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File: 1279376445667.png -(29.6 KiB, 400x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Well my Zisel idea went down the drain, so I'm gonna try in the fangame business.
It's called Melodia, and as the title suggests, it focuses on music.
You play as Analiese, a young girl whom locked herself up from the outside world, and wants nothing to do with it.
Like Yume Nikki and all fangames, you explore your dreams, but instead of collecting effects, you collect [as ironic as it sounds] melodies, which reminds her of the good times she had in the outside world.
I'mma gonna be using RPG Maker 2003, if not, 2000.
Contributions are welcome, too!
Pic related. Title screen.

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ah, this sounds like a really interesting idea.. i hope it goes alright for you. please post some more ideas?

maybe 2k3 would be best, since it has the features of both/you can use resources from both in your game, but are still using a later version.

if you want to think of it in terms of YN fangame status, i believe that YN is made in 2k3, so theres also that.

anyway, good luck with your game. i look forward to seeing more about it.

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Heyo. Not much of an update ( Still camping OTL ) but more of a question.
When I try to upload a teleset, character set or background into RPG Maker 2003, I always get something like 'Invalid Color Palate'.
And tips? I would TRUELY appreciate it.

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you have to convert them into 256 color PNG's

You have to have the right program for that, though.

I personally use The Gimp for all my spriting/tileset making.

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OKAY. With your help I now have the title screen up and running!
All I need to do now is the character sprites and tile sets.

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File: 1280191328508.png -(9893 B, 365x458) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

For the meantime, have some official art.
I notice alot of the characters for the fangame are white [Save for Zi, but he ain't human], so I decided 'Hey, why not make things abit different?'
BTW, her hair is dyed, hence why it's blue.

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I think her hair should be darker, the bright blue looks a bit odd. Other than that, she looks awesome. +1 to the hoodie party.

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File: 1280203568387.png -(5086 B, 288x256) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yes I know, MORE Mado recolors.
But there ain't no effects designated to her.
Also a little humor for the pinch sprites.

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File: 1280245953443.png -(9401 B, 288x256) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The blue one is happiness, the green one is jealousy/envy, the purple one is calmness, the b+w one is annoyance, the yellow one is modesty, the red one is anger, the grey one is emotionless, and the teal one is sadness.
Each one has a different role in he game. For right now, Modesty-Tan is the melody holder, and Emotionless-Tan is the wake up point.

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Bumpin' cause I AM ALIVE NOW!
My internet had gone down and now it's back up again.
I've been working long and hard on this game.
The intro, the ending, the scripting, the instructions, THE WORKS.

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> Long and hard

I lol'd.
Anyway give us a small hint about the ending? > w >

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Ahaha. Puns XD

'Nyways, I may as well give a small spoiler for the intro + ending. So if you are a psiwolf or something like that, don't read, kay?

*It basically involves her twin sister, Anistasia. Something happens to her which beaks Analiese's heart, and her condition begins to worsen to the point she's nothing more but a vegetable, so the doctors take her off of life support.
Devastated, Analiese locks herself up into her room, the outside world reminding her of nothing but the pain that was given to her and her sister.
Gameplay, you go to the TV, and wait 'till you fall asleep, that's when you dream (Kinda like .flow, but involves the television, doop).
Her dreams begin to place TV-tans (placeholders for the melodies until I find something more suitable) and play melodies that remind her of the good times she had with her sister and family in the outside world. (Also cameos of her sister as an angel also appear.)
Somewhere along the lines after you collect all the melodies, you wake up and you find that you're a spirit. You go out the door, and you find Anistasia's spirit waiting for you. The two of you embrace and move on into the next world.*

It's still a beta, but that's what I got plotted right now.

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I like this a lot
No soysauce, a reason why she stays locked up in her room, music etc...
Finish it today >:U

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This is version .01 right now, got some placeholder tilesets from LCDDEM since I cannot create a tileset for my LIFE. Expect changes in the next version.

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I'm liking this so far, though at the moment I can't really crit very much.

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The file is really big... it may just be my shitty computer, but it's even too big for virustotal to scan...
I have yet to try it as I've been busy but I'm about to fire it up...
I'll edit this post to give my thoughts when I'm done.
It looks and sounds interesting...

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I'm sorry for no updates on this, and the bump as well.
But the game has been put onto hiatus. Don't worry, I'll be working on it again soon. Just.... have to take care of school first.

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Hello, Sakura-Sun. I tell you a serious problem about this game.
Are their file makes the composition up your own original thing? The other day, The gameplay movie was uploded on the Nico-Nico Douga(Sorry, this movie is deleated now by the uploder). However, the many viewer posted comments and pointed out that the chipset or tileset is made up of {.flow} and {LecDem}. In addition, is the music appropriation of the others' Original music? Sakura-Sun, Is their indications really ? If they are fact, you should deleate the uploaded files as soon as. And If you last this project yet, you should made up your own materials, dots or music and etc.
I am Japanese. My English isn't very well. Sorry.

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The game is still a beta, therefore chipsets and tilesets are borrowed from other games.
Once I try to make my own [or find someone who can], and create my own music, I will remove the ones I borrowed.
Thank you for your concern.

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File: 1297652813289.png -(16.4 KiB, 638x475) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I agree, it was a bit much to use stuff straight from lcd dem.

Did you sprite this area? If you did, it's really nice looking.
If it's an issue of that you can't sprite, I understand, but perhaps you should make some sprites for people to critique or ask for help rather than just take other people's work. That being said, I know that may have been hard to hear, but I really liked that concept of the game. Reminds me of EarthBound/MOTHER where you collect 8 melodies. I saw the debug ending, but it was kinda confusing. Same for the intro, which was more than anything WTFish, but you may have been going for that.

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Thank you for your kind reply! I hope you succeed in your project.

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