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File: 1276330754117.jpg -(29.6 KiB, 843x778) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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(I revised this post on 6/29/2010)

My YN inspired game is called Somnia.
You play as a small little gray guy (featured to the left)

Now, what makes this game different enough to be interesting? They are:

  1. Your character isn't dreaming, he's part of a dream world. Zi lives inside of a huge, nebulous cloud, made up of all kinds of dreams!
  2. There will be more RPG elements in this game than the standard YN fangame. There will be talking characters, and a few fights, even. Still, however, the primary focus of the game is exploration and seeing things and interacting with them, as well as collecting fragments, which will be the effects of this game!
  3. Aside from the content I get from some very wonderful people at this site (I thank you guys! Seriously, I love you guys for helping me!), I'll be doing as much of the games content from scratch as humanly possible. The sprites and tilesets that are being implemented in this game are all self-made (like I said, aside from what people on this site make to help me), so it won't look like a big recolor.

I have been working on it for ... wow, only 2 weeks. But I still have a bunch of stuff done, but I am still looking to add a lot more stuff! I want this game to be big!
I'll be looking for a bit of help (Maybe not too much, I still want to be in control of where this goes and all, But some help here and there is very welcome), so if you are interested, I'll be happy to have you on-board!
If you want to contact me, and maybe become a part of what I am doing, you can either note me on DA: http://yowesephth.deviantart.com/
Or get my IM information (which would be on my DA page)

Below are some pictures of characters who should appear in the game, as well as updates and whatnot~!

Last edited 10/06/29(Tue)00:17.

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File: 1276330890169.jpg -(26.2 KiB, 547x417) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This little guy has a name already (I have tried not to name most of the characters, but someone suggested a name for this guy and it stuck)

His name is Kidnabun!

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File: 1276330974850.jpg -(42.5 KiB, 444x585) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This fellow is a strange little robot.
I call him S.A.R.0, but that sounds like a robot model name, and not like an individual name.

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File: 1276331066812.jpg -(16.8 KiB, 498x302) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It's a sad...blob....
He might pop up at some point.

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File: 1276331409301.jpg -(140.2 KiB, 1280x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

A few of my friends have taken to calling this guy the ladder man, due to an early picture I did of him. When/if I find it, I'll post it later.

I don't want to spoil the surprise too much of what I have planned, so I'll leave some of the more interesting character art out until I get them up and running in the game~

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File: 1276331997464.png -(8639 B, 614x524) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Zi's current sprites.

I will probably add more depth to them as I go on, these look decidedly flat.

Though that may be a direction to consider, yeah?

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Oh my, it looks so cute. <3
waitwat, he'll blink in some part?
And... great characters you designed, bro.

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File: 1276337824037.png -(716 B, 72x32) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I still have to consider some things before I'll know if I want to implement this

But if there is a dream world and an awake world, his eyes will be open in the awake world, and closed in the dream/mesmerized world.

Currently in the process of making sprites for Kidnabun.

... I really didn't consider what color to make him. Maroon/pink/whatever this color is oddly suits him...

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File: 1276349002689.png -(2143 B, 109x77) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I could have a go at making some sprites. Maybe?
Here's a sample of my work. :D

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File: 1276350115723.png -(29.2 KiB, 320x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'd very much welcome any help!
At the moment, I seem to have spriting under control, sorta (don't want to sound too confident, I've only made a few good sprites)

And I am attempting to figure tiles out. (I included pretty much what I have. Glass makes excellent teeth)

:B When I post some sketches of some of the characters, if you see any you like, feel free to play around and make some sprites!

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Also will the game be pixel x2 like the original YN?

Last edited 10/06/12(Sat)06:46.

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File: 1276350483265.png -(1878 B, 288x256) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

One area will be a day-glo-orange high security zone, populated by these guys.

The big one is pretty much a road block
The little one... he'll get on your nerves.

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File: 1276350606037.jpg -(60.9 KiB, 512x512) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It'll be in fullscreen or windowed mode, as the player sees fit :3

:S I should start taking screenshots in 2x windowed mode...

Also, this picture might give a hint as to why the small guys will become a nuisance.

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Heh, i saw that thread on Lulz. Never knew i'd see Kidnabun again when i found out about YN.

