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We already have threads for almost all the fangames in existence but there is no general discussion thread.

This one was made for fun like talking about our favorite locations-events-npcs, comparisons, speculations about things we might see in the future etc.

(source of the pic: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=11410620 )

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For starters. What locations come first to your mind when you think about the certain game?

For me.
Yume 2kki - Buddha world, library, japanese town
.flow - the one with the huge red eye on background
Yume Nisshi - winter world
not sure about the others.

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For me it's like this:
2kki: japantown, hospital
.flow: underwater, the one with the eye on the background
Nisshi: school (is it really a school?)
Inspiration: bright colored town
Hallucigenia: the room where the game starts...

What about favorite NPCs?

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YN: No one specific area pops to mind. Fave NPC was Kyuu :B
Y2N: The place before the chainsaw, but after the hospital. My favorite NPC was the green blocky-dude inside of the teleporter world
Flow: Underwater maze. Most memorable NPC was the girl tangled up in the vines... ; _ ;
Inspiration: The Night Club Place. NPC: I'm-Busy-Standing-Here Guy
Dreamscaper: School-World. (I had fun reading the background :B). NPC: The girl in Dark-Stuff Place.

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Y2N. Blue red-eyed thingies from Buddha world, blue blocky alien from the teleport world, the bartender, that horned thing from the gallery, the masked artist, the dancer and her bunnies. Those are the most favorite.
.flow. Kaibutsu
Yume Nisshi. That poor injured long-haired boy in the world with lots of spikes
Hallucigenia. Pink, Purple and Black
くだらぬ妄想の. Green...snake? I guess Jose also counts as an NPC.
sickmind. Probably the checkered girls.
Dreamscaper. Green-haired girl.

Favorite effects.
Y2N. Maiko, school uniform (aka the officer), wolf
.flow. Headphones, witch
Dreamscaper. Witch, headphones, jester
Yume Nisshi. Doll

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I forgot to put my own list of NPCs. =|

2kki: Bartender-san
.flow: The Kaibutsu, specially when they laugh madly. Did they take that off or am I missing something?
Nisshi: Nanashi-kun (kid at the spike area)
Inspiration: ...everyone, but my favorite is the guy with the scarf at the museum-like place. I gotta start naming them...
Hallucigenia: Murasaki/Purple
Kudaranu: Uhh, if Jose counts...

2kki: BAIKU
.flow: Limbless body
Inspiration: dunno if it count as effect but the color-changing drinks are cool

Ugh, I'm so lazy

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Some misc. things
(Hallucigenia) What is Aya's gender? The original looks more like a guy to me, but I highly doubt that the white-haired one is male.
(くだらぬ妄想の) I think Jose's "girlfriend" will be the third playable character. The fourth might be Jose's little sister.

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So, in my head there is a magical land where all fangame characters make crazy stuff together. I was actually going to write about it but since the fic itself was getting too serious to put all the gag-ish stuff, I kinda gave up writing and let my mind go wild with them. Thanks to that I have a personality for the characters that's very different from what most people believe and, in some cases, is very different from the creator's view. Since we now have a general thread I'll post it here. But I'll warn you, it's a long list of characters and it's probably not worth reading.

Madotsuki (YN): She's a very serene girl. Not easy to amuse, not easy to scare, not easy to get any emotion out of her. Very balanced. She's pretty much the guide and veteran to the other characters.

Poniko and Uboa (YN): They're not main characters but they show up constantly. Poniko is a very tsundere (wat) girl that wants everyone to believe she hates them and she doesn't like to keep company. Uboa, on the other side, is outgoing and clingy; It's usually found holding Alex's ankle.

Urotsuki (.2kki): Mostly cheerful and fun-loving, but gets mad very easily. Frequently goes on rampages. Also very frequently drunk.

Sabitsuki (.flow): Quiet and serious. Very geeky, gets excited when talking about technology and computers in general. Also somewhere in my head she talks to Okamitsuki on Skype.

Usotsuki (Nisshi): She doesn't really like getting too close to people, and gets very rage-y when there's too much people around. Which is the case mosf of the time. She's also a sadist.

Alex (Inspiration): My initial vision of him was of a very smart person, the big brother of the group, always calming down everyone. But Amoyu's (romanization might be wrong) fanarts made Alex become a guy who gets despeare too easily to be actually reliable for something. He's drawing most of the time, and carries a sketchbook and his beloved pencil everywhere.

Kazenori (Solitude): The only thing that can describe him is "HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY CAFFEINE STARLIGHT ENJOY LIFE". He's extremely hyper and cheerful no matter what happens to him and he deeply cares for his friends. He's also usually mistaken for a girl.

Jade (Hostage Diary?): Very rude, self-centered and demanding. She absolutely hates kids, and thus hates almost everyone she'll ever get to meet. Even though Oni said she's very quiet I always picture her as a loud girl who speaks everything that's in her mind no matter how offending it is.

Aya (Hallucigenia): It's hard to talk about her because I see her as a completely silent girl/boy/genderless whatever. She changes completely according to the effect. Purple is a cheerful guy, Black is a serious adult male, Red is creeeeeeeepy, etc.

