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Could it be?
We can finally play portable Yume Nikki?

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Limitedly. After reading a little bit on their site, there are some functionalities that need to be included before I even consider taking the plunge and jailbreak my psp for this.
Principally, saving.

If we're patient though, I guess we'll have a YN PSP port.

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At this point I don't even care if we can't save, I want a portable Yume Nikki...

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Likewise I want .flow on my PSP.

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So does anyone know how to set this thing up? I've playing around with it for the whole day and I can't get past the easyrpg logo and then it just takes me back to my xmb menu...

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So nobody can figure this out..?

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Bumping for portable Yummy Nickers.

Come on guys...

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I would've played through it already if i would find my fucking charging cable.

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Find your fucking charging cable please

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Okay so far from playing around with the files
I can get The opening music to play but nothing is displayed on the screen.

Need help...

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