>> No.3357   [Delete]   [Edit]

It is FATE!

Also, Just finished the sprites for an Antenna effect.

Once I add at least one more effect, I'll post the sheet.

Then I can try to program them :D (the fun part!

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File: 1276354321175.png -(1792 B, 288x256) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I am definately gonna need a tutorial on how to get effects doin' stuff and whatnot.

but for now, I need some sleeeeeep ; - ;

In the meantime, check out Zi's Big, Floppy Antenna :B~
(I still have to give it a little animation. Probably just flopping around in place.)

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Is that some uh, phallic imagery there?

>> No.3363   [Delete]   [Edit]

Well~ I guess if -you- want to see it that way :B

(I just thought it would be interesting to make the point on top of his head longer... didn't meant for it to look... phallic. But oh well. In-game, it doesn't look strange or anything, so I'll probably keep it.

>> No.3365   [Delete]   [Edit]

I was joking at the theory of KyuuKyuu and the FACE representing phalluses. :D

Last edited 10/06/12(Sat)12:28.

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At this point, I am at a crossroads.

I have considered having Zi be a permanent part of the dreamworld. No waking up, but with safezones and an effect to get you there quickly (This will be the Clock effect. Clocks will be very helpful to you in this game)

Otherwise, I have other things to consider, such as what brings him into this fantasy area. it will most likely be him daydreaming because of something (like a very big, intricate painting).

The first picture of him (at the top of the thread) makes me think he is not much of a shut-in, so that would mean I'd have to build him a very dull world (all the better for something like a mesmerizing painting to take effect)

What do you think, /fg/? Permanent Dream or Wall or Dreams? (this is honestly to mostly effect gameplay)

>> No.3368   [Delete]   [Edit]

I am realizing that, for the ease of simplicity, I might go with the Mesmerizing painting thing, or something similar.

>> No.3369   [Delete]   [Edit]

I thought he might be living in Madotsuki's dreams, but then again it could be a totally different timeline.

>> No.3370   [Delete]   [Edit]

That could be an idea to work off.

Maybe the idea of a nebulous dream cloud, a realm where everyone delves into at some point.
This would open up the possibility to include other characters, as well, possibly give them their own special map each or something, should I do this.

>> No.3371   [Delete]   [Edit]

As an easter egg, you could have Mado roaming randomly around. She could even try to stab the player.

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File: 1276387030822.png -(71.3 KiB, 660x520) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Definately something to consider :3

I have been working on "Glass world" a bit, which is serving more or less as my testing ground.

I figured out how to get effects from things, but Now I have to figure out how to equip them and whatnot.

For a weapon, I am considering either a bat or a sword (I figure Zi is the type who might fantasize about swords from time to time)

What do you guys think? I have some bat sprites made, but they could easily be turned into a sword.

>> No.3375   [Delete]   [Edit]

Heh heh!
Just had a silly idea!

One plotline could be that Zi is a video game designer who gets into his game desinging to the point of pure obsession.

If I were to go that way, I would think a lot of the effects would have to do with environmental changes.

...That might just be a direction to take, too.

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File: 1276396410336.png -(1972 B, 288x256) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Why's effect coding have to be so difficult ; - ;
Is there a tutorial on how to get effects working?
I have the sprites for the antenna effect (now with a nifty green spaceman suit :D), But I can't figure out how to make him transition from Normal Zi to Antenna Zi.

>> No.3381   [Delete]   [Edit]

I figured out how to get him to look like his effect now!

Now I need to figure out how to get him to return to normal by selecting the same effect

:S ehh. I can get him to equipt the bar or the antenna, but if he equipts the other one, it doesn't show afterwards

WHOO! Figured some more stuff out!
Now I can flip-floop with the antenna or be eh tough guy with the bat.

Still have to figure out how to get NPC's to recognise that the switch is on

Last edited 10/06/12(Sat)20:09.

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File: 1276401124108.jpg -(379.7 KiB, 1075x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The long-antenna version makes me think "Pikmin" immediately. It's a little more recognizable than the short-antenna version, though, so maybe something in the middle?

The idea of interconnecting realities and such is sort of a fetish of mine, so I'd encourage you to go with that. I think it opens up more possibilities than the other ideas, too.

