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So, inspired by your enthusiasm for creating games, as well as by stormy weather outside, I've decided to create my own piece. Actually I've worked on it some time ago and right now it's in state of limbo, but I belive I'll finish this game at some point of time.

Anyway, the title's "Divinity Fatum". We walk around as girl, whose name for most of the game is unknown (so basically, her name is Nameless). She wakes up in a strange, empty town, not remembering who she was and how did she get here. Our objective is to escape this place. Along the way we may collect "clues" that give us symbolical informations about her, about town etc. Theoretically, the more clues we collect, the more new ones shows up. When we collect all the clues, we will be granted with complete ending, which answers all questions.

Altrough you can basically go to the end of the game, you can't see any of endings right now. Also, there are not so many clues out there. But anyway, enjoy whatever there is to enjoy.


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hmmm.... I like it. The music is touching. And the atmosphere, it has a nice feel. Strange game...

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wow this game is so touching and creepy D: I love it >w>

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Yea, that's how this game basically work. It's still not finished and many clues may not gave idea of what's going on and what's the story behind everything, but even that writing has it's meaning, belive me.

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Playing this now and I'm enjoying it. I'm never walking very far before I run into something. I look forward to the final version.

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Also, the English needs editing.

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It'd be nice if the "storybook" part allowed you to turn pages by pressing Enter, instead of being forced to stare at each page.

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Alright, played it to the end. You should've warned me about stairs, bro.

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Your description does not give this piece justice. It's much better than I expected. The audio and visuals are stunning. The only complaint I have with either of them is that the edges of the character sprite should blend with the background more, as it sticks out a bit too much. There's not much gameplay-wise, so I'd recommend adding something more. The player has little control, and pretty much follows a set path. I wouldn't recommend aimless wandering (or at least, not much of it; it could add to the effect if done well) or mazes more complex than what you have, however. Length-wise, its also quite short, but I commend you for actually giving a product that could be considered complete. Oddly enough, most of the time I didn't mind walking around a same-looking area, as it gave me time to think of what is going on, and to marvel at the music and art. I was actually a bit disappointed when I reached the top of the stairs, as I knew my time of reflection was almost over. I also thought the story was excellent (a few spelling/grammar errors), and tied the clues together quite well, and still left some room for interpretation. This isn't for people who dislike sad stories, however. While not a "true" Yume Nikki fangame, it really gave off a lot of the same feel.


tl;dr Good game, but needs some more in the way of gameplay. I'd recommend it to most people here, excluding the ones who can't take sad stories. If you don't like it, you'll only be out a few minutes.

I'm looking forward to future releases.
Also, what was this made with? Its files aren't in the same format as other games of /fg/.

Last edited 10/11/09(Tue)15:23.

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Gave it a shot since I saw the thread didnt die.
Totally worth the download.
Only played for about half an hour because I was so engrossed despite most of that time spent walking, and did notice some very minor grammatical errors, but nothing that screams fail.
continues to walk in search of more clues
Ive never had more fun walking in a game before...

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It was made with rpg maker xp.

Also, thanks for great review. To be honest I considered making this whole city more complex, but it would bore other players, which don't like to wander around aimlessly. That's also the reason behind a clue to "follow the light". Belive it or not, but many other players didn't even knew what they should do in this game and wandering just bored them, because nothing happened. I wouldn't say that all that wandering is bad thing. Many events can be found if one just stray from set path. Also have in mind, that it obviously lacks many cluses. I have written most of them down to remember them and they are meant to gradually show us the background of the game, but these are still not implemented. As for now I guess that only path that can tell us something is one with strange shadow, but even player still don't know it's identity, or why is it here. As for the length of the game. I also intentionally lead player to the end, so if they just want to read strange story, they can. I don't want to force players into aimless wandering if they don't want to. Also, depending on how many clues player will find, the ending will be different. On the other hand, if player just goes straight to the end, he or she will just see an ending that doesn't really explains much. Btw. as for ending, i wouldn't say that it's done completly. After reaching the throne I plan to add cut-scenes which actually can answer some of the questions.

Last edited 10/11/09(Tue)14:41.

