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so I was dicking around with 2kki, and eventually .flow...

I couldn't help but notice a resemblance. dunno if it was intentional or not, but it gave me the creeps. D:
plus I spelled the file name wrong, durrrr

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There is only so much originality to go around

Isn't there something like this in Nisshi?

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Midget door and giant door!

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Isn't all japanese fangames' goal to copy as much from YN and each other as possible, but with different art? That's a trend running through the whole japanese /fg/.

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The thing about 2kki is that it's a huge project with many authors. It's bound to have lots of things inspired by other games, and vice versa.

I mean come on didn't the protagonist dressing room give you an idea of this?

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Simple. Either someone on the 2kki team played .flow, or LOL played 2kki. Inspiration was had and now one is paying homage to the other. As for which was first, you'd have to check the version dates but eh. Doesn't really matter.

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