Maybe Zi could be some sort of a painter. When you're awake you can go to his gallery and paint or daydream. When you dream, you're offered a few random areas you can go to -- like a mini-hub with three or so doors that are different every time. Exploring an area allows you to paint it after you wake up, and then you can visit a similar version of the area by daydreaming at its painting. Dream areas and daydream areas would have different effects in them, and of course some dream areas would only be accessible by finding effects in daydream areas, and vice-versa.

>> No.3387   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1276401295370.jpg -(112.3 KiB, 530x443) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

and you could use the open-eyed sprites for daydreaming and the close-eyed sprites for dreaming, so you always know~

>> No.3388   [Delete]   [Edit]

The painter idea is pretty good... but I think someone is already using that angle (The character in their game is named Alex if I recall).
I don't want to step on anyone's turf or anything :S bad mojo~

What I have for the antenna effect would be similar to Yume 2kki's Rainbow effect, in that it (as long as you have it equipted) lights up the screen a bit and makes finding things easier, or makes certain npc's appear. Honestly, pikmin didn't cross my mind while making it (i've neveer played the game, sadly), but I see how it could seem like that's where it's from. I might have some sort of alien plant creature give Zi the antenna effect as a sort of reference to pikmin, though, since you bought it up!

I was sorta thinkin' around those lines.

If I did the interconnected reality thing, that would most likely mean that Zi is some sort of dream being himself. If so, the opened eyes would be some sort of effect. I'd probably edit them to make them bigger, though.

>> No.3392   [Delete]   [Edit]

If anyone knows anything about getting effects to work, please tell me so I can get to workin on other parts of this game :S

the only thing I can seem to code is a loop that gets the sprite changed by doesn't allow for npc's to tell that the effect is on (the loop messes with the switch, but without the loop, the thing doesn't do anything x<

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File: 1276445121410.png -(86.5 KiB, 660x520) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I did some work on the Glass Tileset, made them more 3D. Compare to >>3350.

I should mention this place makes me sick. My mind has anthropomorphised that little tile area, so now I have visions of a creature with shattered glass teeth biting things, it's own broken teeth stabbing it in it's bleeding gums, making a sick crunching/cracking noise.

xs ehh...

>> No.3413   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1276445226596.png -(24.3 KiB, 660x520) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Also, I drew up a tileset that is very remniscent of NES stuff. I didn't mean for it to come out like this. I actually wanted it to look like something straight from MSpaint, but... yeah...

Now I have floating NES islands.

>> No.3418   [Delete]   [Edit]

Looking good.

>> No.3433   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1276471309242.png -(24.5 KiB, 660x520) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Thank you, man!

This is how Zi will look when he gets the sword effect.

Figured he should get it in the place that looks like zelda. He turns into a sort of angry lookin' knight with wierd green armor.

>> No.3434   [Delete]   [Edit]

I can't figure out RPG maker so you're a miracle worker to me. Which version are you using?

>> No.3436   [Delete]   [Edit]

I am using Rpg maker 2003.

But before you go sayin' miracle, all i've been doin' so far is mostly sprite/tile work and Idea stuff. I have still yet to figure out most of what I want to do.

:S like with effects. I can get the sprite to change, but npc's don't recognize anything.

Once I get effects workin', I should be able to progress with the rest of the stuff rather smooth (I would hope)

Last edited 10/06/13(Sun)17:07.

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File: 1276490179699.jpg -(229.6 KiB, 1500x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Some sketches of some effects Zi might encounter.
Tell me what ya think~!
(Gonna draw some characters next)

>> No.3442   [Delete]   [Edit]

Just want to say, car effect is adorable.

>> No.3443   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1276493075380.jpg -(80.8 KiB, 1000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here are some characters that should appear in the game
Tell me whatcha think~

>> No.3445   [Delete]   [Edit]

I really like the look of the various "Phases" that you have for Zi. One thing that I REALLY like is that "Demonic" one. One thing that it makes me think of is a radioactive Zi. I think that you might be able to incorporate a GLOW to antenna Zi.

>> No.3446   [Delete]   [Edit]

The demonic one, "Nightmare," is one I forgot to label :S~
I am not quite sure what extent it's abilities will go to, But I know that it will probably freak out a few NPCs.

