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hi there uboachan.

since playing yume nikki and seeing the theories about it, i have started making a fan game called STRANGER.

you play as Hakura, trapped in another world and the door is locked. there is a gate that leads you to the nexus which has 5 doors with 5 different people on them. through those doors are 3 other doors. the goal is to collect all of the effects and explore all the people's rooms, which describe their lives. there are 25 effects and once you collect them all the door unlocks and you get back to the real world. and in the end, Hakura meets all the people in a epic montage. :D

the thing is, i have had very little experience in game creating with the switches and such, and i dont know which program i should use. got anything ?

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Since you've got the RPG maker sheet set up, why not use that? Also, the idea sounds pretty interesting. Sort of reminded me of that movie about the people you meet in heaven or something like that.

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Yeah....RPG maker 2000 is pretty simple to use. I'd go with that since you've already got the setup, but that's just me, and I'm lazy. The game idea sounds interesting.

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