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we trying to make a VN for Yume Nikki. . .
it just an ordinary VN about School Life and Harem but we using character from YN such Mado, Poniko, Toriningen, etc. it's not related to any theory and just using few aspect from the game
we still pondering about personality and role each character so we need some Advice :D

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No. Don't make any of such shit. You could as well recolor Tsukihime so that characters look like YN chars.

Awful taste in both music in games you got there btw.

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Sounds awesome
I'd play that

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This guy is a faggot. Screw him, just do it

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we think to make it like a gloomy school life, Mado is a Hikki girl who always get bullied by three punk girls (Toriningen) and Poniko is popular girl who's also like to bullying Mado and acting like Bitch (though i prefer Poniko to be her close friend) maybe he intent to make some Yuri Scene later. . . Shitai is gonna be Prota's close friend ( first i offended his name to be Shitai, but my friend says it gonna be just Alias, like Kyon and i agreed )
that's what comes up in our mind about a few character, the prologue still in our language, i'll posted it here if we have translated it

heh. . . sorry for my bad english :D

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Seems odd to be presented with a rich and expansive world, only to toss it out in favor of a nonsensical school setting.

Also did you have the artist's permission to use that picture as the title screen? More importantly, why am I so easily trolled?

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why would you do this?
seriously to throw out and expansive interesting dream world to just bring in a mediocre overused school setting with harem? unless this is a joke game and has copious amounts of dark humour and fan-service to make it bearable i really don't see it being withstandable as a game that is meant to be taken somewhat seriously.

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