Also, the antenna does glow! see here: >>3388
The antenna will most likely be the general purpose "find things" effect.

>> No.3449   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1276501147267.jpg -(36.5 KiB, 481x463) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Since you mentioned it, though, I did a little doodle.


And if this doesn't make the cut for an effect, It will be an NPC.
I figure that such an NPC would tease you.

"I have the Radio-active dream effect...
... But I won't share with you." type deal.

Edit 2:

On that note, there will be a few talking NPCs, and ~maybe~ a bit of a plot.

More on that note, I have decided Zi is a being, like many others, who live completely in the dream world. This will probably mean that effects will just about always be useable.

Last edited 10/06/14(Mon)04:04.

>> No.3458   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1276513476060.jpg -(74.1 KiB, 512x382) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I want dibs on Magney sprite.
Can i have a non zoomed in version of Zi's base sprite sheet?

Last edited 10/06/14(Mon)04:20.

>> No.3459   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1276519362448.png -(1881 B, 288x256) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Here ya go!
If you give me a moment, I'll draw the guy who gives Zi the magnet effect.

>> No.3460   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1276519936865.png -(25.3 KiB, 371x477) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Annnnd here is Magnet Effect Dude

>> No.3461   [Delete]   [Edit]

Let's roll.
If i don't get back to you that means i'm dead.

Last edited 10/06/14(Mon)06:39.

>> No.3462   [Delete]   [Edit]

If anything happens, I'll relay the message to your loved ones.

May God be with you!

>> No.3464   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1276528845478.png -(2826 B, 144x128) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

And here we are.
Like the Antenna effect, i made it have some movement by having Zi's head sway from side to side when walking.
I took it off the large grid to focus my work on the sheet, i'm not sure how RPG maker works, so is the grid necessary?

Last edited 10/06/14(Mon)08:35.

>> No.3465   [Delete]   [Edit]

Kinda. You need the sprite sheet to be the same size as the gridded one.
...idk how to explain stuff

>> No.3466   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1276537820597.png -(5392 B, 288x256) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Okay then.

>> No.3473   [Delete]   [Edit]

Those look awesome!!
I'll definately be using those!
Though I might end up making his magnantenna a bit bigger.

Also, as to the checkerboard patterns, each box represents a potential sprite.
RPG Maker 2003 requires very specific image sizes. Those boxes also help keep sprites organized :3
For instance, if you put the boxes behind the sprites, every one of them would fit snugly into a box~!

>> No.3474   [Delete]   [Edit]

Happy to take a load off your back.

>> No.3476   [Delete]   [Edit]

:3 I am glad to have someone as helpful as you help me out!

If there is anything you think I can do for you, don't be afraid to ask~!

>> No.3477   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1276559506527.jpg -(191 KiB, 1500x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here are some more characters.

Some characters will appear in almost any place, even outside of people's dreams. Some of them seem to be made just to block you from going places. Some help you get back to places you need to get back to :3

>> No.3478   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1276562846586.png -(3024 B, 288x256) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I edited the magnet sprites a bit. Fear not, though, your edits are still intact and will be featured at some point!
Also, this is the first effect I did the use animation for!
It's fucking adorable!

>> No.3479   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1276562906430.gif -(1754 B, 24x32) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.3480   [Delete]   [Edit]

They can be put on and removed, and NPC's respond to them
They just can't be swapped for one another.
Need to figure out how to get them to swap

>> No.3482   [Delete]   [Edit]

Hi there, I just wanted to point out that if you're going to use the car effect and this game involves dreaming, make sure he can't wake up while using that, because...Well, his hands are the wheels.

>> No.3483   [Delete]   [Edit]

At this point, I doubt the character can even wake up. But If I do, I will be sure to keep that in mind :3

>> No.3489   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1276608341013.png -(4145 B, 288x256) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I did a sheet for that little white guy.
Can you have idle animations for characters? Because to give him more life i made some frames for when he's stood still.

