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Hello Uboachan, another fangame in the making here!

Suggestions, opinions and help very welcome! If you even want to join my (currently) one-man team and make this game with me, send me a message! Artists, designers, writers, testers, composers all welcome.
If you don't, but you have idea you'd want to include in this game, you can still leave a message! Make sure to include your name/alias so I can credit you properly. I can't promise I'll include all ideas though.

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Whoops, put my name in the e-mail field by accident.

Here's the main character of the game. Her working name is Mimi, but she doesn't have an official name yet.
Strange Beauty (also a working name) is a game about Mimi walking home from school. On the way she sees all kinds of things and meets all kinds of creatures. It's currently mostly based on my dreams, but I was hoping to get some ideas and suggestions from other people too!

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Hmm... This looks very interesting. I really like the idea of having all of it set on a walk home from school. I know it myself that exploring a city can reveal all kinds of beautiful, astonishing and even terrifying places, so it kind of has an emotional effect on me.
Mimi looks adorable in that pixel-art picture you did, and the concept arts you posted on your blog all have a very good vibe to them. I've done some spriting and programming with RPGMaker 2k3 back in the day, so if you don't mind, I'd love to join this project. I've been meaning to start working on a game for a while but was short on ideas, so this came in the perfect time.

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I'd love for you to join the project! My current team (consisting of me and one other person, lol) doesn't have any experience in rpgmaker or spriting, so your help will be very welcome!
E-mail me, or add me on MSN: miwwa-san@hotmail.com

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Salutations. I'd like to compose original music for the entire game.
Yes. I do.
Please contact me at necorelli@gmail.com so I can get started...
also namefagging so I can recognize myself lol

Last edited 11/08/19(Fri)11:57.

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Thanks for your interest! I sent you an e-mail. All help is greatly appreciated.

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The project is coming along really nicely, check the blog for updates! Plus, if you want to join us, there's still room in our little team for all kinds of helpers. Ideas are also greatly appreciated!

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Buuuump! SB project is still coming along slowly but surely.

People with experience in making chipsets needed! Leave a message here, or on the blog, or e-mail me at miwwa-san@hotmail.com. Other help also greatly appreciated. We're a nice bunch of guys and fun to work with, I swear!

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