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/flow/ is fine, but wouldn't it be cooler and more symbolic if the board was called /rust/? Rust is the overlying theme of the game, and your name even becomes Rust after a certain point.

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And EXCUUUSE me for trying to be interesting.

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what honest man worth the hair on his balls gives a fuck what this board is called

if there is anything arguable in deciding a title then it's the accuracy, in which case /flow/ would be more accurate/direct than /rust/.

this is not deviantart, take your symbolism and go back to /t/.

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her name practically means rust, but i don't think that's reason enough to change the name. it's like calling yn general "window general". :|

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But if that were the case, /yn/ would be /window/ and /tkki/ would be /foreverindevelopment/.

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File: 1310962443313.png -(61.3 KiB, 626x427) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Your body ain't ready.
Post stuff you find here

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where is the download? :(

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File: 1312819055776.png -(14.9 KiB, 448x336) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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Haven't played flow yet. Should I start with this version, or wait for a translation, or play .10 ?

>> No.1835   [Delete]   [Edit]


Play the translated 0.10. When you're done you can just put your save in the 0.15 folder and it'll read it fine. All you'll miss out on is one event

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File: 1309406694313.png -(624.6 KiB, 638x806) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Thread for maps of .flow v.10

Does .flow feel smaller than Yume Nikki to anyone?

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I actually loved that

>> No.1731   [Delete]   [Edit]

Thanks, been needing a good map.

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It'd be easier to show which non-adjacent areas are connected by color-coding instead of a symbol.

>> No.1793   [Delete]   [Edit]


Oh no, don't worry. You're not the only one who gets tired of the "huge area consisting of 90% empty black space and 10% anything else" in these games. It's a real mood killer when you're stuck wandering around the emptiness for half an hour looking for that ONE tiny thing that will warp you somewhere more interesting. And then the emptiness loops. And all hope is lost. +w+; (Although my tip for voids is to move in diagonals, that usually leads to stuff for some reason. xDDDD)

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I just started .Flow
Am I cool?

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oreko and smile's sister

orekoxsmile's sister otp

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File: 1312349304827.png -(94.1 KiB, 500x733) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

i think you meant oreko x smile

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oreko x smile's sister = big daddy x little sister

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File: 1312424990025.png -(505.9 KiB, 650x750) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

did someone say

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File: 1309837474917.png -(13.4 KiB, 480x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Okay. At the bar. No Kaibutsu drinking. Wat do?

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If you mean child Sabi w/ orange scarf: She's somewhere (or at least used to be) in the snow world. She's FUCKING INVISIBLE though, so all you can see are her footprints... until you smack her with a steel pipe that is, then you get a quick glimpse of her (too bad you have to kill her to do it...)
If you mean adult Sabi wearing scarf: No fucking clue. Might not even be in the game yet

>> No.1732   [Delete]   [Edit]


You can use the whistle instead. It'll make her visible. She'll only hide again if you bring out the pipe

>> No.1737   [Delete]   [Edit]

Oh, thanks. I didn't have the whistle at the time I found her and didn't think to go back to check if it did anything..

>> No.1760   [Delete]   [Edit]


You're very welcome

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File: 1311998102979.jpg -(81.5 KiB, 320x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Hey I have all 24 effects but what do I do now to get the ending? Nothing is happening. In the real world or the flow world. Help?

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I'm missing one!? Shit. Wonder what it is. Thanks.

>> No.1736   [Delete]   [Edit]

found it~! Thanks a lot, folks.

I wonder what the other endings are. Loved the game.

>> No.1750   [Delete]   [Edit]

so there's 25? wich one is that? O: i really thought I had them all, but apparently not. so far i've got 24 as well;
Black Hood
Diving Helmet
Gas Mask
Mono Eye

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There are only 24, but technically you need 25 effects if you include the Instructions

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File: 1309652314924.png -(3293 B, 320x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Quickest way to get there?

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Nexus>Whatever that world is called when you go left>Go straight up until you reach a couple poles that look like this |/ >Go Right>

Get to the top of the building you're in, I forgot how to do that>

Whatever you wanna call the world that comes when you enter the box on the roof>Go up+Right, avoid the Kaibutsu and enter that box>Keep going until you're in the back of the Sugar Hole>Exit>Abortion Hospital

I forgot if that's the right path but I'm pretty sure it leads to something.
Also you'll have to excuse that poor description, I haven't actually bothered going there in a few days.

>> No.1723   [Delete]   [Edit]


The black boxes are what trigger the final ending. You need to go back to 3 previously unaccessable areas and interact with something to get them. You need all three to complete the game 100%.

>> No.1745   [Delete]   [Edit]


i've tried that but the ending is just the same as while i just become Rust without getting those boxes
or maybe i shouldn't wake up after getting one, or Eng.ver is just still uncompleted

>> No.1748   [Delete]   [Edit]

Go back to sleep. Look closely at your room before choosing to go to the Nexus- I mean REALLY look closely at it. Eyes literally touching the monitor, I had to go so far as to stick my entire head inside it when I first did it.

There's something different in the room if you got all three boxes.

Last edited 11/07/31(Sun)03:26.

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File: 1311586479884.jpg -(3.8 MiB, 1735x3103) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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File: 1311626751649.png -(219 KiB, 500x566) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

so kowai~

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i'll give you all the monies in my bank account if you turn that into a desktop wallpaper. (not really)

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I thought Sabitsuki was gong insane because she was sick.

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File: 1311792268942.jpg -(2441 B, 159x160) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Shouldn't these maids be called Sugar Maids? Everything related to them that is officially named has Sugar in its name. There's the Sugar menu theme and the chainsaw sound effect is called sugarsaw1. Besides, it kind of avoids the robot vs. gas mask debate.

>> No.1691   [Delete]   [Edit]

Why is the Sugar Hole in front of a sewer, anyway?

>> No.1692   [Delete]   [Edit]

^the same reason 2kki's is in the sewers

>> No.1709   [Delete]   [Edit]

I haven't played that game yet. Nice trivia, though.

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File: 1311280701464.jpg -(165.2 KiB, 600x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Okay. I've been looking through these threads trying to find some way to get this game on my computer. I've tried the prepackaged .10 version and all I get is a black screen and the hourglass cursor. Nothing happens, so I have to use task manager to end it.
So yeah, help?
I'm using Windows XP if that means anything.

>> No.1610   [Delete]   [Edit]

First >>1381
Second http://dotflow.wikidot.com/downloads
sounds like it could be your computer
have you downloaded RPG Maker 2000?

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