I called him Bob-lob, unless you already have a name for him. :D

>> No.3490   [Delete]   [Edit]

Bob-lob he shall be! I honestly don't have a name for most of these guys, I like seeing what people might come up with, name-wise~

Also, I'll think of a way to incorporate the idle animation. He'll probably go into it after a while of being in the same room as the player.
(I am still learnin' RPG maker, so it'll be a fun little exercise)

Lemme see how he looks in-game now~


:B He's adorable~ He may be a bit big, so I may have to shrink him some. He interferes with some boreders.

I have it so when you talk to him, he'll make random-pitched squeaking sounds.
If you pull out a weapon, he'll turn transparent and flatten himself. You won't be able to interact with him when he's like this, in fact, you can walk over him as though he were a tile. He'll make a squeak noise if you walk on him, though.

Last edited 10/06/15(Tue)06:58.

>> No.3498   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1276653800943.jpg -(81.9 KiB, 1000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I can't say anything about this fellow yet.
I have big plans for him, though

>> No.3511   [Delete]   [Edit]

Currently spriting Violet Guy.
I made a tileset for his house.
Also, to the helpful anon, I gave him a special pet ;3

>> No.3522   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1276725249932.jpg -(92.9 KiB, 660x520) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Currently making another tileset.
Need to work on getting effects to use their ability.
like, holding shift for a bit would activate the ability.

>> No.3526   [Delete]   [Edit]



>> No.3528   [Delete]   [Edit]


>> No.3548   [Delete]   [Edit]


Does anyone know how to get an event to turn into another event?

Like, I have a character that I edit a lot, and, to forgo the work of :

  1. Making Char
  2. Duplicate character 51 times
  3. Decide to change character
  4. Delete 50 copies of character
  5. Make changes to remaining char copy
  6. Repeat from step two.

If I could, I'd rather make one copy of the monster and 50 dummy events that copy that one copy when you enter a room.

Is this do-able?

>> No.3549   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1276845119802.png -(28.9 KiB, 660x520) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The Glass Fragment (Items in this game will be reffered to as fragments, I guess)

Now you too can be clear and inconspicuous!

>> No.3553   [Delete]   [Edit]

I figured out the attraction thing.

I have to set up a custom move event for -every- thing I want it to work on.

Oh well, It's what I have to do.

Now that I figured out this, I just have to figure out how I want the sword effect to work...

... How would you guys feel about there actually being battles in this game? Not many, but a few. Possibly with some of the characters who try to send you places. (Like, if you have the sword on, and they attack you, you go into a battle with them)

Most NPC's will be killable without having to fight them.

Does this sound like an Interesting idea?

Last edited 10/06/18(Fri)04:09.

>> No.3554   [Delete]   [Edit]

Having real RPG battles seem...Out of place. I suggest not adding it.
Maybe just once for the novelty of it, and short too. Cause...You know. It's kind of weird.

>> No.3555   [Delete]   [Edit]

You are very correct, seeing as it's a dream place, stuff like that would be out of place
Alright, I'll crop out the unnecessary ones.

In this even, there will probably only be 3 fights, 2 of them completely optional (they will be like mini-games, I suppose). I suppose the 3rd one would be optional too, But depends on what your goals are.

Losing any of them won't have an adverse effect or anything.

(Like I said earlier, I'm not going for a total fan-game here. If I want that, I'll start a different project, most likely revolving around Music + Daydreaming :3)

>> No.3556   [Delete]   [Edit]

Plus you have to make battle sprites and animations and it's a lot of work.

>> No.3557   [Delete]   [Edit]

Oh, trust me, I am completely prepared for this to be a lot of work.

I want to make something very memorable, and that requires a lot of effort :3

Hopefully, I will have you guys here backing me for support!
You guys have already kept my spirits pretty high about this project~

>> No.3558   [Delete]   [Edit]

Oh, and I may not have mentioned it, but this project is really promising. Keep it up!
I guess you could make a normal battle, but...Without the character (what's his name again?) having any special abilities, like spells and such, I really can't begin to understand how it will work out normally.
Maybe get an ability that has to do with RPG elements from the fight?

>> No.3561   [Delete]   [Edit]

Most of the items will be, right before a fight, swapped out with battle versions of the items, which will pretty much take the place of spells.
You won't have a limit on how much you use them, but how you use them could be important in such a fight.

