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This is just something that has been in my mind for quite a while, and I just had to let it out. I have zero programming skills, so I'm just hoping someone will take this idea and make something of it.

So, instead of the protagonist being a human like every other fangame, you would instead be a vampire. The reason of the protagonist being a vampire is to give a new perspective on what can scare/disturb you since you’re superior to a human being. Also because it’s just something new. Well, it’s mostly because I like vampires.

The protagonist’s name is Akaitsuki; her appearance being that of a little girl. She has blond hair, with twin pony-tails tied with black bows.
Being a vampire, most of the effects you discover in her dreams are, yes, vampire-related. Such as turning into red mist which acts as a transparent effect, drinking blood which kills and let’s you gain a form of currency, etc.

Your room which is pretty dark and has a castle theme to it, or something like it, and in it is a throne, along with a mirror. It also has a balcony for obvious reasons. The throne is for sleeping on, and the mirror is for saving. Like all the fangames of Yume Nikki, you cannot leave your room. Her reason being that blahblahspoilerblahblah. The chains should give you a hint if you have a good enough imagination.

You sleep or hibernate by sitting on the throne with chains coming from the sides of the screen to wrap around or restrain you. The chain thing is a part of her backstory, but that's left to your imagination based on her dreams.

There are two parts to the dreams. First, there are the dream worlds. They’re normal; you explore them, and discover stuff. Then there are the nightmare worlds, which are basically hellish disturbing versions of the dream worlds along with some of its own worlds. All dreams take place at night for obvious reasons, but there are exceptions.

That’s all for now. How is it?

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Sorry to say this but i doubt anyone would be willing to make this. Seems like a lot of work for something thats basically yume nikki with a vampire protagonist. Also, being a vampire would, for me at least, kinda take away some of the feeling of the game. I mean if you're a vampire, why would anything in the dreams scare you or even surprise you? You yourself are already pretty much a (immortal) dream creature. I guess vampire hunters would kinda scare me though.

That said, it's probably not an impossible idea to pull off, although just spouting an idea and expecting to do nothing yourself is way to much to ask.

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It's not like you're invincible. Being immortal isn't exactly a good thing, if you think about the pain you could go through without dying. Like being buried alive, tortured to death, etc.

At any rate, I just wanted to get this off my chest, so I'm not expecting it to be made. Thanks for replying though.

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Yeah i know. Just giving you my personal opinion, didn't mean to shoot you down or anything. If you want this to be made i would suggest you learn to use some version of rpg maker yourself though, since i seriously doubt anyone would want to lay lots and looots of hours on something that they get nothing in return for. Sadly this world isn't that convenient.

Go look up tutorials and stuff on it, there's a lot of them and to be honest you don't really need alot of programming skills, if any, to make a good game with rpgmaker.

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