Asura (Nightmare): It's a bit strange to make an alternate personality of my own character but whatever. She cares about nothing that's going on around her and states that everyone else is too crazy for her. Except she goes crazy constantly, having no idea of what "personal space" means, always getting way too close to everyone, and trolling around.

Kazaguruma (Kudaranu): I'm not sure what the rest of the fandom thinks, but for me he's a boy. A huge trap, but a boy. He's Kazenori's BFF, being cheerful like him, but not as loud and hyper. He's also a bit airheaded.

Jose (Kudaranu): GARtender. Manly, I-don't-fucking-care on the outside, but deep inside he's just as cute as a little girl. He cares for people younger than him (mostly everyone). He also found out about Kazaguruma's gender in the worst way possible; looking under his skirt. But even with that people still won't question his manliness.

Irotsuki (Dreamarbleng?): Alex's self-proclaimed best friend and (also self-proclaimed) apprentice, even though she works with a brush and not a pencil. Can't do anything by herself; she always needs help to do everything, including painting.

Okamitsuki (Okumu Denwa): I haven't really thought about him for long, but he believes he's been raised by wolves. Very talkative.

Zi (Somnia): He's kind of a solidified shadow, able to morph his body in many ways, and copying someone else's shape, while still looking like a shadow. He smiles constantly and the only thing he's able to say is "Zi", making him hard to understand.

So uuh, there are characters I didn't list here because there's nothing relevant to say about them. My mind world is already too crowded with my 987427874327 original characters and there's not a definitive personality for all of the fangame characters.

tl;dr everyone's a big happy family inside a fangirl's head

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I would definitely like to read this stuff, regardless if it was a comic or fan fic or whatevs. <:3

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I'd read it.
It's like a mandala of where all the y.n./y.n.f.g. characters start to relate to each other inside of one person's point of view.

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Lol, I guess she kind of can be a bitch now that you really mention it. Jade isn't nice but she normally isn't mean unless she's feeling cranky.

Anway I should admit that sometimes I do the same thing. (have characters interact in a world inside my head, etc) Normally they have a set location for an extended period of time. Right now they get a Japanese style mansion, like the one from Summer Wars. Jade stops by like every now and they but otherwise it's pretty much Popn Music and One Piece characters, both OCs and Non-OCs. Also me as well, and we all talk about different things either going on in my life or some drama shit if I feel like it. It's entertainment for the brain, really.

ramblerambleramble The latest that's happened is Jade introducing other lucid dreamers/fangame characters. Blah.

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>Zi (Somnia): He's kind of a solidified shadow, able to morph his body in many ways, and copying someone else's shape, while still looking like a shadow. He smiles constantly and the only thing he's able to say is "Zi", making him hard to understand.

I hope nobody gets a pokeball effect and uses it on Zi in your world :B

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...So now I realized that Zi is a black Ditto
I'm gonna get my pokeballs now, excuse me!

Really? Somehow this encourages me to make some comic strips about it or something, but since I fail at drawing I dunno if I should;

It's fun to do things like that~ Me and my friends like to roleplay random characters, so we created an alternate dimension where all characters of the universe end up. Usually it was in random places but since we exploded Hanekoma's cafe (from The World Ends With You), the dimension ended up centered inside the reconstructed cafe (which is now some kind of huge hotel or something).

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File: 1279221861161.png -(3938 B, 250x250) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Zi (Somnia): He's kind of a solidified shadow, able to morph his body in many ways, and copying someone else's shape, while still looking like a shadow. He smiles constantly and the only thing he's able to say is "Zi", making him hard to understand.

I had to draw this.

Edit: Shameless advertising.

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My day have been brightened due to this ; w ;

Do you mind if i submit it to my Somnia folder on DA? (of course i'll give you credit and everything, even linkin' to your DA if you have one / want to tell people about it)

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Yowwie! Do you have a DA account?
Can we be friends on there?
On another note, who's the girl in the green shirt and skirt in OPs pic?
What game is she from?

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>Do you mind if i submit it to my Somnia folder on DA?

Go right ahead! If you do, I'll leave a comment. c:

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Mah DA~ I submit game related art on there and some other stuff, so lookin' at my profile might be a little spoiler-ish.

I'll get right on submitting it :D

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Most o' my art is either:
drawings of wolves

There ARE a quite a few beta things about my game there however.

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>On another note, who's the girl in the green shirt and skirt in OPs pic? What game is she from?

Isoshiki from Madoro-mu, the game I haven't played yet

EDIT: wait I think it's actually Isokishi
idk man

Last edited 10/07/16(Fri)10:29.

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Yume 2kki: The theme park, or as I like to call it, the Coney Island Disco Park
.Flow: I love the whole game. I can't pick one particular area out of them all.
LcdDem: The park, the flood plain, trypophobia land.

I've played most of the other fangames but I don't really have much opinion on them.

Y2N: Dancing girl, the clowns, and a bunch more I don't know the name of.
.Flow: The Kaibutsu, that underwater mechanic, the (robot?) maids.
LcdDem: Swing Alien. Also even though she doesn't quite count, Chie's mom.

Y2N: Small, Bike+Wolf, Spring, Cake, and while not an effect, the 'split in half' deal.
.Flow: Mechanical Limbs, Slime, Arm, Witch, Neon

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I picture Sabitsuki having a major ASFR deal going on. In particular, a desire to be at least partially robotic.

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