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I think thats what Google called it...
Too bad google cant translate the game for me, everything is in Japanese and I dont know whats going on.
You play as Madotsuki... Thats all I could decipher from the first few seconds of playing.
What is this I dont even

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I'd post more but srsly, have no Idea what is with that game.
Its more RPGish than Yume Nikki though, It has a story and a battle system... And Steel Pipes <3

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screenshots plz

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I kinda shat brix, but after the 3rd time I kinda didnt.
Srsly, its all text and fighting, which is in text

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May I remind you all that it's made by the people who made Yume 2kki?

Anyway, I wish there were an English one, even if it were badly translated.

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Hmm has anyone posted a video of it on Youtube yet?

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I completed this game. From what it reads I can say it is a completely unrelated horror game with YN sprites instead of original ones. Shit man.

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Are you sure? I thought Yume 2kki was a collab..

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>>6301 It is indeed a (massive) collab, and basically every person who wishes to can upload anything to /yume2kki/ or /yume2kki_4/ on loda. So someone just posted this little thing for lulz. The original game (the RPG) is probably pretty famous in japan, I guess o.o

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