Before any such fight, you would automatically equipt the sword effect (that would be Zi's battle sprite)

Using the magnet, for instance, would magnetize a foes body and make it tougher for them to move, using the antenna would either reveal thier HP or function as a whip attack-like-spell. The clock might be insta-run-away, if you just want to stop the fight then and there.

THe leveling system is already governed by how many fragments you picked up (you discretely gain a level every time you pick one up), and since they would indeed play a part in the fight, the most stuff you have, the faster the battle will go if you choose to fight it :3

>> No.3564   [Delete]   [Edit]

>>3561 That's...Incredible, if you pull it off correctly. Now I definately would like to see that in the game. Good luck.

>> No.3571   [Delete]   [Edit]

I finished up the starting area, now I have to do the sprites for the clock guy and clock fragment so you can clock your ass out of bad places.

Also, I am considering what types of nightmare NPC's to put in.

Will post more/screens of this a bit later.

>> No.3590   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1277024229708.png -(1249 B, 96x96) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Did some good stuff with fragments today!
Did sprites for the Clock and car effect!

Also did the powers for them and the antenna effect!
If you want money in this game, you'll have to chase after it!

Picture related. 1 Whatever Coin fears being spent.

>> No.3591   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1277024267701.png -(1473 B, 96x96) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

10 Whatever coin's gonna slap a bitch if you don't spend him right.

>> No.3624   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1277043815369.png -(3366 B, 140x161) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

100 Whatever Capitalist Coin is too good for you to spend.

(I just wanted to make a coin.)

>> No.3625   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1277044791205.jpg -(72.5 KiB, 660x520) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I was actually going to make a King Coin. HIS VALUE IS IMMEASURABLE!
In fact, K.C. looks similar to Dapper Coin right there (I imagined K.C. to be Silver, at least)...


Random screen shot.

If I keep workin, I'll be able to release a beta sometime soon. Don't know -how- soon, though...

>> No.3627   [Delete]   [Edit]

I think you shouldn't make promises/statements about a beta, and just release it whenever you think it's ready. That way you won't have anything close to a need to rush it out etc, and won't have people sitting around asking "WHERES MY BETA RAWRAWRAWRAWRAWR".
Capitalist Coin Man, hm? How about a money effect/coin effect? (oh wait, he doesn't really take ideas much. Riiight.)

>> No.3630   [Delete]   [Edit]


I agree with you on the first part, but Idunno what you mean about the last part.
However, due to an earlier suggestion from a friend of mine, there will be a money world. If there were to be a money effect, or something similar, it'd be there :3

>> No.3789   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1277255963691.png -(2602 B, 192x192) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Aside from a lot of other (top sekrit) things, I have been workin' on some facesets.
Here is what I have right now.

Sorry I don't have much to say at the moment, But I want to start keeping some things a secret to give them more impact, y'know?

But do tell me what you think of the face-sets. I like the nightmare one the best myself.

>> No.3800   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1277269897418.jpg -(125.5 KiB, 800x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

One more little effect.

Since Zi seems to be the only non-human fan-character, I decided he needs a human effect.

Don't know what it does aside from make him human.

>> No.3819   [Delete]   [Edit]

Magnet reminds me of GALACTUS!

>> No.3855   [Delete]   [Edit]

Zi has high aspirations, it seems :B

>> No.4112   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1277781379754.png -(2316 B, 288x256) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Small update:

Still workin' on this, but like I said, i don't want to give much away.

Working on a hospital area now. Didn't want to go for the standard SUPER WHITE style.

Also, the hospital is the first area who's chipset uses gradients to good effect, as it's probably the first area that seems more like something from real life.

So far, I am at 52 maps, 9 working effects (and a few more intended/ in planning). The nexus area has 3~4 working portals and 1~2 that still need to have their worlds worked on. There is room for 12 gateways, and saving ... I still don't know how that will be conducted. Right now, there is a pillar next to a painting that you interact with to save.

I've also started revamping Zi's sprites to make them look more dimensional and much less flat. (see attached picture. He now has more than 3 colors!)