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I'd say its given that the ending wasn't necessarily finished. The rest of the game is unfinished, why should I assume the ending isn't? My compliment, however, was directed towards the fact that you gave us something with a full story. If it were compared to a written book, it could be said that the current storyline is a short story and the finished storyline may be a full novel. Both have a beginning, middle, and an end, along with necessary details; a novel just has more to it. I find it nice that instead of a few pages of the novel, we have the short story that could become the novel. On another note, I rather like some open questions.

Also, to clarify, I meant wandering with no idea where to go. As it is, we do have direction, and I feel it makes this game better. Some wandering could be implemented by having secrets, as you stated. I would say that hints, such as the "Follow the Light", would make this better, though. Maybe something akin to Phoenix Wright, where careful examination of the clues could reveal something, might be fun (while still keeping it optional). However, if you want the player to wander a bit on their own, a compass would be helpful. One reason I didn't stray off the path much was because I was worried I wouldn't be able to find it again. I could've been overestimating the size of the city, however. A run button might also help in such exploration, and let more impatient people go through parts they deem "dull" faster. I know there were a couple of times I thought I was moving too slow.

The possibility of a run button opens up other doors, too. You stated that you debated making the city more complex, and this would get rid of the problems of doing so. I'd also like to see a little more variation in the city. It was nice, but adding some more ruined parts, nicer sectors, or similar changes might make it cooler. Then again, this could defeat the purpose, but you be the judge on that. This is your game, after all.

Remember, I'm just here to offer help. If what I said doesn't sound great to you, ignore it. Do what you feel will make this game better. You've done very well thus far, and I wish you luck in finishing it.

Two last notes:
Are the extra clues already in the game? I wasn't able to tell for sure in your post.
I'd like to apologize for the abhorrent post referrer in the middle of my previous post. My bad (edited out).

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Hmm... I could do some reference to Umineko, for example. Story goes like that: people get on an island, it gets cut out from the outside world and everyone dies one after another. Simple story. But when you read another chapters which discover new things, story becomes more complex. And the same thing is with this game. You can go right for the ending, giving you some vague clues on the way, but to really understand what is going on, player needs to spent some time on exploring.
About wandering. First of, I made this city quite small so player can find his/her way pretty easily. After all, player just needs to follow the light. I also don't want to force player to carefuly examine everything. That could lead to checking one thing few times and that could kill a flow. Imagine that player checked one thing out once, and started to wander around hoping that it made something else to apper, but actually he had to inspect that once more to make something happen. That would piss player off.
As for running, obviously I've thought about that aswell. First of all, main heroine has red stain on her chest. She also mentions that it hurts. Running with something like that surely isn't very pleasureable. Also this game's purpose is to force player into state of reflection, when he starts to think about various things while wandering around deserted city. If player could run, or walk even faster, it would kill this kind of mood, that even you mentioned. If i can be honest, she actually moved even slower before and that's just for the sake of putting player into that certain state. Of course, considering how game is like now, you pretty much just wander around and do nothing, but when all clues will be implemented, events will occur quite frequently.

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Sir, I've never been so touched by a game, and yours has really moved me inside, I am fully supporting this game, even if its a beta, i've never really though so much in a game where i've been walking on most of it.. This game really gave me some inspiration, kudos on your BGMs, they're rather encouraging, especially ''Beauty of sadness'', I must thank you for being the creator of this piece, you've made me arise from this huge hole of uncreativity i've been stuck for so long..

Last edited 10/11/10(Wed)21:18.

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Oh, about the music. It's not actually created by me. I've been searching on internet for some fine tune to enchant the mood, that's all. I'm no musician, unfortunately.

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The music is a tremendous addition to the mood, I must admit, and while it's a little disappointing you didn't compose it yourself, the way you implemented it really works... REALLY well. The atmosphere you create is one of forlorn solitude. Something about those empty streets with the flickering lights is really, terribly sad, in a way that isn't possible to describe. It's like the end of Lain or something.

The part where you walk out of the city into that white abyss is the absolute best though. I was so moved by that scene. It builds the perfect mood for whatever the ending is, when you finally add it in.

I can't wait to see the end of this one. :)

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Oh hey its me from earlier, about the music, it doesn't matter, it was a job well done, it wont make any changes to my opinion on Divinity Fatum, I love this game so much, thanks again!
This game gives me a lot of inspiration whenever I play it.

