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lit. Dreams, Fantasies After All.
This is a new game in /yume2kki/ in loda.
It's...Pretty much all over the place currently, but I feel it might be pretty good in a while.
Pic related, you get the Gameboy (?) effect from this place.

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File: 1279021190113.jpg -(27.4 KiB, 660x520) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Well, I did say it was all over the place.
PS this is the "real" world, and he's still holding the sword effect. The room's pretty broken too, there's quite a few places that you can walk through etc.

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Aren't words really overused? Isn't that the SHINEEEEE word used with Sabi?

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File: 1279021653759.jpg -(25 KiB, 660x520) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm done with the pictures of this game, it's too filled with suck right now. I'll say it again, I think it'll be alright eventually.
(Yume2kki was pretty all over the place at the time too)

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File: 1279022057522.jpg -(13.1 KiB, 489x164) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ok, so I lied.
Empty World (complete with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING) -> Classroom thing -> This.
Well, I guess we just wait.

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Hey D00Dman, uhm, let me say something.

I don't know if you should go around.. like... posting screens of everything before people get a chance to play, y'know? It might ruin some of the surprise for them. This isn't bad, but, like, with the Y2N thread, y'know? Part of these games is the mystique of being taken over by surprising things... posting a ton of screens from the game right at the top before people get to play might ruin that. Not trying to sound offensive or anything :X, please don't misconstrue...

That said, time to try this game out :3


Played a bit. This game is still -very- much in dev mode, as D00D said.

The character has flashin' hair x3
I kinda wondered why the guy released such an obviously untested version (you can walk right up most of the tiles and stuff).

Edit: Holy shit, I got a GET!

Last edited 10/07/13(Tue)08:01.

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>>4666 You forgot the GET. (it IS four thousand six hundred and sixty six)
As for the comment itself:
I see.
I guess I'll stop doing this now.
That said, the screens were made a few days after it's release, but I do get your point. I won't do it again, or maybe just the last parts of an area that I find really interesting.
Also, I'll keep posting the new computer/TV things, since they're random and they should be documented. Some of them are downright beatiful.
And yes, the character has flashy hair~ Which just adds to the massive amounts of WIN this game has.
By the way, I have a feeling the room that's completely black is a failed scripted event (ie moving backgrounds that didn't work etc)

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>>4666 woot!

It's cool to post some screens, y'know? Don't worry about it too much, just don't, y'know, ruin the surprise for others :3

I would like to see this game worked on some more, any fangame can become a good fangame with enough love!

Also, I haven't opened the file or anything, but the dark room might not be a failure. In a YN fangame, a room made out of nothing is something that is totally acceptable.

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>>4670 True, but a room with absolutely nothing is also a little dull...Y'know what I'm saying?

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But nothing can convey a lot of emotion.
Empty, pointless, desolate blackness.

that, and the game is still in eggmode, they might do something to it.

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I'm bumping this because the artist has now posted his new loda adress:
This is probably going to get good.

Last edited 10/07/17(Sat)03:49.

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Bump because its had a few updates that are quite good
Although it still is very sucky and glitchy, I kinda like it

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