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I am in the design stage of my own YN fangame, and just want to share my random thoughts (btw, I'm the lolwut guy)...

  • A big problem with YN-type games is that it can take forever to get to some places. How do you guys feel about some kind of 'warp' effect that can take you to the more out-of-rech place?

This would work by:
1) Obtaining the actual 'warp' effect.
2) Activating an obscure area's 'warp point', if it has one.
Really, I guess this is a souped-up Medamaude.

*Money. Now, it doesn't seem that there's much to do with money if you go to the trouble of obtaining it. Some thoughts:
1) Sodas should have short-term effects. Right now I'm thinking speed boost, like you're character's on a sugar rush.
2) Gachapons! Scattered around the dream worlds will be gachapon machines that will give you a random figurine. There will be different sets to collect: mecha, showgirl, etc. They will be displayed on a shelf in your dream bedroom.


  • Headless. When equipped, all sound is muted. This may or may not play into a gameplay puzzle later on.

*Spider. The player can walk over wall tiles, to climb hills etc.

*Camera. You carry a camera and can essentially take screenshots. These can be kept in a photo album to look at. I'm also thinking that you could be required to go 'event-hunting', where you need to photo unique creatures/areas.

*Slime. You can step on liquid tiles and absorb them. Once you have a liquid inside you, you can use it on creatures/objects/etc. For example, absorb water and use it on a fire to put it out.

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Actually, some of the things you said (slime, collectables) I was going to have in my game. But, whatever. Sounds good, I like the headless effect with the soundproofing, it would be pretty awesome.
Looking forward to some concept art later down the road...good luck.

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My project have (has? since I may change back to 2003 due to VX being a bitch I don't know if it will still work) a doll collection system that kinda works like that, except you find half of them in random places and the other half would be buyable. And effects would also have a showcase (for example, when you got the loose hair effect a stand with a wig would show up in a room in your house; might be the same room where dolls showed up). I also had a camera effect in mind, but it was just for fun (no event-hunting stuff), and I kinda dropped it because I was too lazy to make more effects. I also planned on making a warp effect, except it transported you to a random location in the map you were. I don't know if I'll still do it...

I actually like those ideas. Headless sounds cool, and it's not that hard to program, since you just need an event with a condition that stops all sounds when you have it equipped. (herpderp eventing nonsense) Spider is a cool concept but it might need a lot programing to work properly... It depends if you're making your game in RPGMaker, though.
Looking forward to it!

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