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ah what the hell, might as well go for it:
Project I've been doing on and off for two years. Mostly it's just me messing around in RPG Maker 2K3 for the first time so don't expect something amazing...in all honesty I was hesitating to upload it here

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It's to large for non premium megaupload users. Alternate upload?

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1,2 GB. Lol'd hard. What have you put in there, to make it so big? Unreal engine, or what?

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h yeah sorry about the large file size if anyone knows an easier way to get it up I'd be much appreciated with the help

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Even if you put it on some file hosting site, I still doubt that anybody would dare to download it. I mean, it's game made in rm2k3. These mostly weight about 100mb (if the game is complex). I can guess, that while game alone weights about 10mb, music folder weight the rest 1,19gb. I understand, that music is important part of the game, as it enchants mood, and let us - players - get an idea of what atmosphere is in a game. But it's not necessary, to use mp3 files. Of course, it doesn't matter when you use like 5-10 songs, but not whole discography (metaphoricaly speaking).

I'd really want to play this game, but seriously... this file size just takes my will away.

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As a friendly suggestion:
I'd probably post some screen-shots, and a few reasons why this game is so huge, or even what this game is about.

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Thanks for the advice guys! I just can't understand how the hell I've managed to make it too big (at least I know for next time to be more resourceful and not to get too carried away!)
Sorry about wasting everyone's time , I'll just delete it...

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Yea, good idea. Go all depressed and uncertain. Why not try to actually work on this game, along with suggestions. As far as this thread went, there was only one complain: huge file size. Do something about it, and perhaps you'll get some opinions about game itself.

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Well it would be nice if someone COULD help me instead of being bitchy, I don't know where I went wrong...like I said first time doing this!

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First of all tell us what it is that takes up all the filesize and we might be able to help.

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I still belive, that problem lies in using whole bunch of mp3 and wav files. That's a guess, of course because I'm not even able to download this game. If the problem really lies within audio files (sadly, you weren't even able to give us an answer whenever it's true, or not) then I have few sugestions. First, replace mp3 with midi files. Also, play through your own game few times and verify if using that amount of audio files is necessary. If you insist on using mp3 files, there exists few programs that lets you compress these files, and as a result lower their size.
Are you maybe using some voices in this game? If you have bunch of dialogues, this may also affect game size.
Check out your game's resources (graphics, audio etc). I don't mean, looking into sole game folder. Open rpg maker, click on "import/export resources" icon and see whenever RTP files are included or not. If you use your own graphics and music, then don't apply "include runtime package [...] into game file" or somethin, while creating install file. Perhaps you put a lot of stuff into your RTP folder, creating huge resources folder, and then put that all into install file.
If you don't want to do anything with game itself, then perhaps just zip install file and divide it into few parts. This could be actually the best solution, so far. If you cannot tell what exactly makes this game so big, then let others find answer for you.

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Scroll down for some videos of what I suppose is footage of the game.

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Oh dear. What's this got to do with Yume Nikki?

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I apologise profusely about any negative behaviour earlier, I just have a lot on my mind right now please bear with me.
The videos on the blog? They were previewing the game whilst in progress - the trouble I had when thinking about this is trying to keep the theme of dreams like Yume Nikki but I didn't want to seem like I'm copying everyone else with their games and I was'nt sure about the forced creepiness (from what I learned Somnium Epheremis means Dream Journal in Latin)
Filesize? I had another look at it last night and tried deleting any unessessary files, it's now 9.29MB I think? I'll upload it a bit later

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New link I hope it works

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I guess small boards can have trolls to.

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Just had a go of the "Answered Prayers" demo it seems I still have a lot to learn. Ah well back to the drawing board I go ^^;

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