Seeing those sketches of Sabitsuki, along with the revision/reform translation, made me think those were progressing stages in Sabitsuki's design. Having said that, this is nothing more than a wild guess

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File: 1313816880172.jpg -(23.7 KiB, 500x625) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

oh, it's going, alright. i've got absolutely nothing going in the way of theorizing, to be honest. i'd totally kill for that old v.06 though, if darling hello here could bear a bit of uploading it over in /media/, even? <3 <3 <3

>> No.1918   [Delete]   [Edit]

Does anyone know why that one elevator has the word Parade over it? I had a screenshot but I can't find it now. I'll look for it another day if no one know's what I'm referring to. Another one also says Rust, but that one doesn't really need an explanation.

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File: 1313820320915.png -(19.2 KiB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Good to know mate

I think he won't mind doing that for you. Got anything in particular you want to check there?


The area in my pic is actually called Parade, according to the japanese map name

As you know, it's connected to the past version of the Parade ward (the one where there are only living Kaibutsu children). This, together with the definition of "parade" (a continual passing by, as of people, objects, or events), makes me believe these maps follow a sequential timeline of events that happened in that testing facility, during Sabitsuki's childhood

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File: 1313860808763.png -(23.3 KiB, 641x481) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>>i'd totally kill for that old v.06 though, if darling hello here could bear a bit of uploading it over in /media/, even? <3 <3 <3

done my friend

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Please marry me.

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let's make love

>> No.1936   [Delete]   [Edit]

Just look at that mate. It seems your good deed was rewarded with some manloving

>> No.1937   [Delete]   [Edit]


>> No.1941   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'll put on my tinfoil hat and speculate a little bit. Past versions/concepts of Sabitsuki would be fitting, because I always interpreted that building as being made of clay. Clay that hasn't been molded into its final form... I'm the same guy who said the dandelion thing. I like speculating about this but there's not much to theorize about. It's like interpreting a symbol in a painting for me.

Thank you for the explanation on the Parade.

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wait so that area you pictured is not in the latest versions? Because I've never been there! I always thought it was somewhere I hadn't found yet but still existed alongside the hallway version of the children's hospital ward area.

>> No.1951   [Delete]   [Edit]


You're very welcome mate. And good to know we're thinking along the same lines


No no, sorry if I said something confusing. This area exists in the latest versions of .flow, it's right past the area with the plant-grafted children. Keep looking, and you'll find it for sure

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OK take a look at the black-haired girl event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wt9Zf1-MGtA&feature=related I had a theory for backstory pop into my head watching it. I apologize for the stream-of-consciousness dump, but here goes:

You go through a uterus-shaped map, see 9 black-haired girls die (9 months?) and then something half-formed spills out the guts of the giant black-haird girl, as her face melts into that awful bloody grin.

I think that could be the birth of Sabitsuki. We have this theory, that a disease or experiment is turning normal girls into white-haired Kaibutsus. My theory works whether it's a disease that's killing the girls or an experiment that's failing. Either way we explain the multitude of dead girls and the "butcher shop" vibe of the hospital. But one theory that's come out on this boards is that either a) the exiperment to make Kaibutsu worked in Sabitsuki's case, or b) that she's the longest survivor of the disease?

What if Sabitsuki's mother had the disease/program, and she died, but she gave "birth" to a half-alive Sabitsuki. They nurse her to life in a test-tube, hence the test-tube with Sabitsuki in the industrial area being one of the three empty box effects. (Presumably one of the three most precious and traumatic memories). If she was "born" in such a tube and was somehow conscious of it that could help explain Oreko, and the relative calm of the underwater areas. Sabitsuki is comforted by water and by machines because these are what keeps her alive and safe.

After that she is placed in the school, or escapes to it? (Black hood and dumpster handgun being part of an escape?) While there she befriends Smile, but Sister is still distrustful of Sabitsuki because she senses something wrong, going on inside of Sabitsuki. The school is covered with those bloody smiles, and there's the chase event...Sabitsuki's Kaibutsu programming or the mental effects of the rust disease is coming into play. Sabitsuki starts going mad while in school, I think. Smile tries to uneasily laugh it off, the way he kind of mocks you with the smile when you try to hit him with the pipe, but the chased school event (where depending on the game version you kill Smile or he kills you) and the importance of Smile suggest there is some kind of violent break from her life at the school.

That gets us to the game proper. The disadvantage of the theory so far is that I can't reconcile Smile and Sabitsuki possibly being related, and don't know how to tie in the neon or plant imagery.

But I still can't figure out just what Sabitsuki is actually doing in this game. What IS the computer and what is she actually trying to accomplish with it? Get into her own head and end the rust disease/programming? Hide out in her room from the cleaner maids, who will decapitate or kill her to control the disease?

