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I'm thinking about someshit. However, Im not that good at pixels, or good 'creepy' images. or yknow, all the things that make it yume nikki-ish. Should I keep bothering with this, yes or no?

Idea so far: Demon guy. Chitsuki is the only name I can think of (lolBloodmoon?) and hes a shut-in. Using a telewarper or something I havnt thought about yet, he goes and studies around the Worlds Connected (angel, wingged demon, humanoid, .. girl) until he is respected and admired (skill obtain, appearance change magic, etc). Angel world hates him, but if he gets angel skill they dont mind, but humans are scared and demons hate him, etc like that.
If no one cares, I'll just practice more til Im not as lazy. Nyeh.

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i liked this! But half of the bed is in the wall, and the table isn't.. but the spriting is well done.

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the walls are still from the rpg maker xp rtp thing, and after I make my own I'll fix the bed and table. Im just too tired to bother with it tonight. Blah.

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I like the idea. PLus, I like the way you sprite.
I would be very interested in seeing you develop this :3

I know there is a Chiritsuki, but I don't think there is a Chitsuki.

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I kinda have his room finished now. and this angel dude who gives the Angel effect, I guess.. Still unsure how this game's gonna end up. I could use some idea people...

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If you want to discuss this game via IM, you can get my IM info from my dA here: http://yowesephth.deviantart.com/

(Just offering because, sometimes, private discussions are better for keeping the mystique of a game alive.)

I am sure if we talked, I could help you come up with a few ideas.

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