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Youtube Videos:

Early Preview

Version 0.02 Preview:

"Z" - Open Inventory
"X" - Close Inventory
"Num Keys" - Use items within Inventory

"Bizzare" (Name intended with the extra z), is just some game that I've been working on a few weeks ago. It's inspired by both Yume Nikki and it's fangame, .flow.

Bizzare has little to no story, and it's a bit more sadistic than the two games it's inspired off of, since death plays a major role in it.

I'm making this game in Multimedia Fusion 2, opposed to RPG Maker and the like. Bizzare is incomplete.

I hope this is relevant enough for the Fangames section, and if not, I do apologize! D:

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Looks good. I especially like the atmosphere in the video, it's something a lot of fangames lack.

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File: 1314307892413.png -(48.1 KiB, 320x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Thank you very much. :3

It's been really fun developing this game, since there are many ways to die. Potholes, Streets, Dogs, Water, even staring at a certain wall could possibly kill you.

Some deaths lead to progression, while many others just restart the map that you died in. Mostly killing yourself manually progresses through the game.

Another element in Bizzare is that there is no turning back. Once you go in one direction, you're stuck with it. The things you do in the game really matter, by a ton.

Unlike in many Yume Nikki fangames, the main character is male. He has no name, not as of yet. o:

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You have my interest quite piqued

Can we expect a ver .1 sometime soon?

(My fan nickname for the protagonist shall be Dielotsuki)

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I'll definitely keep an eye on this project, it looks so interesting! Were you inspired by your dreams at all?
Also, it might just be me, but the area in the video has a little too much going on. Your pixeling style is beautiful, though.

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File: 1314386462304.png -(20.8 KiB, 449x287) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yes, Bizzare is also inspired and mostly based onto my nightmares/dreams. I've also been considering that people could contribute their own nightmarish dreams into the project as well, if they are willing to do so. The only problem with that is it would be in my own perspective, not theirs, so it would be very difficult to replicate others dreams completely.. :c

I'm planning to release just a little preview, only containing the "introduction" maps, ending at the actual "nexus" of the game.

I also got a good name for him, although Dielotsuki sounds incredible.. I thought of Solus, the latin word for "alone". :3

The game is very dynamic in some areas, but again, it's just a video, you're not really in control of it. I suppose it's a completely different experience if you play it other than watching! >w<

Thank you for your feedback, it's really appreciated!

Edit: Preview download has been provided. Enjoy. :3

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Already from what I've played this game is horrifyingly amazing! I like it, and I'd love to see this fangame grow. The dark inky aspect in this game is lovely.

I'm curious though will there only ever be 5 things you can pick up and use? Or will you constantly be dropping and gaining new objects throughout the path you choose? I liked the idea of losing or dropping some things along the way and having to get them back.

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Thank you so much!

Yes, depending on what path you take, there will be other items to pick up. Some will be dropped, and possibly picked up later in the game. (The Knife being an example)

Some items will have a big importance, while others are completely useless. They are alot like effects, just not obtainable for the entire game.

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This site needs more crazy, creepy fangames. Definitely going to try out the preview when I get the chance. B3

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File: 1314693534532.png -(32.8 KiB, 449x285) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It has been awhile since a last update, and I apologize! I've been currently working on the pathway to the worst ending in the entire game. I will not say what it'll be, because I don't even know how it would even turn out! Even if I did, I still wouldn't say anything. I did provide a screenshot of my progression. One of the areas in this pathway is an elementary school.

Thanks again for all the feedback, it was greatly appreciated! ;3

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hm, a lovely game, but... I need this to be fullscreen. any shortcuts for that?

PS: I'll look forward to play this game at night^^

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One of the reasons why the game isn't fullscreen is because of it's small sprites. However, I can still make it fullscreen, but it would be a separate executable. Please keep in mind that if the game is played on fullscreen, there may be some graphical issues. :3

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I've loved this game. And loved the "gimmick" with the monster dog. Now... Where does that doors lead?

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Those doors will lead you to different surprises! I won't say where they will take you, you're going to have to figure that out on your own! ;3

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No... I want to know if there's actually a possibility of opening them up.

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Oh, apologies. Yes, there is, but not in that version. The doors don't open. In the next version of the game, "SHIFT" is to interact with doors, NPCs, and other things. I didn't say anything about that because there's nothing to interact with in v.01. :P

Last edited 11/08/31(Wed)20:49.

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Oops, you've been just forgetting that cute little dog form the house beefore Nexus... hehehe ^.=.^ He was a kind-of tough guess for me.

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Oh thank you for pointing that out, I was going crazy when I played the preview trying to interact with things thinking I was doing something wrong. Then realized that it stopped there ;w;

Also nice to hear that there will be intractable objects and NPCs in the future

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Just to say, I''ve found a glitch on your game. ONE of the doors (the middle, bloody door) can be opened, but the screen only goes dark. And does not come back. By the way, I'm anxious to see more of what this game can offer ^^

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Yeah, I've noticed that as well, which is another reason why I didn't specify about "SHIFT". Don't worry, once v.02 comes in, there will be lots of fixes and changes. You guys are lucky that you even have a download of the game already.

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File: 1315349514400.png -(116.4 KiB, 500x411) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I have recently gotten some really neat fanart by ozuosoroshii, or Mr. Goodcat on my friend's tumblr. He replicated my art style really well, I have to say. I can't be thankful and happy enough to have support and motivation for this fun project.

Progression on Bizzare has been going very swell recently, in other news. I have finished an ending, and I'm off to the next other two endings.

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File: 1316241466885.png -(28.3 KiB, 348x284) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hello all, it's been a very long time since an update, but unfortunately version 0.02 has not been released as of yet. However, there will be very big changes within the game itself, such as better collision detection, more reliable menu mechanics, and other graphical improvements.

  • Collision has been updated, as said before. You will not collide with walls on your head anymore, and collision boxes are much smaller. (Tree trunks for example).
  • You may now pull out the knife, and actually walk around with it. Try talking to NPCs, and see what happens. I'm sure something different will happen if you had a weapon in front of them.
  • You may interact with NPCs now, using the Shift key. You no longer need to touch them to make them emit sounds and animations.
  • Introduction maps (Before the Dog Room and the nexus) have been either redone or have been revamped.
  • There will be three new "branch" areas in this version, along with 3 - to be determined endings.
  • More NPCs have been added within the game, giving more of a wider selection of interaction and events.

More will be announced later when v. 0.02 gets closer to it's finished state.

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Apologies for triple posting, but a new youtube video has been provided on the first post. Enjoy.

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how do you save???

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