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What does Uboachan think about this?

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Apparently it's a fan-made sequal not affiliated with Kikiyama in any way.

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Yume 2kki. (2 is "ni" in japanese, clever aren't they?)

The 2 comes from 2ch.net, the Japanese megasite that was the inspiration for 4chan. It's their fan version of yume nikki. I heard it contains a lot of characters and jokes from 2ch (i dont call them memes because i don't know what they call them at 2ch).

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If I can be a little pretentious faggot and pick it apart a little bit, I think it's a great and interesting project to undertake. However, some elements that are included with this unofficial sequel seem unfitting for a Dream Diary game. What was so intriguing about the original Yume Nikki was this open-ended, vague and alienated cryptic ambiance that remained consistent throughout the game. Elements such as the absence of any real textual dialogue (sprite interaction is limited to a random string of numbers or just playing a sound), amorphous characters (The "crying" figure in the "basement" of "Mars," the "Shadow People" and "Natives" in the Earthbound/MOTHER-based landscape, and the infamous Uboa), and unexplained events that seem to imply specific occurrences ("Blasting off" to a distant planet or taking a train ride), left so much for the player to think about and mull over within their own Theater of the Mind.

I'm sure everyone here has their own psychological theories about Madotsuki and her life based on the occurrences in "Dream World," yet in this sequel, Yume 2kki, there is a full library of books with such trite and dramatic questions as "Are you alive or dead?" and "Are you dreaming or awake?"

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Because I can't speak or read Japanese, I can't really comment on anything else these books may contain. I am only using what I have learned from one text as read by an American Youtube user's video playthrough using the Yume 2kki beta, but as there are obviously more books filled with characters, I can only assume that they are filled with other "dream-like" prose written by the Japanese programmers and fans. As I said before, I am a stalwart believer that what made Yume Nikki such a cult success was it's cryptic, vague, and somewhat plaintive atmosphere. This let it be up to the player as to the causes and reasons why different events occurred.

Not only that, but it appears in the "Real World," you are looking out over the expanse of a strange landscape with two high hill-like structures among what appears to be a dense forest or jungle. In the original, the viewer was presented a skyline and nothing else. This would imply that Madotsuki could have potentially lived in a myriad of different places, most likely a city, but without the hint of any other buildings or landmarks, assumptions may be made that she could have been dwelling elsewhere.

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Beta game play with (slightly obnoxious) commentary:

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I think it's not right to criticize it based on its unsimilarity to Yume Nikki's atmosphere. As far as I can tell, it's not meant to be a true sequel, more of a game heavily based off of YN. Just ignore the fact that it's obviously titled as a sequel, and it suddenly seems much more acceptable.

It's really just a fangame by some people who loved both the first game and 2ch. The only people (AFAIK) who are actually calling it a real sequel are the English-speaking YN fans.

tl;dr Don't complain, it's just the Japanese fans having fun.

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"tl;dr Don't complain, it's just the Japanese fans having fun."


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Sadly it lacks any of yume nikki appeal, the world instead of a solitary creepy feel, looks somewhat annoying and the music is annoying, and there are rpg maker related music files which also don't fit. Although, can't rate a game until I actually play it I guess. Overall the game does look very unfinished, unpolished and unlike yume nikki, may still be playable after a lot of finishing, debugging and balancing
Yes, certainly not a sequel, nor a clone, strongly yume nikki inspired though

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Has anyone seen that one YN meme that's floating around deviantART? That's basically what this game reminded me of. It's sort of like your own take on what this one girl's Yume Nikki dream world would be like. Other than being the same idea and obviously inspired by Madotsuki's dream diary, it really doesn't seem connected to YN at all.

Again, "just the fans having some fun." No need to get offended or anything by it. But damn, some of those sound effects got seriously annoying really quickly.

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OK. This is probably a bit late but I just pulled out my Space Channel 5 and found something interesting. In this game, the place with the blue grass and bugs? When the crazy green things are out, the grass is orange and the flowers are dancing, the music's the same as the bass line on the 3rd report boss on Space channel 5. It's just a few notes higher and slower. It's probably some insane coincidence but it's crazy close. Same instrument too.

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