I still need to figure out how to make ladders work right. I got most of it right, I beleive, but you can still glitch on the ladders, which makes it so that when you aren't on them, you still appear to be (and the menu is disabled when you are). It's easy to correct, just go back on the ladder, but I want it to work flawlessly, so I won't stop until it is.
I did get stairs working almost perfectly. Still have to fix a glitch with them (if you use a power while moving on the stairs, you will end up being able to walk through anything, like a ghost or something).

Alright, that's it for now. If I do anything else that I feel you guys should know, I'll tell ya~

If you have any questions/ comments/ interjections, please do tell me :3

>> No.4113   [Delete]   [Edit]

I wanna sprite human!Zi.
I wanna pitch in on this awesomesauce.

>> No.4114   [Delete]   [Edit]

Actually, I revised his human design. Sadly, this is going to be one I am going to have to do.

However, if that doesn't deter you from wanting to help, I could use help with other things, if you would want to. I do welcome any help, It's just the that human sprites are gonna have to be a certain way :<

>> No.4127   [Delete]   [Edit]

Just came to say I'm REALLY looking forward to play your game. I think you have a talent for making different creatures and it is nice we're finally have a fangame with a non-human protagonist. Zi. <3 And the fact you're making all the graphics by yourself makes it even better. Keep it up!

>> No.4131   [Delete]   [Edit]

>>4112 That version of Zi reminds me of Mother 3 for some reason.
I can wait for the game, but only because I'm a patient person. (plus, waiting = excitement quite a few times)

>> No.4164   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1277890349967.png -(230 KiB, 652x1082) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I appreciate you guys looking forward to this!
I hope that it meets your expectations and then-some!

In the meantime, a friend of mine got me to oC with them, so I took the time to draw some game stuff. I won't submit it all here (I drew 10+ things tonight), but I will submit 2 things.

  1. This is one of the nightmares in the game. They have toreningen like behavior, but they are only one type (and probably the most common, to boot). I named them Ebolus for some reason.

(Note, Any artwork I do for the game isn't definate. As I hope you will do, I am just interpreting things. Nothing I draw is set in stone as far as design, so feel free to come up with your own notions of how things in the game are when it does come out)

>> No.4165   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1277890471937.png -(604.1 KiB, 964x1235) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Annnnnd I also drew a better version of this guy.
I have been drawing in my "Get pictures down fast" style lately, and I wanted to do something more painterly.

Anyway, back to working on the game for me.
If anything else comes up, I'll let you guys know :D

>> No.4339   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1278332084418.png -(11.9 KiB, 209x372) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Finnally gettin' some music into this game!

I got a audio converter, so now I can take my favorite format (xm, fast-tracker module music) and turn it into wavs/mp3s and whatnot.

I wish I could hurry this along just so you guys could experience one of the things I just set up. It's.... It's just wonderful ; _ ;

(random character, since I don't like to post in my own thread without some eye-candy)

>> No.4347   [Delete]   [Edit]

I wondered if you could you give me a little help OP?
From what i've gathered, RPG Maker uses a certain palette, so it switches colours round to make the image compatible. Are you just letting the program run it's course and converting the colours, or are you using colours defined by the palatte?

>> No.4349   [Delete]   [Edit]

really looking forward to this, OP.

>> No.4363   [Delete]   [Edit]

I am using GIMP to do all my art for the game.
You do have to convert it into an indexed png.

For the most part, I use a standard Web Pallete (which is why some stuff in the game looks kind of bright)
But lately, I have opted to use an optimized pallete (which only uses colors in the picture, but allows for you to pick specific shades more easily)

The game itself won't do any converting for you, if you don't use the right PNG, it'll appear as black in RPGM. If you want to used an optomized pallet, but it still appears as black in RPG maker, I reccomend drawing some more colors on the image (try making a gradient or something) to trick RPG maker into making it work.

Thank you, man!
I am trying to figure out if I should release a beta version soon. I have enough stuff in the game to make it at least playable and entertaining... But a good bit of stuff is still in untied ends. I don't want to release something with so many untied ends (like areas that don't go anywhere, mainly :S)

>> No.4374   [Delete]   [Edit]

Okay... so....
I have been trying to work with the whole "rpg battle" stuff.

RPG maker's battle system is... not really all that good.

It's like the final fantasy battle system, with no way to change it.

