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Some time ago I get a certain idea. As many of you gets better and better with creating games, why won't we start doing series of short, creepy games like Nocturne (http://uboachan.net/og/res/1787.xhtml#i1787) ? Rather than creating giant games that usually tend to never come out finished, we could start creating short scary, creepy and disturbing stories. From my own experience, I can tell that creating one game like that would take around week, or two.

This world lacks games like that, thus we could try doing something about that. Especially now, when holidays are coming and many will have a lot of free time.

So, what you think about that movement?

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Jesus, finally, a ONE sensible idea on /fg/ in fucking MONTHS. I fully support your idea, so yeah.

eh, if I could actually MAKE games...

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I support this too. I like short, densely packed games personally.

Creating short games in addition to working on larger ones in my experience makes it easier to not get burned out on a idea for a game. That'd be my reasoning at least.

In support of this movement, I'll try to cook up a game.
Any guidelines to consider as I do this?

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I guess no. Just keep it intensively creepy, disturbing etc. and keep it short.

Also, your reasoning about short games is absolutely right. That's exactly what I wish to achieve. Ofc I'll do my part as well (already have an idea)

C'mon, don't say that. Have in mind that you actually created a game with an end, which alone is quite an achievment.

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Hm. I like this idea.

And since I have virtually nothing to do than procrastinate on my own game, this sounds like something for me to do. Hm. I'll have to check out this Nocturne as well...

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Sounds like a good idea. If we pack them together in some sort of "Uboachan pack" it would be even cooler.
Also, maybe get some of the writers from /lit/ to write a story or two?

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At first I thought about making a collaborative project, putting all of these hypothetical games into one big, but it would be a lot of pain to do. We have to consider that some ppl prefer to do games in rm2k3, others prefer rmxp, some like Game Maker etc etc etc.
About guys from /lit/, I don't mind but from my own experience i know that ppl tend to work on their own ideas, rather than doing someone's other stories.

Actually that Nocturne ain't even a proper game (just 3 maps). Perhaps Mirror Lied would be a better example, i guess...

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The thing with Nocturne is that are rumors and screenshots of an updated version with more areas. It might be episodic like OP described.

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Should we post the games in this thread or make a new thread?

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I guess we can post it here. No need to create another thread imo

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So, has anyone else started on anything for this great idea?

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Yeah, although at the moment I'm running with the idea of stripping down the already fairly minimalistic game play of the Yume Nikki style and going with basically an interactive, eerie 'slide show'. For lack of a better description. Full power to the (hopefully) creepy surroundings and graphics, then toss out the effects.

Graphics heavy and script-tastic. Just the way I like it.

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So i'm interested, anyone doing this still?

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I tried, got some work done on one but forgot about it until now honestly.
If I got the hankering I might try again.
If you had a story ready, this sort of small-scale project wouldn't take too long to code at all.

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>If I got the hankering I might try again.

I got the hankering again. I have no idea how to scare, but I can at least make a weird short game. I've been addicted to Tower of Druaga recently, so expect it to be close to that in a way.

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