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Okay, I'm not going to get into argument. But there's nothing to "hack" in this case.

To build an app that works well on these consoles, you need:

-A compiler that outputs executables optimized for the CPUs of these consoles

-Librararies to handle hardware accelerated graphics, manage input, sound, memory management, etc.

None of these are available, since the hardware specifications are kept as trade secrets by Sony/Nintendo.

Just think about it, how old the PS2 is, but still, nobody managed to make a complete development kit for it...

Last edited 11/08/29(Mon)02:24.

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I wasn't talking about the instance of hacking the game.
Of course there's nothing to hack in the game, The PsVita is what will be hacked to run RpgMaker games.

>Ps2 not having a dev kit

That's because it's a console, not a handheld.
Every handheld out to date has a devkit.
I believe the Wii even has a devkit.

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>I wasn't talking about the instance of hacking the game.

Neither did I.

>The PsVita is what will be hacked to run RpgMaker games.

You still don't get it. How will anybody going to hack the hardware to run a software that wasn't developed with the compiler suite designed for it?

It's like, for example, trying to 'hack' a PC to run software compiled for an MSX (out-of-the-box, without any kind of emulation, of course).

RPG Maker is for X86 systems, and utilizing DirectX, so it can't even be emulated on other X86 PC operating systems without problems. And, of course, it can't even be ported because it's closed sourced, so there's no way it will ever run perfectly on anything other than Windows. (And for a side note, it can't even run flawlessly on newer versions of Windows.)

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Considering how strict on hacking Sony is being with the PS3, I imagine they'll be equally strict with the Vita.

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Going ahead and making a .flow related fanart thread.

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Cough Uhmm....done on the paint that came on my laptop while my drawing software was messed up.

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I think Smile is a pretty cool guy. Eh kills Sabitsuki and doesnt afraid of anything

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Let's Play .Flow by NaaaAAAna

I know is kinda laggy,, i'll try to fix that.


Last edited 11/09/01(Thu)13:25.

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use fraps next time.

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i can't edit nor erase this thread
The fixed audio version is here:


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Post your .flow related Mii QR codes in this thread. In order to do that, just create the image in your Mii channel and save it onto your SD card.

(About my Sabitsuki Mii, I admit she looks maybe a bit lazy. That's why I made her editable. Someone might be able to improve upon her. I'm also hard on myself as an artist.)

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Has this been posted yet?

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Has this happened to anybody else here?
I get in the bed, and the game has a collective spaz with these error messeges. It also fucks up when I go into certain areas but not others.

I've tried reinstalling the RPG Maker 2000 RTP but it still does this...

Anyone got any clues on what the fucks going on?

Last edited 11/07/18(Mon)08:55.

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That happened to my in Yume2kki as well, in one of the game maps.
I have absolutely no idea of what causes it - especially because one day I decided to mess around with Windows 7, and that map worked flawlessly on it. What the hell?

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Has anyone else had this? I really want to play .flow without the game spazzing out on my like this :<

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I am another one with the same problem, and I only want a solution to this problem, I want play this game without those stupid errors.

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We have a help desk thread, people usually help those that post their problems there

The RTP you installed, was it the japanese version? Please provide a link to it

The RPG_RT.exe file you're using may, for some reason, be outdated. Did it come together with the .flow zip you downloaded, or did you copy it from somewhere else?

Last edited 11/08/19(Fri)15:09.

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How do you see the characters in .flow in your mind?

I see Smile as a very lonely and pitiful person, I kind of want to hug him. Mainly because of this comic.

This fucking comic.

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File: 1313478505835.jpg -(14.5 KiB, 320x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This is my headcanon voice/personality for Sabitsuki.

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Go back to Reddit faggot

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i think smile is actually really the type that doesn't know shit and it's just him and his sister and they lived in the slums or whatever. even so he acts pretty tough when he really isn't, and Sabitsuki might have been the only person that he ever opened up to (and she betrayed him THIS SHIT IS GETTING SO /t/)

Sabitsuki is like one of those "I SEE YOU WALKING AROUND WITH THE BOY I LOVE AND I'M LIKE FUCK YOUUUU AND FUCK HIM TOOOOO" people. aka she may be hurt but she doesn't really react to it/fucks the police and carries on in her police fucking ways.

kaibutsu are cute to each other, but total bitches and whores to sabitsuki and apparently smile.

cleaners are those types with emotions you cant read, think mona lisa. they're just doing their job jesus christ

oreko is a pretty happy character but really quiet, childish. i would joke and say that oreko is really smile's sister but then someone would take that seriously and the theories thread would explode fucking everywhere and this board will be CAKED WITH GUTS AND SPERM WITH BLOODY HOLES IN IT

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i kind of see smile's little sister as actually being sabitsuki, dunno why. i hear that severe trauma to the head can cause colour deformities in the scalp, so..
thats all I have so far, i haven't really thought too much into it yet.

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This wiki needs some love, anyone want to give some?

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i've got no favoritism in vids, but those have no effects used to get them and have no detours so it's very helpful. we can use any set really

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I can make multiple videos showing different routes for the effects if you want, just tell me which route should I take since covering every single way would be pretty long and boring.

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I think I'll just map work the Directions in the wiki around the route you take.

I've started adding the videos in the wiki. I guess it goes without saying but if you move or delete them for whatever reason contact somebody so we can get them fixed or replaced.

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Kaibutsu chase, just corrected a typo.

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Highscores thread go.

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i hate this chameleon
yet it's so useful

Last edited 11/07/03(Sun)17:18.

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File: 1309765185122.png -(8846 B, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I want to say that I play Shin Soku Neko because i really enjoy it very much, not for the scores... i guess i got addicted to it...
I loved this score so much that i think it's the last one i'll post here...
I was listening to this song while playing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idXO4MM9Kws

Btw >>1345
I got that score by hitting the second or third seahorse because i don't give up if i miss a fish or one of them, i play until i can't do it anymore...

Last edited 11/07/04(Mon)00:41.

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anybody know where to download the BGM of this?

My record is 1030.

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Open the Music folder in your .flow directory. The file in question is "fc bgm.mp3"

Last edited 11/08/17(Wed)09:01.

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I don't know whether this belongs on the theory board or .flow board, soooo.. yeah.
Theories about everything except the frikin' cancer/black-haired girls world. You know it looks like a stomach?

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>>1097 , silly.

Last edited 11/08/10(Wed)09:35.

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