The Kaibutsu stalking her dreams are own fears of what she's becoming, or perhaps she even saw fully formed Kaibutsu at some point.

But then if Sabitsuki's doing this elaborate dream play to avoid this fate, why do you become Rust in the end game? Why does Sabitsuki lay down her effects and "give up?"

Some facts about Rust: You no longer jack in via computer and pinch yourself awake, you red-static yourself awake and turn out to have been asleep...

If the red demons are the manifestations of deep rust, of Sabitsuki's body and mind succumbing to the corruption, why do they attack you as Rust? Why do they KILL you?

At the end of the game you're going deep insider yourself, turning into a melted-face self. And then you attack a tied-up Sabitsuki, tied up like her mother, and the tied-up Sabitsuki has bloody spots on her head like the horns of the red demons. Does that mean the tied-up Sabitsuki you kill and the red demons are in league, and Rust is going against them? I think we have to conclude that the red demons are against Rust, from the way they swarm about protecting the final empty boxes, the way they kill Rust, the way they corrupt Kaibutsu to their cause. But is Rust still Sabitsuki, or on Sabitsuki's side??

Shifting gears, let's look at the ending. I think that the three endings are likely the same ending, and you just see more and more of it as you get towards the "good end."

One theory of the ending: Rust is able to kill that last bit of Sabitsuki holding her back and activate the Kaibutsu programming/mental end-stage of the disease? And she instinctively goes to the school roof, and the cleaner maid tracks her down and amputates her. By that time Sabitsuki's become the grinning mad killer, and even the cleaner maid is startled to see it. But the maid does kill her, or amputates to take her back to the hospital for further testing. Perhaps seeing Oreko and the end of your walk implies you're back in the test zone? Perhaps Sabitsuki was running and fighting in the dream to avoid becoming an amputated, mad specimen in some hospital of horrors. Whether she died or not in the ending almost doesn't matter in terms of grimness.

...But really, I still don't understand why you're playing as Sabitsuki, and then you give up your effects and play as Rust. Is Rust just the degraded and desperate form of Sabitsuki?

No...it just seems like Sabitsuki is fighting to not become a Kaibutsu, whereas Rust is fighting to become one. And that still doesn't make any sense.

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now seems a good time to resume a more accelerated posting schedule

hello WC
before i start talking i want to ask if you have read the whole thread. i ask because some of the things you suggested have already been discussed, but it's cool if you're just reiterating them

>>see 9 black-haired girls die (9 months?)

interesting catch i hadn't thought of that. logical question is: if the girl's pregnancy made it to nine months, why would sabitsuki be half-formed

>>They nurse her to life in a test-tube

if the hospital's repeated attempts to birth a certain kind of being always resulted in the premature death of the mother (and therefore fetus) it would make sense for them to eventually use the test tubes to see the fetus' development through. the test tubes are something i hadn't found an explanation for in my theory so thanks for that idea

>>Black hood and dumpster handgun being part of an escape?

that's a cool idea, though in my theory she'd escape from the hospital after events at the school. but yeah sure she could grab the hoodie off a dead guy and sneak out that way. but a gun in a dumpster is more suggestive of disposing evidence

>>neon imagery

if you are referring to the "neon world" ish place, that area is more associated with music than anything else. it's populated with musical notes and karaoke machines, and the chipset is called "ongaku" which of course means music. the importance of music to sabitsuki is also supported by the presence of headphones and the computer's large speakers. rainbow psychedelic world i tend think represents her visualizer, given the colors and the escalating techno beat

also know how one of the kaibutsu (i forget exactly which) sends you to the enclosed area with the cube thing, and interacting with it turns every character in music world into the very same cube? let's say the characters represent files on her computer, mp3's specifically. a virus infects her computer and corrupts all her files, rendering them completely inaccessible and useless. you'll notice that interacting with any of the cubes in any way (including pipe) will only cause them to emit static. of course more than anything, this is an homage to the repeating eye tile in the lamppost branch of YN's "numbers world" and may not mean a darned thing

>>sabitsuki rust why confusing

i'll talk about that in my next post maybe

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Hey there WC

On the topic of Sabitsuki being half-formed after her "birth", I'll have to agree with what hello said. If she underwent the standard 9 month gestation period then she'd be fully formed

Not that I disagree with the significance you attributed to this event at all; I do believe this is meant to be representative of a sort of birth, just not as literal as you or hello believe. But going with what you wrote, she could simply have suffered a sort of malformation as a side-effect (I couldn't understand if you think she's a result of an experiment or not)

