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Hey guys, I have a request. In my long unending search to find Yume Nikki fangames, I'm actually almost done. I just need on game. Kudaranu Mousou No. Any places I can look that has a reliable download? The website it was on gives me 404 errors. Any help is appreciated.

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Willing to share your collection?
'Cause here's a link for ya

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Thanks. Pretty much my collection is made up of this thread. http://uboachan.net/fg/res/3881.xhtml
But if you need help with getting any games, I could upload something.

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It's nowhere on the loda pages and the NicoNico fangame list says it "stopped publishing". Seems like Melth stopped releasing Kudaranu for some reason...?
I was trying to find a download link for it, too. Thanks a lot.

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Alright, both old (0.01) and new (0.02) versions of Kudaranu seem to be the only fangames that I had problems when extracting. When I open the rar with applocale, the japanese filenames are all messed up, and this makes the game impossible to play =<
I'd try to change the whole computer's locale to japanese but the last time I did that it crashed and freezed all the time, so I dunno what to do

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You use WinRar? WinZip? Those suck balls at fangame extracting.
Get 7-Zip instead.

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hurr durr now I feel stupid
thanks, it worked.

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What did I write my 99% panacea post for?! It is perfectly outlined there that you should use 7-zip T_T

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Yeah, I know, that's why I feel stupid

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