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Yume Nikki: Gensou is a game that plays very similar to Soul Dream (due being made by the same person), except that it's like Metroidvania, you level up and explore a castle which seems to be in Pastel Lake. You'll find other levels based on the original Yume Nikki in this game.
You have to download the 90 MB file shown in the link above. And you'll need WinRar to extract it.

You can play as Madotsuki, Monoko, Monoe, Masada, and Poniko. But in order to unlock Monoko, Monoe, Masada, and Poniko you must finish the game with Madotsuki first.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pbu1fNFzThQ Video of the final bosses.

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Already posted
Also it's called "Houchou Shoujo Gensoukyoku," not "Yume Nikki: Gensou".
But, yeah, decent game. Gravity was pretty poor and certain enemies were a bit tougher than they should be last time I played.

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Well, I called it "Yume Nikki: Gensou" due that's the name of the WinRar file (as well the link where you see the screenshots and such in the creator's site). By the way, has anyone found out what exactly does the last 3 crystal balls? I know the first 3 are used to open a door, but I never found an use to the other ones.

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Madotsuki = Balanced, but her FACE attack is OP
Monoko = Perfect for chains, slightly OP summon attack.
Monoe = High attack power, but somewhat low defense and all melee. Horrible for some bosses.
Poniko = mostly OP Her UBOA form allows her to fly at the cost of her health and to set bombs that causes a lot of damage.

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I played as Masada and here's what I think of him:
Masada = Mostly balanced, but his skills are OP. The major drawback is his low SP.

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Wonderful game, and lots of fun to just play over and over again. Now I only wish someone would translate it...all the text on the ending is making me VERY curious.

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The last three crystal balls offer Madotsuki new techniques. Most notable is the black crystal ball, which gives her the FACE attack.

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What the guy really needs to do is make an update that is an English translation! I hate how you can't understand anything that is in text! :(

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baumpu for interest

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Are there any LP's of this? I can't seem to find level 3 again.

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I could do a LP of it. If Uboachan isn't asleep, I could stream it on Wedsneday?

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Woot! Just finished the game today. I just wish someone could translate the ending already! I would kill to know what Poniko was crying about.

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