As for the regeneration pod, or test tube, bit of your theory, I'll probably have to disagree. The two events have no connection to each other and we reach them in very, very different areas. Not that they can't be connected, but I do believe a connection that literal would be shown the same way we see the bloody white room connected to the dying girls event: as chained areas. Of course, this might change during future versions, seeing as these 3 true-ending objects were only introduced very recently. So there's nothing definitive to be said about it on my part

Just pointing this out, but the corrupted school event doesn't depend on the game versions. Even though the Rust chapter school chase event was only introduced in version 0.15, where you kill Smile, both 0.10 and 0.15 have the regular school chase event during the game's effect-collection chapter, where Smile kills you

You said that during the Rust chapter you turn out to be asleep. Saying that she was asleep the whole time is a solid conclusion to arrive at, since all the blood that appears in her room since the game began clears up, but I can't see why you believe she's only asleep during the Rust chapter. Can you clarify this?

As far as the rest of your theory goes, I have nothing to point out. It's a matter of personal opinion, and as such I respect them

Now for the whole Sabitsuki/Rust duality, which seems to be troubling you. I don't know if you've read my take on it, but I do think I've found a good way to connect the dots. You can read about it here >>1570

As I was re-reading that post, though, I realized I never actually explained what led me to believe that was how it went (besides it fitting well with what we experience). So I attached this image. As you can see, during the Rust chapter, the character's name changes to Rust. The menu screen's sprite, however, remains the same. This is also the case for the real world character, which retains its looks. My take on this is that the body is taken over by Rust, and this is who you control in the real world. However, as soon as you enter the dream world, it's Sabitsuki who you're controlling. This would also explain why you red-static out of the dream world; you're choosing an action for Rust to perform, so at the same time Rust wakes up, Sabitsuki's consciousness is "disconnected" from the dream world. So she isn't voluntarily waking up; Rust is. Which also explains why you're booted out of the dream world when you give up on your effects

Anyway, if you're looking for opinions to fill the stuff you still haven't quite figured out in your theory all you have to do is ask mate. I'll gladly help, and I'm sure hello would too

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Nice, that was fast. Thanks guys.

@ Hello, yeah I read the whole thread (quickly) and am re-iterating the theories that I thought I could tie in.

Rather than calling the "tube" we see Sabitsuki inside in the industrial area an in-vitro test tube, I should have instead said it reminds me of when premature or weak or immuno-deficient babies are put on mechanical life support. Alternatively, I guess they could be brewing something in a tube to inject into mothers.

@That guy: I'm not convinced one way or the other whether Rust is a disease or an experiment, so I tried seeing the game both ways for now.

Let me see if I understand, I'll try to summarize your timeline and you tell me if I'm off:

*Start of game: Sabitsuki is still in control or her body and mind, and is using the computer to search her subconscious for a way to overcome her disease before she becomes a Kaibutsu.

*24 effects gathered: with the disease taking it's toll, Rust is now largely in control of Sabitsuki's body. Sabitsuki is a weakened and sickly persona, but still exists within the mind. She keeps searching for the traumatic empty box memories, and finally runs the last gauntlet at Rust, all in a desperate attempt to destroy Rust. (This might also explain why Rust goes to sleep rather than run out and cause a rampage: to focus on creating demons and trying to kill the subconscious Sabitsuki. The two persona are still at war).

*End game: Sabitsuki fails to destroy Rust and loses control. (I just noticed that at the end of the game the "punching" Sabitsuki explodes in gore as the screen fades to black). Rust take over and goes to roof, but is cut down by a cleaner.

Is that basically right?

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Yes, that's exactly right. Only 2 things I'd like to clarify there

Firstly, I still don't quite know if she's awake, and as such, if she's using her computer at all. And secondly, I believe, and quite firmly so, that she goes to the school's rooftop after she leaves the room. I've exposed that hypothesis here, along with reasons and visual evidence >>1153

How about the "she's sleeping during the Rust chapter" bit, mate? Can you explain what makes you think that?

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I just meant to note that at the very end she wakes up from bed, rather than logging out. A point which confuses me. I'm not saying that "it was all a dream."

I agree with the final roof being the school.

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Sure, sure. I mean, even if you did say that it was all a dream it'd be a solid conclusion to arrive at, considering all that happens

What puzzled me is that you grouped it under the "facts about Rust" category. Do you believe Sabitsuki/Rust is only asleep during this particular chapter of the game?

Good to know you also agree on the rooftop bit

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But the roof can't be the school's roof... Just look at the door and the railing.
Since Sabitsuki uses a computer instead of dreaming, it's possible she might be more accurate on SOME (emphasis on some) details, besides to me she seems like a character who is quite accurate with MOST details.

Anyways, I love .flow and I have some theories!

I have a theory that Cleaner might be Sabitsuki's mother, but it's really flawed and I'm still working on it.

