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1) Make sure you have Japanese language installed on your system.
2) Install Applocale (http://alcahest.perso.sfr.fr/perso/apploc/applocale.html) and all the patches for it (those're on the same site)
3) Install Japanese RTP (http://www.famitsu.com/freegame/rtp/2000_rtp.html) with Applocale (if you installed all the stuff for AppLoc from the step above, you have to just right-click the installer and click "Locale Japanese")
4) Install 7-Zip (http://www.7-zip.org/download.html) - that is kinda vital!
5) Run 7-Zip with Applocale
6) Unzip/unrar your fangame with Applocaled 7-Zip (right-click on 7-Zip.exe, choose "Locale Japanese", then extract your fangame with what you've launched)
7) Download RPG_RT.exe (in case there's none in the fangame package - use http://www.mediafire.com/?mmk32nn2jtm) and put it into your desired fangame directory
8) Run RPG_RT.exe with Applocale
9)You might also need to rename your fangame's folder to some English/numeric name (if your fangame's folder's name is in Japanese/any other language than English)

If even this doesn't help, then I don't even know what would. No wait, I know...

Instead of step 4) take this step:
4) Set your system's non-unicode language to Japanese (Start -> Control Panel -> Language and bla (globe icon) -> the third tab, something about non-unicode programs) -> change language to Japanese in the drop-down menu
5)Restart your PC
6)Now unpack your desired fangame
7)Try playing it now.

If even THIS doesn't work, then...

8)Set your non-unicode language back to what it used to be
9)Restart PC
10) Unpack your fangame without Applocale or anything
11) Copy all of the files in the fangame folder you extracted while your non-unicode language was Japanese
12) Paste them to the folder with the same fangame extracted without Applocale/non-unicode language change (like in step10)
13) Try playing your game now (with Applocale)

Now if all of this is of no help, I don't know... it's 90%, not 100% working recipe.

Last edited 10/07/25(Sun)13:01.

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Name#password for normal tripcode, Name##password for secure tripcode.

By the way, if the fangame you're installing has a self-extractor (like all recent versions of Yume2kki), just run the .exe file with Applocale set to Japanese.

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I thought it was Name!Password. At least that's what I do.
EDIT: Guess both work.

Last edited 10/07/11(Sun)07:33.

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Hey, as there are too much download/play troubles, I think this could use a bump, eh?

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<3 Due South. love that show's first season. lol

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Uhm, what about Windows 7 users?

Are we just sorry outta luck? Because it's stillnot working for me.

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Bumpin' so people won't go asking around "how do I launch this"

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I have vista and it won't even install Applocale. I guess it just doesn't work then

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Just switch the Reigon to Japanese, that should make things work out fine.

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Actually, for Vista and 7, you just have to run the Applocale installer in "previous windows version" compatibility mode. (It worked for me, at least)

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