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I really think we should port yume 2kki over onto the ipad/iPhone and the psp. (for more portable use) it's uncomfortable to lug around my laptop because i want to play some yume 2kki. Any programmers out there?

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Oh, please. Nobody is going to take the time to port 2kki over if they haven't even gotten Yume Nikki on the PSP yet. You might as well be asking this question to a brick wall.

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It still isn't a bad idea though for some of the people capable of porting their work to a portable game system/advanced phone device to still consider doing so. It's territory that might yield some interesting design aspects.

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RPG Maker isn't cross platform, so you'd need to do some serious coding to get it to run under PSP and/or Apple software.

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Very true. You would either have to code to get RPG Maker software on PSP/Apple software, or just code a new version of the game from scratch for porting.
But doing either is kinda...
time consuming for a game a limited amount of people are going to be interested in to begin with.

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