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well, i've had an idea for a fangame, but haven't gotten anywhere on it on RPGmaker, i already have what she looks like and all. but i was wondering what uboachans thinks about my idea <3~

The game is a about a girl that has dreams (duh) that are based on her only life before her computer was taken away (GASPERZ) which was pretty much otaku/NEET with no outside life except for school (she doesn't attend to :P) so her dreams are filled with animu and shit. possibly might put some fujoshi in <3. and there will be scary stuff, i dunno what. her past life that was filled with OMGZERZ HAWT ACTORZ, GOZZIP GOZZIP, DOZ THIS MINI DRESS MAKE ME LOOK BIG? which with some face changes and scary uneeded music it can be uber duber scary <3~

I know my idea is shit but i've always wanted to make something bigger than a 2 second animation or fail artz. quick idea is quick

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age ten years before posting again please and thank you

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I hope this is ironic.

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