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oh gee let's spam /fg/ with fangames lololol

"YOU ARE A VILLAIN". You have the ability to access people's dreams and destroy them. Whether or not you want to tells the tale.
Largely based on Yume Nikki (hub, stroll through dreams, collect effects) but the mood and "storytelling" is different.
None of the characters have names. The "main" characters are named by archetypes.
Finished Hub, Entry Point for the first world, and character sprite (beta).

Here's concept art as a preview since I can't take screenshots for some reason!

Last edited 10/10/05(Tue)17:15.

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Hello, please ignore that I suck and enjoy your first fanart
forgot to ink his eyebrows hhhh

I loved Villain-kun. Just for curiosity, what engine are you using to make it?

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I must say your sprite is pretty damn nice, OP.

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File: 1286405399499.png -(22.5 KiB, 800x533) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

omg thank yoooouuuuu w

I use VX since I can't get XP again. While I am a ~master~ at XP, some tricks (such as the Jellyfish effect) won't work with four sprites.

Thank you! Drew it from scratch. It's my first genuine "pixel"-art I've ever done, and thus the most work I've encountered. D:
It took me like 2 days, because no matter how nice it looked, once it was in the program his alignment, legs and poncho went absolutely berserk. I was instantly reminded of the mall people.
But now I know how to tweak and adding effects is rather easy.

Anyways, here's a better look at Villain's sprite, plus the first two effects. Glasses let you see some extra things. Jellyfish lets you fly around quickly (this game's version of the bike).

Some more insight; you break dreams by killing the person at the source. Weapon is Letter Opener. You'll miss a lot if you kill the dreamers right off the bat, since the dream will break apart and won't come back. Just a heads up, since you find the letter opener in the dreamer's room, and temptation may strike. Like a letter opener to the face.

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Are still working on this because I must admit Villain looks freakin cool

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Ooh. I likey, OP, I likey.

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File: 1287022349564.png -(32.7 KiB, 800x533) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Composing music is so much fun where were you all my life Anvil Studio

But giving Villain arms is way harder to do than it should be. :c

Crown does nothing but sparkle, Nightgown alters how Villain perceives everything to his/her (I don't even know man) tastes.

Coming soon; Puppy! Actual maps! Concept crap! In reverse order!

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File: 1287024083678.png -(233.2 KiB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Concept crap!

This is the first MuBoRu anything I've ever drawn. Like, no deratives, I made this shit up on the spot.

I've only got Lady and Lawless' worlds down, since Lady is the first world and Lawless is the one character who is actually fond of you.

Hey, insight from you guys; what sounds better, a fire poker, a letter opener, or the ability to choose either?

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Bottom left south facing walking animation has a "haters gonna hate" feel.

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I like the fire poker, but you should let both available. I don't think other fangames have weapon choices, too, so it would help to give that different feel.
...or something OTL
Actually, (in my head) Villain would look good with a (pistol-grip) drill... Or a grass cutter... Or with a shovel... -the girl who loves unusual/gardening weapons-

Now I have to figure out how to draw Lawless without making him look derpy...

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File: 1287351895770.png -(336.2 KiB, 910x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I finished that at 4AM (suddenly my tripcode makes sense) so it looks totally derpy

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File: 1293134900148.png -(116.8 KiB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

wow hey what has it been, months? I bet it's been months. Drew out some maps, putting them in the game atm. Waaauuughhh, been so lo~ng! And drawing sprites is still stupidly hard. :I

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File: 1293150036213.png -(170.1 KiB, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

There we go, screens. Back to work with me.

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o: i love spriting, i want to sprite v-san in traditional yume nikki style may I?

Last edited 10/12/23(Thu)20:35.

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Knock yourself out! I always love feedback in face of my incredibly laziness.
back to spritiiiiiing nragh

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I really want to play this~

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is this done yet? I really want to play this now~

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