Due to this, I am now on the fence about having battles and whatnot. Everything just seems so cluttered and stuff with this type of battle system. (if you cant tell, I like my fights turn-based if anything).

... I might think of some kind of mini-game or something to replace fights, or maybe just have fights be event-controlled and based on what you have or something.

This is a real shame in my eyes. If I can think about getting it to work somehow, I will, but the most important part of this game is still the exploration.

I am seriously considering just skipping the fight stuff altogether. Like some of you here have said, it seems very out of place.

... Who knows, maybe some day in the future, I'll use game maker to make a different version of this game or something. I'll put the fighting there I guess :B

>> No.4382   [Delete]   [Edit]
>I want this game to be big!

I like big games.

>> No.4417   [Delete]   [Edit]

>>4382 We all like big things. Be it big sticks or big, mushy donuts.
>>4374 Is there a way to incorporate non-RPG Maker things to RPG Maker? I've always been wandering that, since I've seen the whole Computer interface in Yume2kki and the minigames etc.

>> No.4418   [Delete]   [Edit]

So far as I know, you can't. 2kki's extra stuff is all eventing. Someone working in the game must be an awesome eventer.

>> No.4421   [Delete]   [Edit]

This person pretty much said it.

I am going to have to get ingenious with some eventing to make some nifty ass stuff. I might try to have some kind of mini-game replace the 1 or 2 fights that the game had planned.

At the moment, I am debating how dark I want this game to get at some places. so far, a lot of the places I have made have been kind of lighthearted. Now I am starting work on some of the stranger places. It's kind of fun, actually, seeing what sort of oddities I can come up with. However, I have to try to keep it at a level where it doesn't seem like I am trying to hard. I don't want the strange places to seem forced, though some of them might just end up that way :<

>> No.4424   [Delete]   [Edit]

>>4421 Having things all over the scale is nice, if you ask me. Having a "happy" zone too is also pretty nice. Take a look at 2kki for example. There's that green dog place, which can get pretty awesome, and then there's that somewhat creepy place you get to from the gallery.
Also, monochrome is mandatory.

>> No.4425   [Delete]   [Edit]

Of course monochrome is mandatory, most people's dreams are in grayscale. I just need to contemplate how to pull it off in an interesting manner.

I do have a few mono-characters scattered about (dream beings like to travel, it seems. Case and point: Zi :D)

>> No.4426   [Delete]   [Edit]

ah, im not so sure if most people dream in monochromatics..

that thing aside, i am very impressed with your game so far and i look very forward to it. the premise is very interesting and i like that you are able to explore things as a dream creature instead of a dreamer of sorts

>> No.4427   [Delete]   [Edit]


My information is dated, it seems, but this does leave room for interesting ideas...

>> No.4432   [Delete]   [Edit]


this however, certainly does make sense. forgive me if i sounded like it were completely inaccurate information, i only meant that i didn't think that across the board, it were the normal for people to have mostly monochromatic dreams. thank you for this link though, it's very interesting.

>> No.4841   [Delete]   [Edit]

this could use a bump

>> No.4869   [Delete]   [Edit]
File: 1279482658705.png -(228.7 KiB, 592x870) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Since somebody bumped, I guess I should write a bit of an update.

At the moment, I am taking a small break.

  1. I haven't been doing art things lately, I have been doin' a bit more drawing
  2. I really need to figure out the direction I want to go with this game. I started out with solid ideas, but as time went on, and from hanging out on /fg/, it has made me think hard about what I really should be doing with this game, and now I am in the process of ..well, picking a direction. Even though I have been doing this mostly for my own personal enjoyment, I do want this to be something memorable for others, and not just some off-shoot fangame that gets played for a couple of hours and never though of again. I know I have said that a lot already :S

Also, I need to think about how to do graphical things. As I have been working on this game I have been getting better with doing tilesets, but I am still not good enough with them to pull off my goals. When I do tilesets, they seem like nintendo stuff. This is fine for some places, but I have places that just won't work while looking like they are from an 8-bit cartridge.

I personally feel a short haitus is okay compared to what I have already done so far, and when it's over, I hope to jump right back into the project.

Uhm... in the meantime, though, have this silly lil picture :B

Thank you guys for the interest!

>> No.5032   [Delete]   [Edit]


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