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Really all i can say is... This was a moving game. it was not only sad, but the tower "ending" was beautiful in a melancholic way..

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Good, that you saw ending as melancholic one. That was actually my intention.

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I got to the ned, and when she said the throne is stabbed my computer shut down ;_; I don't have any saves so what was next?

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Nothing actually, so you didn't miss a thing. Luckily for you, I haven't implemented any actual ending.

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the link is broken! and i really want to play it.

>> No.7376   [Delete]   [Edit]


Here you go.

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Argh! I hope you finish this!

I think I encountered a bug: One of rooms has a staircase. going up the stairs takes you to the roof of the building, where the background is moving rapidly upward. There's a railing, but it's broken on both sides so I can just walk off and onto thin air, and there's no way to go back down when you're done exploring the room :x

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Well, I' actually working on a prequel as for a side project, but anyway thanks for pointing that bug ^^

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File: 1307233905708.jpg -(309.4 KiB, 850x564) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I really love it, it engaged me like few other games on here have. Right up with Answered Prayers and .flow in making me think and want to know what's going on.
Hell, it puts me in a mood to write about it :)

A few things I'd suggest:
-Can you make it full screen? Its a bit of a strain for me to read with the size it is now, but that could just be my computer?
-Can you make it longer? ;A; I love it and wish it was longer/more complex
-Some variation in scenery maybe. I didn't mind the rain and sameness but I think that it would benefit from perhaps some different types of environments. Even if they were just more varied city settings.grungy slum, nice places, like the other poster said.
-Run button/ ability
-A few more filters maybe? I loved the rain filter, looked really good, and the bright and static filters were neat too. I dunno, perhaps a blueish or blue-green one would work well with the mood you are setting?

I can't wait til you update.

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File: 1307399710413.jpg -(438.7 KiB, 630x1480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I've mentioned, that I'm currently working on it's prequel. Basically, I've came up with idea how to make a three part saga. Birth is supposed to be the first part, telling us how the world in second part (first DF game that i've introduced) became as it is, and third part, bringing end to that world (lol spoiler). Anyway, this means, that I'll also restart working on first/second Divinity Fatum. Actually, I'm thinking about shrinking city a bit, to make it easier to explore. Many were complaining about speed in which main heroine moves, but how should i say it... If someone has a severe wound on their chest, they were laying on cold grond in rain for a long time etc etc no wonder they don't have energy to run or anything.

Also slower peace gives it a bit more melancholic and dreamy feeling, i guess.

Also, as a bonus I've prepared a very short demo of Divinity Fatum:Birth. Tell me what you think so far.

Divinity Fatum:Birth DL:

Last edited 11/06/06(Mon)15:35.

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File: 1307902096805.png -(504 KiB, 659x521) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Just played through the demo, and I must say... I'm impressed.

For one, I love the art. Beautiful. Another thing that I love is the music. It sets the mood in this game so well, it's just perfect.

The slow walking speed actually wasn't that bad, in my opinion. Certainly, it took me 20 minutes to get to >the end(?)...
But, ah, what the hell. Slow walking speed forces you to immerse yourself in the game, something which worked out just fine here in my opinion.

Can't wait for the finished version!

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I'm getting a "file not found"

>> No.7509   [Delete]   [Edit]

What file is missing?

>> No.7523   [Delete]   [Edit]

I'm not the same person but i got a "system2c file missing". Luckily i'm not retarded and moved it from another game. Probably won't hurt putting it in there though.

>> No.7524   [Delete]   [Edit]

Hm... is this system file, graphic or audio file? I'd appreciate it if you could upload it somewhere so I could add it into game folder. Tbh that's the first time i've heard about problem like that (i've also searched for this file on my pc and couldn't find it, yet the game works for me obviously).

>> No.7525   [Delete]   [Edit]

And this is what happens when i answer people when i'm a bit tipsy. Don't mind that answer, there is no need for a system2c file, in fact there is no system2c file in rpgxp so just ignore me. I was thinking of another game.

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Go-go-go, OP! Not exactly a fangame, awesome nonetheless!

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