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If you've come on IRC, you've heard me talk about it.

If you've stayed on IRC, you've seen me plug it.

Now, it's ready. My Tsunagari Tile Engine's first Alpha Preview Release is here!

Presenting: Alpha Preview Release 1 "Madotsuki".

As development continues, I'll post updates and new downloads in this thread. You can also see progress on the official website, linked below.

Tsunagari is a tile engine inspired by the cult classic game Yume Nikki. It is intended as an open source replacement for the popular proprietary RPGMaker game development suite that the original and most fangames were/are written on. The main focus is compatibility with all features of the original game, and beyond that it strives to add networking and additional features. Tsunagari is written in C++, using the Gosu framework.

Tsunagari will be a comprehensive game design suite for singleplayer 2D games. The engine will support several styles, such as roguelikes, RPGs, and RTS games. Multiplayer support is more difficult, and is not expected to be present in the first release. Tsunagari is intended as an open source replacement for game design suites such as RPGMaker, and will allow Lua scripting for the event system, and for additional custom functionality. As a suite, Tsunagari aims to allow as much game variation as possible without direct modifications to the engine source code. Game design will require manual file editing during the Alpha and Beta phases, but a game editor suite will be shipped with the first major release.

Website: http://tileengine.org/
Forums: http://forum.omegasdg.com/
Official IRC: irc://irc.datnode.net/tsunagari
Source Repository: http://tinyurl.com/4yxjm3w
Source Tarball (AP1R4): http://omegasdg.com/files/Tsunagari-AlphaP1-Rev4.tar.bz2
Windows Binary (AP1R5): http://omegasdg.com/files/Tsunagari-AlphaP1-Rev5-Bin.zip (Windows Hotfix)

A note for do-it-yourselfers: Primary dependencies for compiling Tsunagari from source are listed in "README.txt". Note that the secondary dependencies of /these/ dependencies are not listed. Also note that Tsunagari requires the latest GIT development version of the Gosu library, and will not compile with the latest release version.

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The preview looks good so far. I'm looking forward to seeing if your platform will be as accessible to create with as RPG Maker 2k/3. If that is the case, then this is going to be an amazing addition to the current selection of game creation platforms.
I was looking in the license though, and I do have a question. Enterbrain uses closed software, but anyone that buys it gets to make games they can sell, if they so choose.
Are people that use Tsunagari going to be able to sell their work, or will they need to purchase a license, or will it just not be possible?

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It's double licensed. The plan is that you have to buy a license if you want to make nonfree games.


We plan to make it very extensible. See the map editing tutorial for a look at how you can currently make your own map.

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Doing so is still a bit messy, but in case anyone wants to play around with Tsunagari and make their own game world, I put this tutorial together:


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File: 1310311388769.png -(158.4 KiB, 1280x745) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Alpha Preview Release 1 Revision 6 should be released today. I'll edit this post with download links when it's ready.

Alpha P1 Rev6 will add resource caching for faster inter-area load times, Windows command line options, a fix for the input duplication bug, main and intro music, player animations, and possibly tile animations and sound effects. It may or may not also come with a new test world.

The next release will probably be Alpha Preview Release 2 "Shirotsuki". It's expected to add a Yume Nikki styled movement option for games on top of the current roguelike movement option.

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File: 1310398085194.png -(35.1 KiB, 482x334) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Alpha Preview Release 1 "Madotsuki" Revision 6 is here!

This release adds:

  • Resource caching for faster load times!
  • Command line options that work on Windows!
  • Animated tiles!
  • The player turns while moving!
  • If you hold the control key, the player turns in place!
  • There's a sound effect when the player moves!
  • Intro and main music support!
  • A minor engine restructuring!

Bugs fixed in this release:

  • Command line options didn't work properly on Windows.
  • If your computer was slow enough, sometimes keyboard input would be duplicated.

Known bugs in this release:

  • The program crashes on Windows after the window is closed. Not sure what that's about. We'll look into it and hopefully fix it before Alpha 2. For now, just click "abort" on the dialog that pops up after you quit.
  • The --help command line option's output doesn't format right.
  • The program loses access to the console once the game window is opened on Windows.


Download links:
Source tarball: http://omegasdg.com/files/Tsunagari-AlphaP1-Rev6.tar.bz2
Windows binary: http://omegasdg.com/files/Tsunagari-AlphaP1-Rev6-Bin.zip


I've created an extra testing world:

Download: http://omegasdg.com/files/Tsunagari-Labyrinth-Testworld.zip

To play it, extract "labyrinth.world" from the zip file and place it in your data directory. On Windows, it should go to "data/labyrinth.world".

Then, run Tsunagari from the command line with the option "-g data/labyrinth.world", or edit your client.ini's world value to point to "data/labyrinth.world". For an extra challenge, set the window size to 320x240.

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File: 1311640044652.jpg -(48.4 KiB, 350x524) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Alpha Preview Release 2 "Shirotsuki" is finally here! Yay!

Revision 1 adds:

  • Resource cache time expiry!
  • Animated player movement, Yume Nikki style!

Download links:

Last edited 11/07/25(Mon)18:15.

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brilliant work! do people on 2ch know of this? it could be explosively popular

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So far according to the checklist on the site, it seems like it's coming together-
I'm really looking forward to Release 4.

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