Also, a theory on the red demons. The red demons (I'll just call them imps) really are Sabitsuki's protectors. How do you activate the endgame and become Rust? Collect the effects. What do the imps do before the endgame? Strip you of your current effect. Perhaps they were Sabitsuki's immune system, since they're found in the fleshy level. But Sabitsuki's mind was warped by the virus and she thought they were agents of the virus, which is perhaps why they looked the way they are? When Rust appears, they are everywhere instead of just being in the fleshy level. Perhaps they had a hard time detecting Rust before, or they were trapped in the fleshy level, but when Rust took over Sabitsuki completely, either the imps could get a direct lock-on on Rust, or Rust's defenses went down as a side-effect of complete domination of Sabitsuki. So they attempt to swarm Rust, decaying her and trying to kill her. In the bloody descent at the very end, the imps are worn out from previous trials, but they still must protect Sabitsuki's core at all costs (I view the bloody, horned, demonic Sabitsuki as a metaphor for her weakened core). So they muster up the last of their strength and swarm Rust. But it isn't enough, because she finally destroys the core and takes over, effectively wiping out the demons.

Might be some flaws there, I'm still working on theory-writing, haha. Feel free to point them out, I love criticism.

(btw i'm a girl)

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>>But the roof can't be the school's roof... Just look at the door and the railing.

the area is enlarged to accommodate the giant smile and perhaps imply how small he makes sabitsuki feel
everything else about the roof is the same, right down to the patterned spacing between the rails

>>The red demons (I'll just call them imps) really are Sabitsuki's protectors.

i remember reading a theory like this earlier in the thread
did you read it

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Same happened here, she never died no matter how much I hit her. Then I went back to check on her after walking away, girl was gone.

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When you put it that way, it does make a lot of sense. I still feel that the rooftop Sabitsuki goes to in the end is her home's rooftop instead of the school's.

I did read the thread a while ago. I need to go over and reread it again...

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every time i try to sit down and write the theory it takes forever so i'll post it when i post it but for now i'll continue pointing out random stuff to keep us posting
also i'm a little confused about where to post given the two theory threads and one headcanon thread

>>smile stuff

so i was running around in body world and revisited a theory i meant to elaborate on. this is in support of those who believe smile is sabitsuki's brother and the black-haired girl is sabitsuki's mother. it's mostly food for thought so consider the following

floating mouth world 1:
-background is a big open mouth
-one or two demons running around
-mild static
-mouths on the floor (same one used for when smile smiles)
-sperm have mouths
-doors are blobs with mouths
-entrance to weird sperm tunnel (what even IS this)

floating mouth world 2:
-background is a big open mouth that appears to have coughed up blood
-completely demon infested
-heavy static
-no mouths on the floor
-sperm have bloodied holes
-doors are demon heads or vomiting mouths
-entrance to room with three-headed sabitsuki sperm

so like. let's say world 1 represents smile's place in the black-haired girl's body while world 2 represents sabitsuki's. just throwing that out there feel free to tweak

>>oreko stuff

so i was trying to get the orange menu type since i had yet to do it on v0.15 and i observed a lot of oreko's behavior. usually she is in her house, but if you run in and out over and over again she will be doing one of five things. one, tinkering furiously on her machine. two, facing the door kicking her feet. three, sitting motionless with her head in her arms (sleeping i figure). four, sitting bobbing her head up and down (crying?). five, walking around

i also noticed that the white peaceful world inside the body area has orange tiles and that the gate that takes you to the infected site with the one passive kaibutsu looks like oreko's work. i feel this could have implications for guy's theory that oreko was involved in sabitsuki's treatment

getting back to the loop of water-related areas, i found a decent kanji dictionary and translated the lantern maze/art gallery chipset name to "seabed corridor" which is a lot better than "harbour loop." as for the underwater and cardboard chipsets which are called "kaitei" and "kaitei heya," google translate would only give "revision" and "revision room." i knew revision was wrong, so finally i just googled kaitei and apparently it means simply "underwater." mystery solved are you surprised

so putting all the english chipset names in the order in which the areas are reached we have: underwater > underwater room > seabed corridor > [sea OR apartments (if you take the elevator)>] water prison > hell > bluehole > underwater again


>>kaibutsu stuff

guy did you edit the kaibutsu entry on the .flow wiki to say they're all female just for me
if so i am appreciative, but for the sake of those who disagree it could say something like "while their gender is debateable, they appear to be wearing skirts like sabitsuki's when compared to obviously male npc's like smile and the doctor"
whatever the case it's more accurate than when it said they all worn brown pants i mean what where did they get that from

i'll edit if i think of anything else

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Have you also noticed that the music in the foggy area before hitting the Kaibutsu is the same as the beautiful music that plays when you save the game? (olg.mp3 I think)

Just a little food for thought there...

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